Help me Kbin-wan-kenobi. You're my only hope. can we end the enshittification of the World?

I want to like Kbin. I really do. But it's just not the same. There are no apps. The format is not reader-friendly. Usability is way low.

I've been trying for a month and I just can't get into it the way that I got into Reddit.

What do we need in order to make Kbin more ... friendly? Do we need developers? Moderators? More content? What? I'm legit serious here.

Is there already a discussion about all of these issues?

I hate Reddit. I joined /r/place and supported the 3rd party apps memorial that is up there. And that's probably about it for me. I confess that I may have checked the home page a few times over the past month but every time...I remember why I hate it so much. It's full of spez spit all over the place.

On Slashdot, folks from the /r/canning subreddit shared their experience about being booted and locked out. Just terrible, terrible stuff from an evil overlord determined to destroy anything that resembles "good".

And there's a lot of enshittification going on today.

  1. Climate Change - jfc have you seen the boiling lakes?
  2. Reddit
  3. Work - bosses everywhere are legit going nuts on employees now
  4. Movies - Disney, HBO, Netflix, Paramount just wholesale murdering good movies and shows. Leaving only shitty ones up.
  5. Politicians - I mean...just look. It's shit.
  6. Economy - Income - shit. Expenses - oh shit.
  7. Food - Ukraine - shit. Crop yields are down - oh shit.
  8. Health Care - Pharma companies turning life into shit.

It's all going to shit. What are we going to do?

southsamurai, avatar

Revolution that enforces rigid antitrust regulation.

Sorry, that’s all that will work at this point

livus avatar

Kbin is incredibly new and still being built. When the great migration began, kbin hadn't even federated yet.

You might be happier over at Lemmy, honestly. They are bigger and they have third party apps. Those are being built for kbin too of course.

Me, I like it that kbin isn't reddit or reddit-like. It's a new thing!

Spacebar, avatar

Kbin’s API is only just being finished right now so that explains the lack of third party apps and tools. It’s coming out soon though and Artemis should be out of private beta soon if not already.

ConfusedLlama avatar

shit :(

tox_solid, avatar

Lemmy-Wan Kenobi sounds so much better.

numbscroll avatar

But it's just not the same. There are no apps. The format is not reader-friendly. Usability is way low.

Hang in there, there’s an app Artemis coming in the next couple of weeks. I believe it’ll be a public beta so prob lots of QOL thinks to work out, but it’s coming.

Separately, I am personally perfectly OK if kbin is not like the Reddit experience in terms of community and content. I prefer it that way.

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