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The History and Mystery of Yemen’s ‘Well of Hell’ - The first-ever expedition to the bottom of a startling desert sinkhole found wonders—but only natural ones, by Sarah Durn October 20, 2021

"...Actually, there was a concern more sinister than reptiles and spirits when Al-Kindi finally reached the bottom: unexploded ordnance. Since 2014, Yemen has been in the midst of a bloody civil war and, Al-Kindi explains, pilots sometimes drop bombs into caves, since people seek shelter inside. “So that got me worried a bit,” he says. “Apart from that, it was a very enjoyable moment.” ...Al-Kindi estimates the sinkhole could be several million years old, but its origin, too, is the subject of local legend. One legend says an ancient king forced jinn to carve the “well” as a place to hide his treasure. In others, the well has always served to contain evil, uncontrollable jinn..."

#Mythology #Superstition #Yemen #Geology #Sinkhole #Desert

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My neighbour is very elderly. Her son comes three times a week to kill everything that dares to try and live in her garden. This year so far he has sprayed weedkiller twice and today he arrived with a flame gun. He absolutely hates my side of the fence and constantly complains about "weeds". I think he is the weed.

The other side of the fence. Edged lawn and a bare earth border. Sterile and sad.

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Spotted in Joshua tree woodland north of Mojave, California: "Desert Christmas tree", Pholisma arenarium, a member of the Boraginaceae that makes a living as a parasite of nearby shrubs, in this case probably rabbitbrush

Close view on one cluster of flowers, with a honeybee perched on the side drinking nectar from a flower

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:ikurrina: Errege Bardea
🇬🇧 Bardenas Reales

It was neither the best day nor the best time to take this picture, but Las Bardenas always give you the best they have.

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The motivation was simple. "Why am I paying star market $6 for two frozen bananas dipped in ok "

In the words of goodness gracious me: "I can make chocolate at home!"

So I did. Buying a 👩‍🍳 block of decent semi sweet 🍫 and using up some ripe 🍌, I halved, sticked and 🥶 on a 🌭 bun pan. After dipped in melted 🍫 once cold.

The problem... They're really f-nom-nom-inally good. Way, way better than the store ones. And I have doomed myself to always know what is possible. 🥺🤯

A tall yellow cup with a mess of melted chocolate inside it sits in a speckled blue Bennington potters dough mixing bowl in hot water.

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The in has the world's highest elevation geysers and endless salt flats. Tebinquinche is our favorite lagoon with turquoise water and white salt crystal outcrops.
Here are the best tings to see and do:

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In the annals of we-are-all-connected....

Each year, on average 27.7 million tons of Saharan dust, carried on wind currents across the Atlantic, drop into Amazonia, bringing vital phosphorus from the Bodélé Depression in Chad, an ancient lake bed. Amazonia's plant life needs this transoceanic fertilization.

#Connections #NASA #currents #wind #sahara #amazonia #rain forest

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Blue Lagoon Under the Stars | #Atacama desert, #Chile

Photographer Yuri Beletsky: ‘I captured this view at one of the remote sites of the Atacama Desert in Chile. The Galactic centre was already shining high in the sky, with the zodiacal light beautifully complementing it on the right. The blue colour was as real as the stars in the sky, adding a touch of magic to the scene’


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The Lions’ Den | Desert,

Photographer Lorenzo Ranieri: ‘The plateau of the Atacama desert, a potentially dangerous area due to its designation as a mountain lion reserve. The area around this remarkable mass of rocks adorned with tufts of burnt grass was littered with the bones of small animals and footprints of a significant size, indicating the presence of lions’


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Gnarly deadwood -
Colorado Desert, California

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Cholla come in so many different colors. They are very pointy but they are very beautiful.


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Wow the cholla are just really blooming a whole bunch!

4 picture ls of red cholla flowers in various stages of bloom.


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Prickly pear blooms

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Just typical southwestern US desert things like Auroras

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Titus Canyon
Titus Canyon in Death Valley National Park is an amazing section of the park that has so much to see along the way.
This image was captured at the crest of the ridge as you enter the canyon. Beautiful, colorful mountains are the reward for making the trip. As a bonus, the Ghost Town of Ledfield is in the canyon. See the full image here:
#TitusCanyon #BillGallagherPHotography #DeathValley #DeathValleyNationalPark #Canyon #Desert #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Arid

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"Desert Depot: Quiet" (Road Trip)
Prismacolor pencil on paper

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Titus Canyon Exit

After taking a very enjoyable, somewhat nerve-wracking drive through Titus Canyon the road comes to an end. No this isn't the end but seems to be as you approach the cliff walls that are close to vertical.
Titus Canyon changes from a beautiful wide canyon and winds its way through a nearly vertical slot canyon.

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Here's a pair of charcoal kilns not often seen as they are a bit out of the way high in the Cedar Range of southeastern Nevada. The Panaca Kilns were built c. 1875 and used until the 1890s to make charcoal for mining smelters in the region. They were operated by Swiss and Italian woodcutters, known as "Carbonari," who had perfected the charcoal-making process in Europe.

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