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Bullying was normalized in 2016. Rs put #TFG in WH, & are trying to get him elected again. #Bullying is one of their mob tactics:

Adult bullying is on the rise & poses significant risks to our collective mental & physical well-being.

31% of individuals in the US reported experiencing bullying as an adult & 43% reported that bullying seems to have become more accepted in recent years. #SocialMedia has helped bullies find each other, reinforce each other & inspire action.

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🔒Гряде етап монополізації чи радше консолідації на ринку?

Що це означає для користувачів:

Здорожчання послуг, гірший сервіс. Що скажете❓

Новина: «Датагруп-#Volia», крім об’єднання з #lifecell, також планує розбудову мережі і підкорення ринку фіксованого інтернету"

#internet #Ukraine

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@insiderua Київстар розбудував свою мережу Домашнього Інтернету і створив КТВ, Водафон купив/запартнерився із готовими бізнесами аби за ним угнатися... Лайфсел теж намагався в спільні проекти з Волею і деякими іншими провайдерами, але стало ясно, що без жорсткої консолідації в triple play він конкуренцію «слонам» не навʼяже. Тому ми просто повторюємо європейські тренди, які відгриміли ще бозна-коли.

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@masterpiecer консолідація - ключовий термін)

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I've found an excellent podcast series about how online companies use your data. The second episode of the new season is all about how social media giants gather data to keep you engaged, enraged and staying in their apps looking at ads.

It's presented in a pleasantly approachable way. The fediverse is mentioned (Flipboard), along with a new platform I haven't heard of, Small Town and the idea of the Pluriverse.

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One of the exercises they do in the episode is pull down their data from Instagram (thanks GDPR!). I did the same thing last year and documented my findings - a real eye opener, and one of the reasons I'm now committed to the fediverse.

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🥥 Mastodon engagement tip #2:
TIL, accidentally, that posting a toot about Capybaras will get you massive -- within reason -- interaction on the Fediverse.
A survey with an admittedly small sample indicates that Capybaras are the decentralized version of eyeball cocaine that dogs and cats are on corporate social media. 🥥
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Bundesweite Razzien wegen Hasspostings

Nazi-Propaganda, antisemitische Sprüche oder Morddrohungen gegen Politiker - die Zahl der Hasspostings im Internet ist stark gestiegen. Bei einem bundesweiten Aktionstag gegen Hetze durchsuchten Ermittler 70 Wohnungen.


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Wenn Pflegekräfte live auf TikTok Patienten und Daten streamen
Stellt dir vor, du liegst im Krankenhaus. Vielleicht wurdest du gerade operiert und liegst im Aufwachraum und brabbelst wirres Zeug vor dich hin (was man halt so tut im Delirium). Oder du hast Krebs und unterhältst dich vermeintlich privat m
#AbgründeDesInternets #Datenschutz #Livestream #Pflegekräfte #SocialMedia #Tiktok #Youtube

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Voilà où on en est : les USA gardent leurs centrales à charbon, pour fournir de l'énergie aux IA.
Ce futur est stupide.

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Dobra, jak wejdą reklamy na Instagramie, których nie da się pominąć to kompletnie spieprzam z tej platformy. Trudno, enshittification na pełnej widzę idzie.

Dostałem właśnie dwie, niechciane reklamy:

  1. Jakieś czary mary enerdżi healing, aktywacja miłości i leczenie jakimiś fikuśnymi metodami (na litość bogów, jestem CBTowcem prawie radykałem).

  2. Robert Biedroń i jego zachęta do głosowania na niego w wyborach. Sorry, ale nie. Nie lubię typa, nie trawię go i szczerze już sam jego sposób wypowiedzi uruchamia we mnie ukryte pokłady mizofonii.

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Netanyahu & other Israeli officials are unscrupulous, they're using SM & other means to smear their 'enemies' & prop up their war effort.

In an attempt to sway global public opinion on the war in Gaza, fake accounts & sites spread pro-Israel & Islamophobic content.

Three months ago we exposed a secret Israeli influence campaign targeting US lawmakers over Gaza war. It was orchestrated by the Israeli gov't itself."

#Netanyahu #IsraelHamasWar #SocialMedia


Syrians have experienced the 10th in 11 days for secondary and preparatory exams.

Follow Internet connectivity in near realtime:

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Kind of poking around the interwebs these days trying to find out where I fit in modern-day #socialmedia

I went back to #twitter today... hah. Hahaha. Listen: I spent the last hour blocking or "I want to see less of this"ing the content that was on my main feed, and even though it claimed my feed would be 'made better', every time I refreshed I had more of the same content.

And it was almost entirely #conservative #republican #AmericanNews nonsense.


So here I am... meandering around. flails arms wildly

#personal #blog #exploration

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#posting #socialmedia

Words of wisdom folks

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▶ 'Tradwife' Trend Is Worse Than You Realize | Eviane Leidig | TMR

IveyJanette, avatar

@br00t4c The Duggars. Harrison Butker's wife. Any of those "family experts" that appear on Fox News and Newsmax. Televangelist wives. Even the "Sister Wives". They're all examples of "trad wives".

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In the Crenshaw District of South Central LA, Destination Crenshaw is transforming the neighborhood into an "open air museum" embedded within a “Digital Equity Zone”

It involves "pocket parks," murals, free community WiFi, and a proposed open-access fiber network

My story at link below on how DC is empowering neighborhood residents with strategic investments rather than displacing them through gentrification

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Et voilà, encore obligé de faire le relou de service : encore des parents qui veulent organiser un anniversaire, inviter C. et qui font un p*tain de groupe whatsapp pour ça.
Et moi obligé d'expliquer que non, je n'utilise pas cette app et je n'en ai pas l'intention, j'ai déjà Delta Chat.

Sans_DeC, avatar

@matiu_bidule le pire c’est quand même quand les gens sont persuadés que tu ne l’a pas parce que tu ne sais pas t’en servir et te disent comment l’installer…

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