There are so many tornado videos popping up on now. From fascinating to devastating. But one this morning was titled "White Tornado". And suddenly, some deeply buried old neurons in my brain fired, and I instantly in my mind's eye saw someone cleaning a floor, and heard an up and down musical scale. YES! The White Tornado! 1970s era Ajax Cleanser TV commercials! -

historian1661, avatar

@lauren We must be about the same age, because I remember the Ajax white tornado ads too. And the Man from Glad. And cigarette commercials.


@historian1661 Tidy Bowl Man. Only a billion cigarette commercials. But they were running on TV until 1971. Then that strange brief period when "little cigar" commercials continued to run (e.g. Tijuana Smalls).

lafibreinfo, French

Bloqué par une intelligence artificielle: Depuis 7 jours, Adrien s'est fait bloquer la possibilité d'ajouter des vidéos sur sa chaine


Probablement une qui a cru à tort à une incitation au piratage, dans l'extrait ⬇️


lautre, avatar

@parigotmanchot @lafibreinfo
s'installe en 3 clicks depuis
C'est ce que j'ai fait parce que je suis une feignasse.

parigotmanchot, avatar

@lautre @lafibreinfo Ha oui, Yunohost 😆.
Pourquoi pas.
Faut que je réessaye sur Docker.

joel, avatar

A inspired by @dm about the state of , and why can't we just have nice things in life?

This is day 51 of , and post 19 for .

This is also a bit of a throwback to one of my first ever blogposts!

ericbuijs, avatar

@joel I agree Newpipe can be a hassle. According to the link below the maintainers have trouble updating and rewriting the code due to lack of resources (unfortunately a common problem in FLOSS development). Having said that I'm currently using the recently released 27.0 by enabling beta releases in F-Droid and it works fine for me.

brianb, avatar

@joel @dm i only use newpipe on my phone. It's frustrating sometimes when it breaks, but I have to remember it's a small team fighting Google's antics and that maybe I don't need to be on YouTube at that moment anyways.

BrodieOnLinux, avatar

Microsoft Windows Worst Spyware Ever... So Far!!

Linux_in_a_Bit, avatar

Remember that Copilot Recall is controlled by a setting on Windows.
Also remember that employers can forcefully enable settings on a work-issued computer.

sabret00the, avatar

What the fuck? added games? Why?

oblomov, avatar
Ten, avatar

I've decided that I'm going to take at least six weeks off from doing YouTube work. My voice is the primary factor on why I'm taking a I've been super depressed lately.

If you wanna check out my backlog of indie game videos, please check out my small YouTube channel. Every view, comment, like, and sub helps me a long way.

Please boost 😊


I now have over 10,000 videos on my primary Favorites playlists on . When you exceed 5000 videos on a playlist, YouTube unhelpfully just says "Something went wrong." At which point a few minutes ago I created 0-Favorites 3 (many of you will already know why I have the "0-" on there). If you think 10,000 videos is a lot, keep in mind those are just my main Favorites. My YouTube History of all videos watched is, uh, somewhat longer. Yeah.

the_medium_kahuna, avatar

@lauren I’m afraid I’m out of the loop. Why the “0-“?


@the_medium_kahuna To sort to the top.

midacre, avatar

There's a creator on whose content is really top notch in a niche hobby/avocation that is highly technical. Unfortunately, he smacks his lips and makes swallowing noises about every 30 seconds. I am not sure if I should mention it in a comment. I like his content, but I can't get through a video without getting squicked by the mouth noises. He needs a tutorial from someone who knows how to edit that out.

DavBot, avatar

So... In the hospital, this morning I had a "gastrointestinal event" right before my shift at work, with having two hernia operations prior, I'm not screwing around (things like incarceration, or just finding out if it is a recursion asap.)

Anyhow, I can't comment on any #YouTube videos on the hospital wifi.

#PeerTube on the other hand, no problemo.

spocko, avatar

For the first time today I added an "altered content" liable to my Youtube video because I used two photos that were generated by AI.

It is a new policy by #YouTube. I've read the guidelines & examples.
Since I'm very interested in #ContentModeration want to now what it means for political speech on YouTube this election?

Lisa Monaco, the Deputy Attorney General, recently said they will charge people for threats of violence via AI.
Thoughts @patrickokeefe ?

AI generated Trump booking photo.

SabiLewSounds, avatar

My selfish ass for got to uplift my pal @vaginajenkins

Like I used to be able to do, they upload new videos to #YouTube every #humpDay


Help a fellow #DisabledCreator for free and give them a watch, leave it on in the background help them get monetized

#antiCapitalist #communityCare #MutualUplifting

emill1984, Polish avatar

Trafilem na nowy fotograficzny "hit" na #Youtube (negatywny)

Juz sie przyzwyczailem, ze fotografowie wpychaja w takie filmy reklamy swoich kursow, ksiazek itp., ale wlasnie znalazlem film, w ktorym takie reklamy sa... juz chyba 4, a jeszcze nie obejrzalem calego (16min35sec) 🤦‍♂️


sqrtminusone, avatar

So, I haven't watched for a month, and I don't feel anything was missing. I only listened to two videos while walking.

Now I've finally suspended updates for most YouTube channels. Doing this for each feed (as Tiny Tiny RSS requires) did put things into perspective...

I've spent so much time in some of these channels. Dozens if not hundreds of hours. And it took some effort to accept letting go, even though effectively, I've already done it.

I did leave two channels alive: one channel that served as a source for ~95% of YouTube links in my zettelkasten, and , of course.

We'll see how it goes further.


@sqrtminusone I went out of SystemCrafters channel months ago. Not because it's bad ... but he makes loooong videos. Often an hour long.

sqrtminusone, avatar

@holgerschurig Yeah, that's true. But usually, there are also show notes.

SceNtriC, Polish avatar

Są na świecie trzy pewne rzeczy:

  • śmierć
  • podatki
  • obawa p. Gessler przed kolejnym filmem Książula

Claydisarray, avatar

I started a new Youtube channel a few months back to kind of help me come to terms with my late autism diagnosis, and I seem to be doing better on views than my (8 years old) Clay Disarray channel :ablobdizzy:

Anyhoo, thought I'd post a link here if you're interested 🧡

TransitBiker, avatar
Claydisarray, avatar

@TransitBiker more fool me for initially engaging with them 🫠

hanse_mina, avatar

has blocked at least three videos that show viewers how to evade military service after it received a request from the Russian authorities, the investigative news outlet Agentstvo reported Monday.

Removing content related to human rights at the request of the Russian government and not because it violates Google’s content policies marks a “new trend,” Agentstvo said, citing an unnamed cybersecurity expert.

MrLee, avatar

This is fun!
Because I have my History turned off on the app they are refusing to show me an Algorithmically generated feed.
I'm not sure they understand how many people see this as an absolute win!!

madargon, avatar

@MrLee Have seen this in browser, coupled with "start to watch anything". And I use autodeleting Firefox history. Every time I see this big cookie banner with Reject All available button (thanks, GDPR) I feel so satisfied :blobcat_amused:

flockofnazguls, avatar
rvps2001, avatar

💻 has blocked at least three videos that show viewers how to evade military service after it received a request from the Russian authorities, the investigative news outlet Agentstvo reported Monday.


You're standing and looking out over the water at the city skyline. Suddenly, a small spaceship lands near you. Then a slightly larger one. Then an even larger one. And then ...

One of the most fun videos I've seen on in quite a while! This channel does great work!

f800gecko, avatar


So many warbirds (I made it halfway).

I hope they got Kubrick’s ‘Discovery One’ from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.


@f800gecko Yep.

monkeyben, avatar

I've run out of space on my YouTube watch later list. I guess I should watch some of them but I've created a watch soon playlist 😂

monkeyben, avatar


Looks like it, but YouTube has their calculations off by two some where in their code.

jake4480, avatar

@monkeyben 😂🤣😂🤣


The amount of AI-generated crap flooding #YouTube is truly impressive, in the manner of a galaxy-sized landfill.


@lauren Dang, hadn't hit the stuff I was looking for yet. It has most certainly made DuckDuckGo/Bing almost useless, and Google nearly so (although using before:2022 seems to weed out the Google AI crud, for now)

LALegault, avatar

🐣 ATTN: People with babies will know Ms. Rachel from , & the genre of videos that show when she comes on how babies smile. She is the baby whisperer and a beautiful human. Well I opened my phone yesterday to see Ms. Rachel CRYING because after she launched a cameo fundraiser for the babies of , , and Zionists have been bullying her so bad she was in tears!!! The woman who makes babies smile! They have no bottom! Come for Miss Rachel and we will find you!

LALegault, avatar

Imagine bullying the woman who makes babies smile like this for caring about Palestinian babies, what is wrong with them? 2 /

Ms rachel makes baby on the floor stop crying

LALegault, avatar

So after making everyone’s babies stop crying, Zionists made Miss Rachel cry for raising money for babies! For caring for babies! They are evil bitches! It is like bullying Mr. Rogers you freaks!
3 /3

Poor Miss Rachel, go give her some love!

Ms rachel crying because Zionists are soul sucking joyless goblins

br00t4c, avatar

▶ Suella Braverman FAILS To Provoke Pro Palestine Activists

bobthomson70, avatar

@br00t4c have said for years the best way to deal with Farage is turn up where he speaks and the minute he opens his mouth, turn around and put headphones on. Let him think he’s got an audience and then ignore the toxic arsehole.

br00t4c, avatar

▶ Antony Blinken joins a band in Kyiv to perform Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" #shorts

#blinken #youtube

msquebanh, avatar

Blinken needs to read the song lyrics.
Neil Young wouldn't be impressed.

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