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High jinks, peer pressure, booze - and more booze: why do men behave so badly on stag dos? | Rich Pelley

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Normality is a colourful first person adventure game, that had different voices for the UK and US releases! I'm going to check out the UK release for now. Also! More Furious Furries!! Streaming now! #Twitch #Streaming #Retrogaming #retro #Retrocomputing #DOS #MSDOS

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My first ZakStunts pro podium!
And a win on the amateur leaderboard.
A crazy track this month, full of illusions and invisible features due to clever tile placement. Fully exploiting all the quirks that make this game what it is today.
#dos #dosgaming #retrogaming #stunts #zakstunts

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Looking for Toshiba L50utils.exe - laptop pcmcia drivers for Windows 95. It is long gone from the Toshiba website. Anybody with a floppy with this on or know where to find a copy?

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Part two of Companions of Xanth! We're starting to believe in magic so that's probably a good thing? Also, lets give Fury of the Furries a final go.. maybe I'll revisit it later as a warmup.... Streaming now! #Twitch #Streaming #Retrogaming #retro #Retrocomputing #DOS #MSDOS

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DOSBox Staging development builds now has full file locking support (SHARE.EXE) on all supported platforms:

#DOSBox #Retrocomputing #Retrogaming #DOS #DOSGaming

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Wondering if anyone's interested in #FLOSS for older systems like #DOS and #FreeDOS? I really liked the #XFDOS distribution based on #FLTK and #nano-x with FreeDOS. I know the lead developer of XFDOS is no longer active, but it would be nice to see some development continue on this project. Is anyone else besides me interested in this sort of thing?

#askfedi #askfediverse

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I put Deluxe Paint II on my FreeDOS retro EeePC. Did some pixelart next to the fireplace.
It shows what we got in the garden.

Nice article =>

BTW: this setup uses so little computing power (relative to the EeePC power) that it still works hours on battery!

#PixelArt #EeePC #FreeDOS #DOS #RetroComputing #DeluxePaint


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I don't want to disappoint the 3 Body Problem series fans, but in episode 4 where an old IBM PC shows alien messages, the screen resolution is wrong and outside of the capabilities of the CGA and Hercules video cards available in 1984. #DOS #IBMPC

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Was dies genau bedeutet und wie man es verhindert mit Updates oder Alternative 's gibt muss ich mir noch ansehen.

»Fluent Bit – Schwere Sicherheitslücke bei vielen -Anbietern entdeckt:
Das -Programm wird unter anderem von allen großen Cloud-Anbietern wie und genutzt. Bei der - wurde jetzt eine kritische entdeckt, die mehrere Angriffe () erlaubt. Ein wird dringend empfohlen.«


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🧵 …anscheinend ist die Sicherheitslücke ein Teil der Einstellungen vom Internet-Server, so wie ich es nun verstanden habe:

»DoS-Lücke in Loggingtool Fluent Bit mit 13 Milliarden Downloads geschlossen«


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Look at my $8 flea market haul!

#retrocomputing #soundblaster #msdos #dos #dosgaming

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This App Combines Your Calendar and To-Dos


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Some new custom cars for Stunts: Alan Rotoi's second trio of muscle cars has been released! Chevrolet Camaro x Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 x AMC Javelin. Here is a presentation video showing them in action: #stunts #retrogaming #dos

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I thought I'd do a lil birthday stream, and play some random DOS games... Streaming now!

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If you like , , or inspired music... well...
It's Bandcamp Friday (meaning the artists keep 100% of the sale). So, Let's do $3.33 for the latest album.

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MS-DOS 2.0 restoration project

Antrotroll, to retrogaming Italian

Possibile aggiunta alla sezione trash. Visto video su yt e mi ha solleticato. Qualcuno ci ha mai giocato prima?

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(Repost to @pilipinas

Work in Progress: translating MS-DOS 4.00 to Filipino

Because why not? This is on a separate branch from my own copy of the source code.

#microsoft #dos #retro #philippines #filipino #pinoy #tech #technology

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playing around the sauce code of ms-dos 4.00

@philippines @pilipinas

tallship, to foss

Okay it's one of those, "What's peculiar here?" kinda things.

Consider the source itself. And I certainly don't mean code of any sort. 'Why' would 'They' cite Wikipedia, as good a resource as anyone might think it to be?

Why not cite yourself? Instead of citing someone else - who will merely turn right around and cite you as the ultimate source reference?

#FOSS #DOS, get it? I was rather amused. Anyway, Here it is.

#tallship #Microsoft h/t to: @csolisr You can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔


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