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#typescript #rust #procGen #roguelike #pico8 #tic80 #picotron

When I have time, I work on Omnisearch for #Obsidian.

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Symbole d'un marketing devenu fou, cette reconstitution, en plein ciel, du logo de X.


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"Responsibility scales with power"

0xSim, to steam
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I played TowerFall this weekend, on the Switch and on PC, after many years without touching it. Still an awesome and excellent game, and it works well with Steam Remote Play Together for online multiplayer.

#TowerFall #Steam #NintendoSwitch

gbraad, to gaming
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Master Chief was revealed in the Halo TV show?!?? That is like when Fallout 4 introduced a voiced protagonist. It takes away of the immersion and the lore that has been created; it could be anybody, even you!

Note: the Fallout TV series is different, as they do actual character and worldbuilding close to the source material.

#gaming #tv

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@gbraad I'm not sure about the mute protagonist that's supposed to enhance immersion. I felt more immersed in say Farcry 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn than I ever was in any Zelda game

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I have a bot that fetches news headlines from the RSS of different sites. I had to add a "userAgent" column in my table to keep track of which one I have to use so I don't get a 403. Most sites don't care, but some have blacklists or whitelists and you have to try curl, wget, axios, or spoof a browser until it lets you pass through...


0xSim, to rust
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So, I'm doing some quick performance tests for my own JS game engine, and it turns out that the WebView used by Tauri is 40% slower than Edge itself.

A bit surprising but I guess Tauri adds some overhead, as the release build is also faster than the dev build - without doing any explicit call to the rust backend during the benchmark.

sminez, to random
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The more I read the write ups around the xz backdoor the more I am simultaneously impressed and horrified at the bonkers tricks being pulled in the shell script side of things.

But I think I'm actually more concerned about the fact that it was such a sophisticated social engineering attack and that we are now in an "all hands on deck" situation to rip the malicious builds out of distros. Surely this response is something the attackers thought about? Right?

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@sminez The xz backdoor is the one that got caught 😅 Hard to imagine they spent more than 2 years on that single attack with no backup plan if that failed. Maybe xz was the backup plan.

0xSim, to Nintendo
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Kind reminder that if buying is not owning, piracy is not stealing.


(in addition, it's totally moral to pirate #nintendo games)

#3ds #nintendo3ds

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I upgraded my computer but my new 4060 only has HDMI and DisplayPort outputs and my screens are HDMI and DVI. I feel like a caveman with that single screen.

0xSim, (edited ) to rust
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I've spent my evenings this week on , first to see how it was (there's and so it's cool), and then to try and implement a plugins system to load arbitrary JS code at runtime.

It's been a while since I've oscillated so much between "I think this might work" and "nope, it doesn't". In the end it works, though I cheated a bit and exposed the "host" app API through a global object.

thea_cake, to random
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Coucou les personnes en dev, question, GUID, vous le prononcez « jé eu aille di », « guide » ou « gouide » ?

Parce ce qu’un collègue dit « gouide » j’ai mal entendu taleur j’ai failli dire « ouiiii ? C’est moiii »

Voilà, bisous 😘

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@thea_cake Un gouide.

liztai, to random
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Am thinking of going full nerd with Kagi. Am so sick of Google's ad riddled search results, I swear...

Do you use #Kagi?

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@liztai I just checked, I've been a paying customer for almost 2 years. So yeah, quite happy with them :)

dhry, to linux
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@codemonkeymike @dhry it got caught riiight before being rolling out massively, and totally by chance. People who equate "critical OSS project" with "many eyes to ensure there's no malware" are delusional.
Most OSS developers barely have the time to care for their own code. Projects that have thorough code reviews are a rarity.

tournesol, to random
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J'avoue, pourquoi avec l'IA on remplace les artistes alors qu'on pourrait rempacer les ophtalmo sans soucis ?

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@tournesol j'ai lu "des ophtalmo sans sourcils" et ouais ok, évidemment que les robots n'ont pas de sourcils mais je sais pas si c'est un avantage

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Hey kids, do you rent a ? Wanna get your very own or equivalent?

Install https://syncthing.net/ and https://filebrowser.org/

0xSim, to ChatGPT
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TIL "an app" = "some stupid chatgpt prompt"



aoanla, to Celeste
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Okay Fediverse, this is a topic you might be able to help on:
I am awful at #Celeste - "I've never made it off the first zone" awful - and I've never found an assist option that helps other than by trivialising things (Invincibility). My general issue is that I always mix up dash/grip/jump, to the extent that at some point in a room I'll either forget one of them exists or press one by mistake thinking it's another. (This is after > 3 hrs, on and off).
Suggestions? #videogames

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@aoanla That was painful to watch 😬

But yeah, the problem here is 100% coordination as I see you use dash when you mean to jump on the spring. Maybe remap buttons to something that makes more sense to you (while being ergonomic enough), or find mnemonics to help associate buttons and actions. Like (e.g.) Y is jump because it's up, B is dash because it's on the side, ZR is grip because you need to grip the controller... Then you'll have to train your muscular reflexes.

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@aoanla Try with a keyboard if you use a controller or vice-versa. Find what's more comfortable for you (but avoid the x360 controller, it's awful for hardcore platformers like Celeste)

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Heu ?... 🤔


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Working on a small weather widget for #Picotron

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@zep is really fun to work with (and no, I am not already abusing dynamic code loading 😜).

The less fun part are the constant crashes and not working bits.
How do you plan to structure bug reports?
How to triage between ‘for later’ and ‘need urgent’ fix?
Or is the plan to keep ‘alpha’ as is? 😱


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@fsouchu @zep FWIW, I've seen several closed-source projects that have public git repos on github or gitlab for the sole purpose of tracking and triaging bugs.

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Thank you for helping, Didi.

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krystman, to random
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Day 542 in #bonn. Man, I love the devices Teenage Engineering makes. I just wish they would come with durability that matches the price tag

0xSim, (edited )
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@krystman The original "naked" board. If I had to clear button contacts from a brand new 350€ device, I'd send it back 😅

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