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A computer nerd passionate about #RustLang :ferris:

One of the maintainers of #Rustlings 🦀

Working on my master's thesis in Computational Sciences in Germany

I post about …
:ferris: #RustLang
:tux: #Linux
:opensource: #FOSS
📦️ #SelfHosting

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0xSim, to rust
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Love , 8GB of dependencies to build a 2.8MB executable :|

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@0xSim The code of dependencies is in ~/.cargo/registry/src

You probably mean the target directory. This is the build directory where things are cached and so on. Its size is irrelevant.

prma, to random
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At this point, I think we should accept that there is no rule, not even rules of thumb governing over genders in German language. Each time some one suggest a rule, it takes less than 10 seconds to say:
"Actually, in 40% percent of cases this rule does not apply."

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@prma Tip: If you aren't sure if it is "der" or "das" but you know for sure that it is not "die", then you might be able to reformulate your sentence to make the word in "Dativ" so you can just use "dem" for both xD

Actually, even if you aren't sure if it is not "die", try to use "dem" with Dativ because your probability of being correct is 2/3 instead of 1/3 😂

mo8it, to rust
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Use --locked with cargo install or be prepared for random compilation errors at some point in the future.



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@lx Because these errors should actually not happen if correct semantic versioning is applied. --locked means that you don't get any bug fixes.

I hope that cargo-semver-checks makes these errors even more rare in the future:


janriemer, to rust

C++ will be taken over by .

What will be the Rust-equivalent for ?

I mean is a very good first step, but it's basically the C++ for C.

So in short:
C => C++
JavaScript ≈> TypeScript
C++ =>
JavaScript => ???

I think it will be a looong way to go, but maybe, maybe we'll see more and more in the , but not quite sure yet.


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@janriemer Currently, TS is the best available option. WASM is the future, but it is not there yet. I mean, you get problems if you try to launch a thread…

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@janriemer I can't point to anything specific and don't have enough experience in WASM anyway.

I just found out that I can't run my program with egui in the browser, most probably because I spawn threads in it. But the debugging experience was… there was none. The error that I got said nothing, similar to the experience with a SEGFAULT. Something went wrong, no idea what.

Don't get me wrong, WASM is the future, but not the present for me.

prma, to rust
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Ok, I tried every single app under the sun for the learning genders in German.

I made something that works for myself.

I put the code and everything here:

Under GPL-3.

This little prompt is going to pop up every single time that I open my terminal (approximately 100 times per day).

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@prma Why? Could please share a comparison summary? :D

timClicks, to rust
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petition to add std::os::all_args() to the Rust standard library. all_args() returns Vec<String> avoiding the need to tell beginners about iterators, collect and Vec<_>.

please sign by adding a star this post.

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@timClicks In my opinion, collecting Args is the wrong method anyway. I see it used by some but they could have just used .next()

hongminhee, to Matrix
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, a client app for , is pleasing to the eye and very convenient to use! Maybe it's because it's written in but it doesn't crash at all.


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@SnorriSturluson @hongminhee Sounds like a Manjaro problem xD

Any errors?

TehPenguin, (edited ) to rust
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Finally, it's done! officially supports https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/123144

Of course there's still more work to do - file an MCP to promote to tier 2, add tests to various dependencies...

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@TehPenguin Could you please use the RustLang tag? 🥰
Background: https://fosstodon.org/@mo8it/112056453394255413

ekuber, to rust
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Somewhat cursed idea: "attributes at a distance"

#![attr(target = crate::foo::Bar)]

mod foo {  
 struct Bar;  

What would you use this for?

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@ekuber It will lead to a lot of confusion for no significant win. Effects that are very hard to track back.

kubikpixel, to rust
@kubikpixel@chaos.social avatar

»Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library. It can build a concrete syntax tree for a source file and efficiently update the syntax tree as the source file is edited.«

Do any of you developers use this and does it give you a big structured advantage?

🌳 https://tree-sitter.github.io/tree-sitter/

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@kubikpixel Yeah, I used it in Neovim (manual configuration, waste of time) and now now use it in Helix (built-in) :D

mo8it, to rust
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New release by @rusticorn 🎉


GitUI is a terminal UI written in with 🐭

The new version adds support for signing commits ✨

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@happyborg @rusticorn Should be this issue:


Until then, cargo install gitui --locked works :)

kubikpixel, to rust
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I'm thinking about switching from Axum to Ntex for web development in Rust. Since it seems to have the same functionality but is faster than Axum framework, this could be a possibility for a new project. What is your experience or opinion on this? 🤔🦀

🚀 https://ntex.rs

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@kubikpixel My opinion: It looks like the original Actix author is reinventing the wheel after rage quitting from Actix.

I don't think that we should listen to micro-benchmarks. It could be the fastest but highly optimized for this kind of micro-benchmark, or not safe and proven, or doesn't offer the same set of features. I don't see a reason to take a look at yet another framework.

mo8it, to rust
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My proposal to add support for third-party exercises to 🦀


Feedback is welcome, especially if you think about providing third-party exercises for your crate(s) 😇

gabrielesvelto, (edited ) to rust
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A relic from the old world

#RustLang #Python #Javascript #Java #CPlusPlus

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@gabrielesvelto Could you please use the RustLang tag? 🥰
Background: https://fosstodon.org/@mo8it/112056453394255413

mo8it, to rust
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I made an interactive list for with 🐭🤩

↕️ Navigate through your progress
✅ Filter done/pending exercises
⏭️ Skip to / continue at some exercise
🔃 Reset an exercise to start over

I am very excited about version 6 (coming soon) 😁


gregorni, to neovim
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So I uninstalled Neovim and switched to Helix full-time. Fingers crossed for my Helix journey! 🤞

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@gregorni 🚀

mo8it, to rust
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Finally, the video with the powerful quote by Google is uploaded!

"Rust teams at Google are as productive as ones using Go, and more than twice as productive as teams using C++" 🤯


Rust isn't just about memory safety, Rust isn't just about performance, Rust is also about productivity, reliability and correctness!

I found the video to send to people when I want to convince them of Rust 🦀

billy, to rust
@billy@fosstodon.org avatar

Is there a language like (compiles to native binary, preferably without GC or manual memory management, has an easy-to-use build system) that also doesn't end up pulling in hundreds of transitive dependencies? Ideally what I'd want is like Rust but with 's standard library, capable of handling most basic tasks (even if external dependencies would make life easier). I often look at but I don't want to tangle myself up with Google anymore than I already have

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@billy @erwan @teotwaki Rust's standard library is rather thin by design. But many of the "core crates" which are often used are stable and are often maintained by people working on the language itself.

You mentioned command line argument parsing. This is mostly done by clap in Rust. The main maintainer of clap is @epage, one of the maintainers of Cargo itself, Rust's dependency manager.

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@billy @erwan @teotwaki @epage Another example: rayon is often used when you want to easily make an iterator run in parallel:


rayon's authors are

  1. Niko Matsakis, the team leader of the Language team: https://www.rust-lang.org/governance/teams/lang

  2. Josh Stone, Library and Release team member; former Project Director of the Rust foundation: https://www.rust-lang.org/governance/teams/library

Couldn't they merge it into the standard library? Of course they could, but it isn't always wise.

gregorni, to programming
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What does your development environment look like right now?

(IDE/Text Editor? Terminal Multiplexer? Package Manager? Shell? Programming Language? Containerization? Command Runner? Terminal Emulator?)

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@gregorni My dev environment:

@mo8it@fosstodon.org avatar

@ainmosni @gregorni Programming language fish?

I mean yes, you can script with and it much better than Bash, but you probably wanted to write something else 😅

mo8it, to rust
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Can we agree on one thing?

Writing Rust code including macros generating more code in a crate that is fed to a custom transpiler that generates multiple Rust crates that you are supposed to then build and use in production doesn't make things easier :)

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➡️ What you want:
Reduce complexity for backend development 🤔

➡️ What you actually do:
Let people write weird Rust code using macros generating more code in a crate that is fed to a custom transpiler that generates multiple Rust crates that you are supposed to then build and use in production 🫨

On top of that, you introduce weird licensing so that teams need an activation key with a MONTHLY FEE 🤢

Thanks … 😐

Rustaceans, just use 😉

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