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If everyone who complained on #reddit complained about how horrible #spez is just DELETED THEIR ACCOUNT, the problem would solve itself.

how to delete an account and posts from an instance?

Hi everyone. After lemmy.world admin pulled a #spez style power trip and defederated with hexbear without any input from the community I’ve decided I want to delete my account and all posts. Any tips? For reddit there was a great script for deletion but I’m not finding anything for Lemmy. Thanks in advance

lemmybrucelee, to asklemmy in how to delete an account and posts from an instance?

Understood. Really I don’t care if my comments and posts remain I just wanted to send a message to the admins like I did to #spez when I bailed from that site.

MarcinW, to reddit

LMAO, #Reddit removes awards (e.g. Gold) without having a replacement ready.

Musk-level idiocy. Awards were the only thing that ever made me spend any money on Reddit. But... nope. Apparently they don't want money. And at the same time they used financial problems as the reason for putting API behind paywall. WTF?

Why remove a source of income BEFORE having alternative ready? Just how dumb their CEO, Steve Huffman (aka #spez), is?


OC /r/NonCredibleDefense recieves automated notice from the admins to remove its NSFW designation, or else. Mods respond by messaging the admins a bunch of death and porn.

Link to the NCD mod's post about the matter via teddit (aka, reddit doesn't get any value from your visit): https://teddit.adminforge.de/r/NonCredibleDefense/comments/14s8l4g/re_the_nastygram_that_umodcodeofconduct_just_sent/...

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Hello to our new #mastodon friends that have jumped over from #twitter and #reddit lately.

Enjoy your time here. The real people and communication with real people truly gives an 'early internet' air to the place.

Welcome to the shitshow!

#twexit #twittermigration #redditmigration #redditsucks #fuckuspez #fuckspez #spez #spezsucks #lemmy #fediverse #federated #takebackthenet #takebacktheinternet

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In light of the proverbial hitting the fan over at #reddit I am considering giving @kbin or @lemmy a go. I think I can follow/interact with their communities from here? isn't that enabled with ActivityPub? if so, then that is fantastic :D


@techcelt @kbin @lemmy I've been on @lemmy since the #spez fiasco and I'm telling you, it's the new front page of the Internet. No question. Federated media is what the internet was designed for.

ramin_hal9001, to reddit
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Louis Rossman talks about Reddit's apparent refusal to comply with data privacy laws

This video has probably crossed your feed a few times already, but I thought I would share anyway. Louis shows this YouTube video by Thomas Hunter II called "Reddit Violates CCPA in which he shows officially requesting Reddit delete his data, and when they did not comply, he hand-deleted every single post he had ever made. Later on, he saw his posts still existed. Louis believes Reddit might be only in compliance with the CCPA law in letter, not in spirit ("malicious compliance" he calls it).

Louis also reminds us that the CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, once altered comments someone had made that were critical of him, without logging those alterations (according to this article from The Verge). Huffman seems to think he is entitled to all the data and content you created for Reddit, so much so that he is willing to risk being punished for violating the law.

I have been slowly but surely deleting my posts off of Reddit. First I make sure to edit the comment and replace it with the text "(DELETED)", then wait for a while for the changes to be registered in their databases. After a short time, I delete the post that was edited. It will probably take a year or so to get through all of my comments, especially since I have been taking the trouble to save each one on my computer before I delete it.

#Reddit #Spez #RedditMigration #Privacy #Fediverse #SocialMedia #SocialNetworks

interstellar_wind, to reddit

Hearing #reddit in discussion with mods to make API pricing more affordable.. meanwhile #lemmy breaking 2.5 million users yesterday. Sorry, #spez I hate to say it but

Reddit’s Chief Says He Wants It to ‘Grow Up.’ Will Its Community Let It? [Gift article] | Comments are open at NYT. It needs some from this community. (www.nytimes.com)

As the social media site matures, its users and moderators have made their displeasure about corporate changes known, putting the company into a bind.

Deifiler, to reddit
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While I disagree with u/spez's actions, I understand his perspective. Reddit's most valuable asset is its curated text data for training Large Language Models like ChatGPT. Closing down the API protects that asset. He's likely betting that subreddit moderation will be solved with LLMs so the mods that generated that data are of little concern going forward. There will be only one chance to monetize this data asset.

The reason I disagree with u/spez's actions is because I don't believe this asset belongs to him. I'm sure he's protected from a legal perspective but from a philosophical perspective, when a user writes an idea on an online forum, they don't forfeit ownership of that idea. People who contributed to Reddit even 12 months ago had no idea their thoughts will be monetized and consumed by LLMs. We need laws to protect people's data and to democratize data assets.

I also wish u/spez would just be honest about what he's doing. Telling possibly career ending lies about developers and disregarding the mods that made Reddit is inexcusable. It's clear that Reddit has succeeded despite u/spez's leadership.

#Reddit #RedditBlackout #RedditMigration #Spez #Huffman #SteveHuffman #LargeLanguageModels #LLM #LLMs

rmdes, to reddit
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/u/spez hasn't commented or posted anything in 9 days.

That's how much frozen the CEO of #reddit is right now, while pretending he's not on a ejectable hot seat.

Follow via your RSS feed reader, (I use FeedMe+FreshRSS) without any reddit app installed,

spez comments https://www.reddit.com/user/spez/comments/.rss
spez posts

This can be done with any user obviously.


@rmdes I'm sure he has posted via any number of alts though even if he isn't using #spez

He intends to control #reddit regardless of what the community demands so he's probably employed an army of bots to manage the narrative

kjr, to twitter

And better if we don’t talk about youtube…

Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr have something in common and it’s not good

When looking at the recent history of many popular and highly successful online sites, there tends to be a certain trend they’re all following: rampant corporate greed butting heads with its original core mission and its user base, all of which eventually leads to major issues for the site.
Several sites in question — Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr — all share that same fate, despite having very different purposes and suffering through a dissimilar series of events that led to their downfall or tipping point. And, they’re proof that most businesses will eventually hit a point in which management will decide to push profit margins and use bizarre and brutal methods to squeeze money out of it. The horrors of capitalism.

#socialnetwork #twitter #discord #reddit #tumblr #youtube



@kjr google used to have 'dont be evil' as part of their mission statement

It's been removed because of course it has

#reddit #spez is just following the proud tradition of platforms being subservient to capitalism and it's neverending growth model. Aaron Schwartz died to make information freely available to all, spez is the polar opposite

dekkzz76, (edited ) to random
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Dear u/Spez

Admitting your chums with Elon Musk isn't going to go down well

Say Bye Bye to your IPO

#spez #reddit #redditmigration

mho, to reddit

#Reddit CEO praises #ElonMusk’s cost-cutting as protests rock platform

Steve #Huffman said in an interview that Elon Musk's cost-cutting at #Twitter was inspiring and that the two have chatted "a handful of times."

"Huffman said he saw Musk’s handling of Twitter, which he purchased last year, as an example for Reddit to follow."

#Reddark #Blackout #spez


mdhughes, to reddit

Anytime someone shits on the community for a little bit of money, we should call them a spez.
#reddit #spez

rootfs, to reddit

I don't know if anyone has seen this blog post on Reddit:


It seems to me that Reddit is trying to heavily pivot to being an advertising platform, like Facebook and Google. It sort of makes sense, even though it seems to be the worst time for such a move (GDPR cookie law, Apple and Google and their "privacy labels", etc)

If this is the reason why they are killing off third party apps (now that they've stopped pretending they are), then it makes sense. They want to kill off third party apps to get people using their app so they can harvest data from them and then advertise heavily.

It also makes sense why their mobile website, despite visually being far better optimised for mobile viewing (unlike old.reddit.com), is so artificially broken and constantly asking users to download their app (if I had to guess, the app is easier to collect data as the native app has more "signals" than the browser version).

It also explains why they are implementing this change so quickly and not allowing third party apps to catch up (Reddit has their own app, they know the rules when it comes to IAP, and they know how difficult they are making these changes to third party app developers).

The big question is why all the drama??

  • Why not just shut off APIs for third party apps, full stop??
    Why constantly make it about the Apollo app when it affects all* third party apps like Reddit is Fun, Sync for Reddit, narwhal for iOS etc??
  • Steve Huffman said before that these apps were using significant API resources and they were "inefficient" (implying lots of users use the app). Now he says that 95% of users use the Reddit app. Which is it????
  • Steve Huffman promised better moderation tools in his AMA. Why not deliver the tools now??
  • Why hasn't the official Reddit app improved its accessibility if Reddit wanted to capture a large audience in the first place (for ads and such - Facebook and Google hammer accessibility down devs skulls)??
  • Why all the lies?? Why change the story all the time???

This whole thing has been a comical shitstorm and could've been avoided had Steve Huffman been honest about the whole situation.

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