someone who doesn't really know what he's doing. likes to talk about stuff that interests him, occasionally tries to do art, wondering why he wrote his bio in the third person. on tootfinder

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salarua, to TheExpanse

railgun charge sound
acceleration drugs flowing
airlock opening
engine burn
imagine dragons - radioactive starts playing

#TheExpanse #meme

rysiek, to random avatar

Firefox: We're removing the :rss: button completely, it clutters the interface

Also Firefox: <adds pocket and half a dozen other random buttons nobody wants on the toolbar>


@ajroach42 @rysiek all the more reason to use it!

thomasfuchs, to random avatar

If you use Chrome, you’re supporting this utter shit (tl;dr Google is moving to ban adblockers by introducing DRM for websites):


@thomasfuchs alright, time to disrupt all the open issues (that are from the people interested in implementing this, please no friendly fire)

salarua, to threads

now that #Threads is launched, remember to demand answers from your admins. will they sign the #FediPact or not? will they #DefederateMeta or not? tell them that by not acting, they put their instance that they worked so hard to build, and its entire community, at risk

rysiek, to random avatar

Speaking of #SolarPunk, some Polish "internet celebrity art critic" type did a truly galaxy-brained "takedown" of that genre and… let's just say that I stopped reading after:

> The first obvious problem with Solarpunk is what are the characters supposed to do at night?




> what are the characters supposed to do at night?

switch to flywheel power of course

there is a subgenre/sister genre called #Lunarpunk though which is more mystical and...self-centered? that's not a very good word to use, but it focuses on individual things. it's more private and introverted.

it is the yin to Solarpunk's yang, basically. this Tumblr post has more on it:

salarua, to random

wanna see something depressing? go to and look at the ticker at the bottom that shows federated instances


@kainoa every single one of them is Mastodon

rysiek, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

Well if it isn't cryptocurrency spam coming from the biggest, open instance on the . 👀

I wonder if this is at all related to challenges with moderating an instance of checks notes 200k active accounts? Or with moderating new accounts on the only instance actively promoted in the official apps? :thinking_rotate:

Thankfully we can always defederate! What's that? It's the biggest instance so there are real concerns about a lot of people losing connections? Whodda thunk it!


@codesmith @rysiek i think Pixelfed pledged to close registrations for their flagship instance at 10k users, but i can't find a source for that. i think this is an acceptable upper limit, because if the 90-9-1 rule applies, there'd be 9000 lurkers, 900 people occasionally active, and 100 people frequently active. that's manageable for a team of several mods

salarua, (edited ) to memes

got banned from @memes for posting an anti-tankie meme (at least one mod is a tankie of course)

worth it though


@Pinklacey "tankie" is slang for someone who uncritically admires and praises the Soviet Union, Red China, or their modern equivalents (i.e. Russia and modern China, even though they cannot reasonably be called "communist")

salarua, to random

idk if it has something to do with the fact that i live in a literal #desert, but for me, #rain isn't sad. rather, rain is life. it waters the plants that have to deal with months-long dry spells. its sound is comforting and easy to get lost in. that unique rain smell? that's bacteria. the air is full of life that we can only perceive when it's raining. rain is much more lively than a clear sunny day by far. i thank the gods whenever it rains, because rain is special to me

salarua, to random

should've waited before migrating to Mastodon, because #Calckey is looking pretty amazing 👀

marijn, to random avatar

I feel like “this software is language-model free” might soon be a real selling point


@janriemer @marijn i've seen a couple of things like this. the first no-AI declaration thing i've seen is HINOKODO's Human Made badges ( and something i've seen more recently that aims to be used in metadata is the AI Content Declaration (

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