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b0rk, to random
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so far "How Git Works" has sold more on its first day than any other zine except "The Pocket Guide to Debugging" and it's only been 3 hours https://wizardzines.com/zines/git/

appreciate you all, hope the zine helps with your git woes ❤

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@b0rk not saying that there is a relationship, just curious: is this the first zine you release since you are on Mastodon?

glyph, to random
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Whenever I post a bunch of stuff on here I get superstitious. Has the site actually managed to process my toots yet? Sometimes I get bursts of notifications that cluster together in odd ways. Sometimes things are so close to real time this feels like a chat app, sometimes it feels like a fidonet email system with even initial reactions delayed for hours. I cannot help but wonder if this is the architecture of Mastodon or some property of my audience or just Internet weather.

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@glyph have you noticed if the posting time/day has an effect on that?

I remember hearing that influencers have to figure out what's the best schedule for their audience to get maximum engagement/views.

I'm not saying that you are an influencer, but that there is people that say these are factors to account for :)

alcinnz, to random
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Workshop in Barcelona: How to Build a Low-tech Website - Low Tech Magazine:

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@alcinnz This needs the #Barcelona hashtag at least! :D

sergi, to ubuntu
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My experience with so far has not been great. After installing I had to do a bit of tinkering to install the right Nvidia drivers and be able to boot to GUI, many times the system hangs after coming back from suspend, the default terminal has some issue that makes it laggy, etc.

Considering deleting it and switching to .

Any thoughts/recommendations?

I love but I'm not feeling like spending hours tweaking my system, I prefer a "just works" solution right now.

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BTW, I'm talking about a Desktop computer (dual booting with Windows), not a laptop.

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@silmathoron pretty recent, less than 2 years old

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@kohan 7.1

grumpygamer, to random
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Real or The Onion headline: "Red Lobster files for bankruptcy after missteps including all-you-can-eat shrimp."

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@mogwai_poet I would leave the head (which is actually appreciated in places like Spain), and have them unpeeled. If you want one, you have to work for it :D

sergi, to random
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hi @elementary. Is the Slack Community restricted to Gmail, Apple and Elementary emails? I can't figure out a way to join.

#elementaryOS #Slack

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@elementary that worked, thanks!

Temmy, to diy
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I did a #diy light thing!

All using Zigbee bulbs and hooked into Home Assistant with a motion sensor.

Now, I can't blame a lack of light for stumbling down the stairs. Also, the ceiling is a bit of a mess, so please don't go telling the ceiling police.


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First reaction: "This is cool, maybe I should...".
Second reaction: "oh, wait, we have cats."

hynek, to random
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Happy to crown the first Hynek-approved coffee place for !

Nicholas Coffee & Tea Co.

Just had a delicious iced latte and the whole place smells AMAZING.


Inside of the shop. Very rustic.
Many coffee beans on display
Standard drinks menu

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@hynek starting to feel like I need to filter the hashtag to avoid getting 🙃

aral, to random
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USian liberals, real talk: If Biden were selling arms to a group that had so far killed over 35,000 Americans, including over 15,000 kids, you wouldn’t be telling folks to vote for him. You’d be in the streets demanding he be removed from power. The reason you’re not? Because it’s Brown people on the other side of the world being slaughtered and you, quite frankly, couldn’t give a shit.

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@aral To anybody replying to this post: Aral has not mentioned at any moment who to vote, stop talking about voting and Trump.

What I am understanding is that the POTUS is doing something wrong and nobody dares to criticize him and show dissatisfaction to make him change.

You can still vote for a candidate and ask for accountability. Heck, maybe changing what he is doing actually helps him win!

sergi, to github
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TIL my employer blocks #Codeberg for "security reasons" but doesn't block #GitHub or #GitLab


Sylvhem, to random
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Fediverse, I have a slightly unusual request for you. Can you recommend me video games where the main setting is a library, where the main character is a librarian or where the plot revolve heavily around libraries in some way?
Thank you.

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@Sylvhem a bit of a stretch, but what about the Myst saga? It's more about books , not libraries, having an importance in the plot than libraries, but worth checking?

sergi, to community
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I've heard before "the Elementary OS community is small but very active/engaging". Where is that community? The official website links to Reddit and Slack. I don't feel like visiting Reddit regularly. To be able to join Slack I need a Gmail or Apple email, or an Elementary domain email.

Is there anywhere else were conversations happen?

sergi, to android
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Any recommendations of software for Android tablets to mock up web UIs? I have an Android device with a stylus, so I would like to use that instead of the mouse of my PC.

scottjenson, to random
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The world needs some cross between Processing, HTML, and Google Docs.

Processing: A programming environment with lots of helpful libraries
HTML: a simple display model that can be viewed everywhere
Docs: an underlying sharing mechanism

There are just too many core problems that need to be solved over and over by each app. It's more than just getting the right library as there are services involved.

Surely someone has taken a crack at this?

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@scottjenson for a "sharing mechanism", do you mean something like CRDTs?


sergi, to mastodon
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sergi, to random
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Changing Directory with a Python Context Manager: https://dev.to/teckert/changing-directory-with-a-python-context-manager-2bj8

sergi, to random
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Please, don't ever let you company adopt Netskope. I'm constantly running into websites wrongly categorized and getting warnings about if I want to proceed.

Plus, they hijack the TLS certificates which makes software development a hell. You need to manually config each of your CLI tools to trust a special set of "Netskope certificates" to have the chain work.

#TLS #Netskope

freakazoid, to random
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I wonder how many projects end up shooting themselves in the foot when using an ORM because they fail to resist the temptation to let the ORM objects leak into their API?

I worked on one project that had to make DB schema changes every time they changed their API because of this. It made it very difficult to maintain compatibility across updates without complicating their schema, too.

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@freakazoid this is so silly. If the APIs happen to mimic your model, sure, just wire up something so that the model gets directly serialized to avoid some boilerplate. But if the API diverges and there is no reason to change the model, please don't!

sergi, to random
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What cool top-level domain do you think is appropriate to use for a personal website and as email domain?

It is not a blog, just a website listing some of my projects and career. In other words, to replace https://cub3.net with something easier to spell.

Today I just discovered ".digital" is a thing, but of course "sergi.digital" is already snatched, probably by some domain speculator.

sergi, to random
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I broke my blog and CSS is not loading. Still, the website is fully usable and nice to read and navigate. I feel proud.

birdibirdson, to pixelart
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rock 🌱

#PixelArt #GameDev #Art

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@birdibirdson pretty rock!

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