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eniko, to random avatar

tried something new for this passageway. it intersected a lush cave and a dungeon so i artistically restored the "original" environment

also now i have a pond where axolotl spawn? so thats cute

a view from the opposite side of the bamboo bridge, showing the pond under the bridge with three axolotl. there's some sea grass in the water
tinted glass view into the zombie spawner room. if you look carefully you can see a procession of zombies walking to their doom


@eniko Seeing your toots about Minecraft really has me wanting to play it again

aeva, (edited ) to random avatar

The "nightshade" tool for poisoning ai models reminded me of a bad idea for thwarting text scrapers from a conversation with some friends years ago:

CSS allows you to provide custom fonts, and it's common practice to "optimize" fonts by deleting glyphs.

The bad idea was you instead map glyphs to random codepoints (with many duplicates, so it isn't a simple substitution cypher).

Do not actually do this, because you'll fuck over everyone who relies on a screen reader, among other reasons.


@aeva That is diabolical, and I love it

djlink, to random avatar

Back when PC games still had physical boxes, the game on the disc, printed colored manuals and some extras.



@djlink Those were good times

aeva, to random avatar

@aeva well, I plan to ruin my kidney's before handing them over

hazelweakly, to random avatar

I find it fascinating that we talk about over engineering as if it's a thing in software engineering. It's not, cut it out, stop talking about that.

If I'm a contractor and I over engineer something, guess what? It works for that use case and all the future ones. The only thing I wasted was money and time. Did you make a 10 ton capacity deck when you only need 2 tons? Cool... It's still a deck.

Software engineering? We don't have over engineering. We have "building to solve the wrong problem"


@hazelweakly The human element of software is definitely one of the more important parts of software, at the end of the day the machine will (usually) do what we expect of it, and does so unthinkingly. If people cannot utilise the software in the way you set out you have failed. A bridge with a hole in it won’t care, but the person who fell through it certainly does. I’m not very good with analogies lol

aeva, to random avatar

I was thinking it would neat to have a beanie with a 3rd eye on it, so I tried to draw one, but then it kinda went somewhere else.


@aeva That is quite a vibe tbh

sethmlarson, to python avatar

urllib3, 's most-used HTTP client library, is fundraising to add HTTP/2 support and ensure long-term sustainability of the project.

Retoots and shares are appreciated 🙏


@sethmlarson Would love to help, but not very knowledgeable of HTTP/2, I hope ye get the funding to do so, urllib3 is the goat

aeva, to random avatar

"red light district" sounds like it should be a place where cars aren't allowed and not the other thing


@aeva That awkward moment when someone assumes it’s 100% pedestrianised and gets several propositions as they walk through it wondering why there are cars

Understanding Emperors New Groove GIF

aeva, to random avatar

C++ supports defining union types, which support most of the same things as classes and structs including but not limited to: access control specifiers, methods, statics, etc.

Does... does anyone actually use this? Like, the whole kit and caboodle, not the most basic possible usage?

Here's a contrived bad example:


@aeva I had no idea that was possible

sol_hsa, to random avatar

When vulkan was introduced, Khronos stated that OpenGL wasn't going away.

Latest ARB extension to OpenGL is dated 2019. No extension (vendor specific or otherwise) mention ray tracing in any way.


@lisyarus @aeva @sol_hsa It’s deprecated, but is it possible for them to completely yeet it out of the OS?


@aeva @sol_hsa Having fun learning GL currently, I want to get the fundamentals down before hopping on Vulkan


@lisyarus @aeva @sol_hsa I despise business practices like that, but there is an army of fans that would defend their every decision

boethiah, to bevy

Well, it didn’t quite get full finished for the jam but was functional enough to submit. I am proud to have made my first submission to a game jam and it was a pleasure using #bevy
#bevyjam #gamedev #gamejam

boethiah, to rust

Slowly getting there with my entry for #bevyjam
The theme is "That's a LOT of Entites". My idea is you are a hero holding off a horde of enemies to let as many people evacuate as possible. You are scored by how many entities you kill.
#rustlang #bevy #gamedev #gamejam

A video where animated sprites move from off the right edge of the screen to the middle before disappearing.

grumpygamer, to random avatar

printf debugging for the win!

Now to make it pretty and interesting.

Took 13 seconds (in DEBUG) so I have some optimization to do.


@grumpygamer very nice, I’m working on implementing wave function collapse also, haven’t been getting much time to work on it

eniko, to random avatar

the secret to creating anything is to sit down and start. then, after you do that, keep doing that. every day you sit down and start working on your thing is one day you're closer to finishing the thing


@eniko that’s really good advice, I have started things many times but I only ever thought about the end and give up cause of the daunting amount of things that need doing to get there

djlink, (edited ) to random avatar

Only one can exist!


@djlink that is surprising, I know as a developer windows is a huge pain but most good dev tools are Linux or Linux/Mac due to some similarities between the two. Although I don’t want to give Apple or Microsoft my money, I stick mostly to windows though due to gaming but as the Linux gaming scenes keeps growing it’s becoming more and more likely for me to switch completely to Linux


@djlink it could be my bias towards being as close to the console as possible but windows is a royal pain to do any dev work I do, in fact most of the time doing dev on my laptop it’s almost exclusively in WSL

eniko, to random avatar

Idk if it'll remotely work out this way* but one thing I'd like to try in my lil hobby OS is themable standard GUI widgets that can be used inside games made for the OS

*I honestly don't even know if I wanna make something with a standard desktop + windows experience or something more like Steam Big Picture


@eniko I’m not even fully sure what direction I want to go with my hobby OS, I have it booting into VGA, a very partially implemented C library, serial I/O and GDT being created and registered. Still a lot of thinking to be done in the matter

SirTapTap, to memes avatar

I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't a tie

#poll #memes #shitpost


TapTap: Which do you prefer? 1? Or 2?
The internet: Yes

djlink, to random avatar

"c++ is hard, let's use blueprints."
The blueprint: 🙃



@djlink all code will be spaghetti regardless of format

eniko, (edited ) to random avatar

considering doing Lisp Crimes™ by making { } shorthand for progn or block or whatever


@eniko I would have assumed this would be more appropriately done with a macro from what I know of lisp. Is this to completely replace cond or just be some nice syntactic sugar?

SirLich, to Minecraft avatar

The Minecraft Wiki has a new site. Please bookmark, and do your best to drive traffic to the new URL (i.e., don't click on Fandom links in search results):

#minecraft #wiki #minecraftwiki #games


@SirLich when I first read this I assumed something bad happened with Fandom but it’s just a move to a better host. I’ll be sure to keep it in mind


@SirLich ya, that’s true. I understand websites need ads but being overly excessive is just a big middle finger to users and the people being hosted. I wish ye the best with the new host

djlink, to random avatar



@djlink 120 fps in 1997, that’s quite good

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