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ai6yr, to WX

Heard on the commercial radio, from an HVAC firm "The weather in our county sure has been strange this year. So we have a STRANGE WEATHER special!" #wx #climate

ai6yr, to hamradio

From one of the kids!

Massive antenna farm

ai6yr, to random

Oh look, this was in a sci-fi book (maybe from @GreatDismal ?)

Art Installation Connects Ireland, New York

ai6yr, to climate
ai6yr, to climate

**ps. El Nino is also now over, although it may be they are referring to past impacts.

ai6yr, to random

** "more Christian-minded government" 🙄


** That's like describing the Taliban as a "pro-Burka modesty government"


@jmccyoung Having grown up through the Christian church (even though my parents were not Christians 🤔 ) and gone through a LOT of Sunday School, and a million sermons, it continues to mystify me how much of what they teach/say is completely disconnected from what they DO.

ai6yr, to random

Hmm, Larry Ellison in Palm Beach again 🤨

ai6yr, to Canada
ai6yr, to hamradio

LOL.. from a friend here, @orv

"Apparently May 20th (5/20) is 5.20 Day.

From another club:
On the 146th day at 5:20pm local time everyone get on 146.520 and see who you can talk to.
146th day of 2024 is May 25th and it's a Saturday!!!"

#hamradio #146520


@ChampersBE @orv What is typical 2m simplex in IARU Region 1? 146.520 is simplex calling up here.


@stuartl @orv Interesting that you use different steps there in VK land!!


@ChampersBE @arnie_dxer @orv Interesting, you get 70Mhz too?! Never seen any of that kind of equipment around here, curious who owns that spectrum in North America.

ai6yr, to random

Realized (now that the coffee has kicked in) I have been walking around with a giant stain on my pants (spilled honey which has accumulated dog and bunny fur, and maybe a bunch of dirt from the hiking trail), LOL.


@TheSnoopySnoop I blame the lack of coffee for not noticing.

ai6yr, to Doomsday

CBS: The doomsday glacier is undergoing "vigorous ice melt" that could reshape sea level rise projections


@n1vux I've got the details on how to do this, but haven't yet managed to get it to all work together... Have wanted to run it up against big earthquake or volcano areas, just to have gone through the process.

ai6yr, to H5N1

NYTimes: "A Second Dairy Worker Has Contracted Bird Flu, C.D.C. Reports

The new case, in a Michigan farmworker, did not suggest that bird flu was widespread in people, health officials said, adding that the risk to the general public remained low."


@Forbearance 😂 on the new acronym. (to be fair, I think they have wanted to do good, but have been so warped by politics they have lost the trust of the public).

ai6yr, to random

Hmm, finding a vegetarian Indian dish to make for dinner from scratch (which doesn't require a lot of ingredients I don't have and time) is an interesting challenge 🤔

Thus, why Indian restaurants and grocery stores here with takeout counters are appealing, LOL.


@deewani @dougfir Mmmm... next time I hit the long distance interstates, I know where I am eating. No more lousy hamburgers or gas station hot dogs, or lame pancakes!


@deewani @dougfir Oh wow, wish I knew about that last time I went through the I-40, there are a bunch of places where that would have been superior to the gas station hot dogs or Dairy Queen or whatever terrible fast food we ended up with.


@deewani @dougfir Need a T-Shirt "Samosas Across America" LOL

ai6yr, to random

- got some blood drawn (nothing going on here, just had my annual physical and standard tests), and it seems like the blood testing lab is the one little bit of masking sanity around here. 100% masking in there, including both staff and all patients. (which makes a TON of sense, of course -- people in there probably sick or trying to figure out what's wrong with them, etc. etc.).


@hutterer UCLA's health branch has a testing lab here for their patients. I went in (N95 as usual) expecting no one to be masked but me, so was glad everyone there was smart (you'd assume people who were sick would try not to catch or spread whatever respiratory disease might be going around, but I have heard that is not the case in most places).

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