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Misa Misa deserved better

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#FangWatch Gaeul from #ViralHit #KenkaDokugaku sprouts a smol fang in this one scene so far.


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Nya. Like my girls greeting me when I get home. Too bad IRL cats aren't maids that clean the house, I'm their maido that cooks and cleans up after them.

#MysteriousDisappearances #KaiiToOtomeToKamkakushi #anime

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This month, Anime Herald is hosting a subscription drive. We'll donating to The Trevor Project in a dollar-for-dollar match for everything we raise this month through Patreon and Ko-fi (up to $800), so you can support independent anime journalism and help LGBTQIA+ youth at the same time. 💖


#anime #journalism #patreon #kofi

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Amazing how there are so many #anime ost music that you just end up knowing and loving even without ever having watched the animes.

It's a testament to just how good the bands and artists really are.

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Doesn't really help if you regularly listen to some nippon nerdy music from sites like or


Just happy that after so many years they keep working 😅

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Like a high speed anime news podcast? Check out Doki Doki News!

Friday's cast discussed Sakamoto Days Anime, LiSA Sings Nier’s Opening, and Miyazaki’s Next Film in ~ 2 minutes.

You can listen to the podcast here:


#Anime #Podcast #LiSA #JPop #Miyazki #SakamotoDays

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Hey folks! I’ve been radio silent the past few weeks for starting a brew job and vacation! However 3, 2, 1… Let’s Jam round two! #vinylalphabet with the Cowboy Bebop Netflix Series by Yoko Kano and The Seatbelts. I couldn’t pass up new recordings of these songs. So good! #animesoundtrack #anime #vinylrecords

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En recherche d'anime japonais pour une ado de 11 ans qui est du genre très sensible, assez mature pour son âge mais pas non plus mature pour du Goblin Slayer.

Je regarde rien qui soit vraiment pour ce genre de public donc j'en appelle à vous Mastonautes !

Pour le moment j'ai Frieren, Bocchi The Rock et Sound Euphonium. Qu'est-ce que vous conseilleriez ?

Elle a déjà vu Assassination Classroom et elle a pleuré à la fin. Le Shojo c'est pas trop sa came visiblement.

Merci !

Xalofar, avatar

@paprika Ah brin…la dernière phrase m'a calmé dans mes élans 😋

Ascendance of a bookworm ?
Sinon je sais pas si tu vas pouvoir la voir mais j'avais fait cette liste pour une ado de 13 ans assez mature


@Xalofar @paprika (je viens juste ajouter le petit +1 qui va bien pour Ascendance of a Bookworm :tuturu: )

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Also started WIND BREAKERS #anime (which has 🇺🇸 dub) and found it strangely wholesome. The show is named for the distinctive windbreaker jackets worn by the local down & out high school as part of their school uniform. They're punks turned vigilantes who protect the neighborhood from other no good punks.

alxdre301, avatar

@GenXotaku1971 awwww I accidentally skipped 6 first eps and can't watch it anymore 😭😭😭😭😭 it was too good 😭😭😭😭

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I don't recall Sumireko from Mysterious Disappearances showing fang, but here she is with a at successfully bargaining for more coffee.

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It’s a little weird when I hear a character in Waccha PriMagi! distinctly say “Card Get!” when a magical card is acquired, but seeing the subtitles at that moment say “Ensemble unlocked!” is a bit disorienting. :akko_what:

It makes sense to translate it that way for contextual reasons (“card get” being a uniquely Japanese way to use English loanwords when obtaining an item), but it just kind of twists my brain in a knot for that brief second when the words I hear and the words I see don’t match.

anianimalsmoe, avatar

It's the same issue as Pokemon, getto da ze!

NieA_78, avatar

@anianimalsmoe I’ve actually never seen any Pokemon in Japanese before. When I got the DVDs for the first two movies a thousand years ago, they didn’t even have a Japanese audio track as an option on them.

AKB0048 also had something in it called Flying Get, though it’s been so long since I last watched it that I forget exactly what it was… possibly some kind of levitating stage platform for the Center? But I think they still called it Flying Get in the subtitles in that case.

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Shamelessly stealing & reposting memes:

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Fuck it, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross OP


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I think Konosuba's "hai, Kazuma desu" joke might be the funniest, most well executed running gag in all of anime.

Kazuma's background/side commentary in general is hilarious but the extent to which Fukushima Jun subtly adjusts the delivery for every "hai, Kazuma" is absolute perfection. I actually laugh out loud every time

EDIT: Oh and for those unaware, it started as an ad lib by Jun-san. Not even in the script. Just tossed it out there and now it's infamous

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@jenryk it is definitely one giant shitpost wrapped around a refined nugget of sincerity. Top tier comedy that understand itself incredibly well

mandanudes, avatar

@neatchee TRUE

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fennek, avatar

If you are not into #anime just because it is anime and instead enjoy the ones that are just plainly the good stuff (imagine the sentence so far with 'wine' instead of 'anime' and you know what I mean), you might want to take a look at "#Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End".

It is so so good. Everyone rates it 9/10 and so do I.


BongoMcnulty, avatar

Continuing to work my way through season one of K-on, and it's huge fun. It could never be described as plot-heavy, but like all the best slice of life shows, it's all about the characters, and K-on delivers in spades.
Episode nine was the most recent episode I watched, and it was hilarious to see the new club member Azusa get inducted into the light music club's method of band practice (basically, lots of tea and cake)


BongoMcnulty, avatar

@neatchee :ablobcatgooglymlemjumping:


neatchee, avatar

@BongoMcnulty she can't hide her true feelings :Hehe:

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Sound! Euphonium, season 2, episode 7

anianimalsmoe, avatar

@animestairs This is totally just a trace of the big stairs at Kyoto Station

csacaness, avatar

I’m so shocked that Henjin salada didn’t have any ecchi regarding Sara. They even went to Sousuke adopting her, like wow it was actually touching.

The soldier girl does all the unnecessary spicy scenes though 😂 That 3D scan machine scene, what was that even.

anianimalsmoe, avatar

Then they can sell the actual model IRL. :leafeonmoney:

Btph, avatar

Good score at half price today
#anime #macrossplus #dvd


CavoriteLizard, avatar

@Btph Oh wow that's a great score!

anianimalsmoe, avatar

For those watching and are wondering WTF?! girls can rent a love hotel for a party 女子会. It's real. It's expensive. It's targeted towards young working women who want a room to party and karaoke all night. Massage chairs, cosplay, alcohol, room service... The rooms are pretty soundproof, so you won't hear what's happening in the next ahem room.

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#FangWatch #LipFang when your mom says your cat is more like your elder sister than your child. Poor Mayu from Wonderful Precure.

#WonderfulPrecure #anime

mgorny, Polish avatar

Dzisiaj będzie polecajka #anime.

"Frieren: Beyond Journey's End"

Punkt widzenia: właśnie spędziłaś 10 lat na ważnym queście, ale jesteś elfem, więc było to dla ciebie jak mgnienie oka. I nim się spostrzegasz, prawie wszyscy ludzie, których znałaś, już nie żyją.

I choć ten wstęp sugeruje smutek i nostalgię, historia rozwija się w całkiem przyjemną przygodę w klimacie fantasy. Chwilami całkiem zabawną. I ze wspaniałą ścieżką dźwiękową, za którą odpowiada Evan Call.

ljaesch, avatar

Ghost in the Shell Is Getting a New Anime Series in 2026

Bandai Namco Filmworks has announced that The Ghost in the Shell franchise is getting a new television anime series in 2026.

#Anime, #GhostInTheShell

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@ljaesch whaaaa

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