Hardware hacker runs GTA Vice City on a router with a little help from an eGPU and Debian Linux -- Tom's Hardware (

A German hardware hacker, KittenLabs, has successfully managed to run GTA: Vice City on a TP-Link TL-WDR4900 Wi-Fi router. The hack involved installing Debian Linux on the router, connecting an AMD Radeon HD 7470 as an eGPU, and overcoming several hurdles to get the game running....

Jak & Daxter Return With Online & Local Multiplayer -- Retro Dodo (

With the help of a community mod, the iconic duo Jak and Daxter have made a triumphant return to gaming with the introduction of online and local multiplayer infrastructure. The original game has been natively ported to PC, featuring new additions such as demo playback files, spectating options with various camera angles, and...

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

A little extra for today.
The brand new rescan of Club Nintendo Volume 5 Issue 1 - 1993 (UK) has just been added to the magazine catalogue.

As always with these rescans of magazines I did more than a decade ago, this one has much more accurate colour levels as well as extra shadow detail and overall sharpness.

This magazine can be downloaded here:

Back cover for Club Nintendo Volume 5 Issue 1 - 1993 (UK), featuring an advertisement for Nintendo magazine System

Dennis5891, avatar


Mario Says! - Proceeds to show Mickey Mouse...
lol, love these old magazines.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

I love when they were written like this.
Or with lots of personality and passion, no matter how silly they could get at times.

Much more so than the overly serious magazines like the Official Dreamcast Magazine for instance.
That one, despite adoring the console, never gelled with me.
They took themselves way too serious and felt way too critical to the point of being mean at times.

Personally that's why I don't enjoy EDGE as well. Feels to cynical and harsh for me.

cosmicvoid, avatar

My sci-fi comedy text parser game Tachyon Dreams Anthology is getting released next month! 🥳

Wishlist on Steam & try the demo


ramon_wilhelm, avatar

@cosmicvoid hooray!!! 😃 🙌

nivrig, avatar

It doesn't immediately look like RetroArch PUAE supports games with two joystick inputs, or that use all four CD32 buttons. Is that right?

nivrig, avatar

Maybe possible with custom .uae files. I’ll have a poke tomorrow.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar
OutofPrintArchive, avatar

Feature for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64 from GamesMaster 66 - March 1998 (UK)

This issue can be downloaded here:


Feature for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64 from GamesMaster 66 - March 1998 (UK)

Dennis5891, avatar


Also, I never understood the controversy behind the water temple, it seemed no more difficult than any other temple, or any other challenge in other games.
Not trying to flex, promise.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

@Dennis5891 Me neither.
Sure you had to look around a bit, bit it never stood out to me back in the day.
Perhaps it's another one of those things that started leading its own life when the internet became a big thing.

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Dennis5891, avatar


Strange. I don't remember this one on N64. It seems familiar, and I remember a good amount of games from the N64 era, but this one escapes me despite being slightly familiar.
I did just get a Switch, I might have to check it out.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

@Dennis5891 I got it when it came out. People hated on the game since it wasn't a direct sequel to Yoshi's Island.
But if you take it on it's own, I really liked it and had a blast with it.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

Feature on the Pocket Monsters phenomenon in Japan on Game Boy and Nintendo 64 from GamesMaster 66 - March 1998 (UK)

This issue can be downloaded here:


Feature on the Pocket Monsters phenomenon in Japan on Game Boy and Nintendo 64 from GamesMaster 66 - March 1998 (UK)

Dennis5891, (edited ) avatar


That's three bangers in a row, you better believe I am downloading this issue.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar
Dennis5891, avatar


You know, Resident Evil 2 was the one I missed. I played 1 and 3, 4, 5, 7.
I kinda want to play the original, tank controls and all, but I also think I should just get the remake.
I mean, I know what you would tell me to do, lol.

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OutofPrintArchive, (edited ) avatar

Review for Pinball Fantasies on PC from CVG 149 - April 1994 (UK)

This issue can be downloaded here:

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

After Pin.Bot, High Speed was such a disappointment for me.
While it’s probably even more impressive technically speaking, for some reason, I just don’t get along with the table.
I was playing it last night in Pinball FX as well and it still doesn’t flow for me like it should.
I don’t enjoy any of the shots.
Not a fan of the theme either, but that’s the least of the issues I have.
Really weird as I tend to find something I really like in most tables.

apzpins, avatar

@OutofPrintArchive For me, both of them hit hard as those both were in my favorite arcade's lineup at the time and when I ran out of pocket money, I still kinda got to play those even when when in lo-fi.

Highspeed's NES version struggles to bring the same kind of Steve Ritchie loop flow as the real thing does tho.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

CVG 149 - April 1994 (UK) has just been added to the magazine catalogue.

I really dislike this cover.
I don't like sports covers in general, but to put American Football on a European video game magazine cover, sure is a choice... 👀
But there's quite a bit of great content in the magazine itself.

Anyway, this issue can be downloaded here:


Back cover for CVG 149 - April 1994 (UK), featuring an advertisement for Soccer Kid on Super Nintendo

matt, avatar

@OutofPrintArchive the Madden games were/are really popular over here, possibly more so than the sport itself. I remember playing the 95 version or something, despite never having seen a game.

It’s certainly one of the most popular US sports in the UK, along with basketball probably.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

I genuinely had no idea.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

Continuing on my dive into pinball yet again, I just found out that the Zaccaria collection has been delisted in Europe.
So I grabbed $60 in US PSN cards at play Asia and bought the full set with my American account just to make sure I got them before those get delisted one day.

Such a damn shame this keeps happening with digital pinball. 😒

#shareyourgames #retrogaming #pinball

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

Well, that went way quicker than I was expecting. 😅

OutofPrintArchive, avatar
OutofPrintArchive, avatar

And one last picture that I have.
A little older, perhaps 4?

Dancing with my niece who was about the same age.

My mom just told me that we saw the grownups dance, so we wanted to take part in it. 😂

Again, a pinball table behind us. No idea which one.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar
greenvahn, avatar

@OutofPrintArchive The good old times! This was such well made game back in the day. It was my introduction to racing games

OutofPrintArchive, avatar


I missed out on this series back in the day as I wasn't into sim racing at all.
Still adore arcade racing games above all, but I can get sucked into a great simulation these days as well, so I kinda want to return to finally gave these a try.

Bought V-Rally last year for example and was blown away by how great the handling felt in that one.
It was my first game in the series.

vga256, (edited ) avatar

okay so this is badass

one of my most cherished and irreplaceable retrocomputing devices is my peerless Roland SC-55.

while the MT-32 has been emulated quite well, the SC-55 always lagged behind in emulation - most attempts at it sounded pretty terrible, even using good soundfonts.

(and hauling around my SC-55 + midi & 3.5mm & usb cables just to play games in dosbox was painful)

in comes Nuked-SC55: it is a chip-level emulation project that just nails it.

it took about 30 seconds to build with cmake. i'm now going to try integrating it with dosbox, so i can finally play 90s DOS general midi games! (ultima viii pagan, here i come)

demo songs with the LCD screen (which is also accurately emulated!)

nuked-sc55 source:

windows binaries:

fwiw to compile (requires cmake):
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

#RetroGaming #retrocomputing #midi #roland

thomasfuchs, avatar
vga256, avatar

happy to confirm that the SC-55 emulation with Nuked-SC55 is perfect. i don't mean "pretty close" or "99%" ... it is the same sound coming out of my physical hardware. 👏 incredible work by the author and their team

track: Ethereal Void, by neno vugrinec (Ultima VIII: Pagan)

The track "Ethereal Void" by composer Neno Vugrinec from the Ultima VIII: Pagan original soundtrack. It is playing back on an orange LCD emulating the Roland SC-55 display.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar
apzpins, avatar

@OutofPrintArchive Typically you don't mod a high value game like Star Wars into something like this for no reason. It's more than likely that this used to be a game with heavily damaged cabinet or if you just happen to find the populated playfield from a parted out machine.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

Ah yeah. That didn’t cross my mind.
Makes a lot more sense in such a case to try and rescue what is left and create something beautiful from the parts that are salvageable.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar
civfanatics, avatar

@OutofPrintArchive one of the best games ever!

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

@civfanatics Still my favourite entry. And with so many classics, that’s saying something.
Just perfect from the very start.

vga256, avatar

i love visiting rural towns. went for a day trip with my mom just to get out of the city for a few hours.

inevitably, i found big box games at their thrift store 😅

and now i’m doing the most 12 year old thing possible: reading the seawolf manual on the ride home 😂

hustvedt, avatar

@vga256 I have fond memories of burning many hours playing the sequel, Caesar III.

ThreeOhFour, avatar

@vga256 I actually think Caesar II is where Impressions started to hit their stride. Caesar I? Not for me. I'm sure there's a game in there, but I couldn't make it work. But Caesar II is a genuinely good one.

leadedsolder, avatar

Swapped the reset cap on my Mark III, so now I can use the (knockoff) EverDrive on it. 10µF to 0.1µF is all it takes. Thanks to Neto from SMSPower for figuring this out. #retrogaming #sega #mastersystem

The Master EverDrive is loaded into an adapter into the board of the Mark III
The main menu of the EverDrive has successfully loaded, showing a list of folders of ROMs.

leadedsolder, avatar

@ChartreuseK I was also surprised. the cartridge pinout doesn't offer a reset line on the Mark III (it does on the US SMS,) the everdrives in general seem to be really picky about it. You'll see similar weird behaviour when trying to take a knockoff EverDrive N8 to a real NES or a knockoff Famiclone to a real EverDrive for a similar reason.

root42, avatar

@leadedsolder @ChartreuseK what about original Krikzz carts? I try to buy those if I can afford it, to support him and UA.
Right now I have only the three games for the SMS.

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

Early preview for F-Zero GX on GameCube from Cube 8 - August 2002 (UK)

This issue can be downloaded here:


Early preview for F-Zero GX on GameCube from Cube 8 - August 2002 (UK)

HangFireBooks, avatar

@OutofPrintArchive Wish to god I had the reflexes for this game. I love the vibe, feel and tension but I spend 60% of each race grinding along the walls

OutofPrintArchive, avatar

I got pretty good at the game back in the day. But yeah, it’s a bit too brutal for me.
I never was able to unlock the AX tracks as one of those last challenges was just too hard for me.
It’s brilliant, but I kinda prefer X if I’m honest.
The original remains my favourite though.

Philsan, avatar

40 years after its planned release, Tarzan by Coleco for console has been preserved. Gameplay: Story:

dosgameclub, avatar

💾 NEW PODCAST! 💾 We had a look at Empire, originally developed by Walter Bright in the 1970s for the PDP-10, and later released for various systems, including MS-DOS with 1987's Empire: Wargame of the Century, and 1993's Empire: Deluxe.

This is a very early example of a turn-based strategy wargame, and one that would have a big influence on the genre. Sid Meier among others has mentioned Empire is a big inspiration for Civilization.

#dosGaming #retroGaming #podcast

Spoonboy, avatar

My first ZakStunts pro podium!
And a win on the amateur leaderboard.
A crazy track this month, full of illusions and invisible features due to clever tile placement. Fully exploiting all the quirks that make this game what it is today.

Tijn, avatar

@Spoonboy congrats!

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