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Actor, Writer, Transit Advocate, Gay and Proud, Disco/House/EDM, animal lover, Practitioner of the Science of Mind and Spirit, Angel in disguise

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danwentzel, to cycling
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Long Beach, CA has some city-numbered bicycle routes.
Los Angeles County should do some numbered cross-county bicycle routes in time for Olympics. Some examples are:
Route 1: Santa Monica Pier to Union Station via Hollywood
Route 2: Long Beach to Union Station
Route 3: Palos Verdes to Malibu
Route 4: Claremont to Burbank
Route 5: Chatsworth to Pasadena
These bike routes could be invested in as connected corridors of bike lanes with good wayfaring signage.
#Cycling #LosAngeles #LongBeach

danwentzel, to USpolitics
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A majority of Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Presidents who lost the popular vote.

We must abolish the antiquated and slavery-era Electoral College have a national popular vote. We can have a runoff between the top two if no candidate gets 50% in the first round.

#uspolitics #uspol #politics

danwentzel, to transit
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I've been skeptical of "free" public transit, but it is hard to argue with these results. The only way this will work is to find new sources for operating funds than the farebox.


danwentzel, to random
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So, I have noticed this new trend where people are bagging up the poop from their dog, but instead of properly disposing of it, they are leaving the bags on the sidewalk for someone else to have to deal with.

I love, love, love dogs, but please properly dispose these poop bags Thanks.

danwentzel, to random
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Jack Dorsey calls 'X' "freedom technology" after leaving BlueSky.

We have very different definitions of "freedom".

I've never wanted to go back to 'X' less.


danwentzel, to random
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Not that I am wishing this, but it would be a poetic ending indeed if Trump fell asleep again in the defendant's chair and simply expired right there in the courtroom -- the weight of his life of crime, and running away from any accountability, finally catching up with him.

danwentzel, to LosAngeles
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danwentzel, to Arizona
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Don't take this MAGA fascism lying down. Fight back and win.

Vote out the Arizona Supreme Court justices who just banned nearly all abortions in the state. Vote to re-elect President Biden, and vote for Ruben Gallego for U.S. Senate, and a Democratic legislature for Arizona. Vote for the abortion rights amendment on the ballot this November.


#Arizona #Abortion
#politics #USpol #USpolitics

danwentzel, to transit
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Bangkok Mass Transit 2014 -2034

danwentzel, to transit
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Kansas City Streetcar
#Transit #KansasCity

danwentzel, to random
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What happened in Baltimore is a tragedy. But I am sure glad that Joe Biden is President, Pete Buttigieg is Secretary of Transportation, and Wes Moore is Governor and not Trump and his corrupt sycophants responding.

Donald Trump wouldn’t try to help as MD is not a red state and at best would throw some paper towels at them.

We can't guarantee an incident/accident free life, but we can have good people in place when they happen.

danwentzel, to fediverse
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Someone trying to put down the Fediverse called it “digital communism” and honestly that is the best slogan I’ve heard yet.


danwentzel, to LosAngeles
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Hollywood Blvd. is getting an overhaul, including one mile of bus lanes and over two miles of protected bike lanes. I can't wait. Buses from every direction start and finish their routes on Hollywood Blvd.

L.A. City Announces Hollywood Boulevard Bus/Walk/Bike Upgrades


#LosAngeles #Hollywood #transit #cycling #urbanism

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@jedsetter Unfortunately, transit and cycling advocates are too often pitted against each other for scarce road space.

Instead of removing more auto lanes or parking spaces, the politically easier route is to make a bus/bike combination lane instead.

It's not my favorite design by any means, but a bus-lane is absolutely essential for that one-mile stretch. #Hollywood #cities #urbanism #LosAngeles #transit #cycling

danwentzel, to LGBTQ
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I hate giving him any publicity, but I literally burst out laughing..

Have babies everyone or civilization will collapse!

Never mind that world population is approaching 8 billion.

Never mind that hundreds of thousands of children are in the U.S. foster care system without families.

Never mind our society doesn't even look after the kiids we already produce.

But pop out those (white) babies, gays and lesbians!

danwentzel, to Taiwan
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Get a Big Gulp and renew your driver's license.

'Why are Taiwan's 7-Eleven's so much better than ours?

"The store looms so large in Taiwanese life that it might as well be a government agency. At any 7-Eleven, you can pay your taxes, ship or pick up packages, drop off your laundry, check your blood pressure, return library books, send faxes, buy rail/plane tickets, purchase internet access, and use the receipts to play a lottery."


#7eleven #urbanism #Taiwan

danwentzel, to USpolitics
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This border drama is wholly a Texas MAGA Republican distraction for them to scare racists into voting for them so that they can pass unnecessary tax cuts for billionaires. Go down the road a few miles and the border gates will be wide open so that Texas Republicans can get cheap exploitable labor under-the-table.

As a Californian, I don’t even think about “the border”. In fact here is a typical game of Volleyball using the Southern border as a gate. #immigration #uspolitics #uspol #politics

danwentzel, to random
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I’m tired. I’m really tired. I’m Madeline Kahn in ‘Blazing Saddles’ tired.


danwentzel, to random
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Nobody wants to return to the office in person for five days a week except commercial real estate developers worried about their investments and middle managers who want to micromanage other people. Stop it.

danwentzel, to USpolitics
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The correct response to these billionaires screaming and howling with pain over President Biden’s proposal for them to pay a 25% minimum tax rate is…

“What???? How are they not paying 25% already like the rest of us?”

End trickle-down economics immediately.

Here is President Biden's proposal explained:

#USpol #USpolitics #politics #trickledown

danwentzel, to random
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This video is amazing. It must have felt like a religious experience being there live.

'Madonna and Kylie Minogue Sing Together on Stage for the Very First Time'


danwentzel, to politics
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The single most beneficial electoral reform we could make in America is abolition of the antiquated, slavery-era Electoral College. That would end the blue state / red state divide.

Every vote across the country would have equal importance and value with a national popular vote.

We could have a runoff in December if no one wins over 50% on the first round in November or use ranked-choice voting like Ireland and do it on one day.

danwentzel, to random
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'Places across the U.S. are testing no-strings cash as part of the social safety net' - @NPR

We should expand UBI programs.


danwentzel, to random
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Whatever the reason for today's Cyber attack on Meta (and Google) on "SuperTuesday", it should be seen as a warning for what is possible on Election Day in November.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see bad actors cyberattack all of social media on Election Day to create confusion and spread disinformation to try and help Trump.


danwentzel, to random
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I'm not sure if they understand me, but every day I tell my pets, "Thank you for being in my life. You make my time on Earth a better place."

Even if they don't understand the words, I think they feel the vibrations of love and gratitude. Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS). #pets

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