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Indian-American gal who likes to make people laugh. #OpenSource entrepreneur, programmer, tech writer and encourager, stand-up comedian, advocate for transparency in government software and data.

New York City #NYC, Changeset Consulting, #RecurseCenter, #WisCon, #MetaFilter, #Python packaging, Geek Feminism, #Dreamwidth, harihareswara.net.

Hope you're having the best possible day.

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brainwane, to random
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@unpretty I saw https://unpretty.space/post/743319759762948096/jane-moon-transition-and-recovery-funds-organized and saw the Google Doc link had been taken down - any chance you held on to a copy?

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Today's my birthday, and all I want is YOUR CLIPBOARD! Hit reply and paste—NO EDITING! ✂️📋🎉

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@andybaio Other NYC people: if you would like to set up an IRL event that isn't this, please do! Some ideas:
<ul><li>Outdoor dining! (Recent recommendations from Ask: <a href="https://ask.metafilter.com/377527/Recently-verified-heated-outdoor-gathering-spots-in-New-York-City">1</a>, <a href="https://ask.metafilter.com/378856/NYC-Tasty-Vegetarian-Options-south-of-31st-dining-filter">2</a>, <a href="https://ask.metafilter.com/378617/Recently-verified-outdoor-places-for-2-to-eat-in-Manhattan">3</a>

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@andybaio , <a href="https://ask.metafilter.com/378244/Restaurants-in-East-or-West-Village-NYC-with-HEAT-LAMPS">4</a>)

<li>Search <a href="https://www.nycgovparks.org/events/">the Parks calendar</a> for something that speaks to you.

<li><a href="https://queensnightmarket.com/">The Queens Night Market</a>, starting Saturday, April 27th.

<li>Whatever movie or play you're already going to go see.

brainwane, to random
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@siderea not yet shipping to the US I think but: Vitacore is making a black-colored N95


brainwane, to random
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ok so I don't think of myself as a Very Online person

I have friends whom I see in person

I sometimes see references I don't understand

but something happened the other day that is making me recalibrate


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I was getting on the subway and, you know, trying to obey NYC transit etiquette, giving other people their privacy

I boarded along with a guy and his, I think, teenage child

Kid sat next to me and said to their dad something like "I can't figure this out"

I glanced over, saw their phone, and instantly just BLURTED out "Oh I know what that is"


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And then of course backtracked and apologized for eavesdropping

But they wanted to know

I started bumpily - "You know those, those memes people are always sharing online?" like I'm about to start an Andy Rooney impression


"That's a reference to a meme called loss"


"No, loss, L-O-S-S dot P-N-G"

Because the image the kid was looking at looked like this


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and then I explained the background

we had a perfectly nice conversation and then they got off the train

me having served as a helpful non-player character in their quest to understand what their friends on Discord were saying about, evidently, the Beatles

(ugh, I see from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loss_(comic) that I remembered the file extension wrong, hope that does not completely derail their efforts to do further research - and I don't know what it says about me that I got only THAT bit wrong)


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@xgranade Yeah I think there is no avoiding this

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@itamarst ha! :)

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@joshmillard I am so glad to give you some cackles on a Friday

phire, to random
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oh no, Jane McAlevey :( :( :(

“I have stopped all work to turn to home-based hospice for the remainder of my time” https://janemcalevey.com/writing/latest-news/

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@phire Awful news.

terri, to rust
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Tell me about your favourite #Rust learning resources.

My initial goal is more "understand Rust security" rather than "write things in Rust" but I'm not adverse to learning development. It's just that architecture, design choices, ecosystem and community likely matter more to me than "how to write an if statement."

I've got access to the O'Reilly courses so if any of those are great (or terrible) I'd love to know.


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@terri I am disappointed that you haven't gotten more recommendations suited to the lens you specified!

I've used Rustlings and liked it but my aims weren't yours. I have soaked up some knowledge of Rust ecosystem and industry dynamics via reading some blogs and chatting with folks like Carol Nichols https://foundation.rust-lang.org/news/attending-cisas-open-source-software-security-summit/ .

I do want to know what you end up using!

Andres4NY, to random
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Greatest rat pee city in the world!


(I still find it incredibly funny how the obvious solution - not leaving garbage bags all over the sidewalks - is like, somehow impossible here.)

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@Andres4NY I may with great reluctance agree with the mayor on this issue

brainwane, (edited ) to opensource
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Some enterprises, in the wake of , are focusing on their metrics for dependencies they ingest..... rather than investing money, developer time, or other resources* to directly support maintainers.

But as I mentioned to a friend recently:

If downstreams do not provide at least as much support as a motivated attacker would, we're likely to continue to get these kinds of outcomes - & to be deceived, as attackers shape their efforts to trick the metrics.

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@pauamma You are welcome!

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@codonell Thank you!

And yeah - I think the coaching and cheerleading option is one that feels squishy and illegible to a lot of organizations and thus harder to recommend, so I am glad to be able to point to the pipenv example, and would welcome further case studies.

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@chaosmonkey Thank you for sharing your experiences and I am sorry those things happened to you. Yours is one of the stories I will keep in mind as I do my work.

loresjoberg, to random
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It’s hard meeting people and making new friends when you’re middle-aged, living in a city you didn’t grow up in, and don’t want to meet people or make new friends.

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@loresjoberg heh.

When I'm talking with friends who seem pretty dissatisfiedly lonely, and who express unhappiness at their current social situations, I need to be careful about assuming that they actually want to change that status quo.

gvwilson, to random
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I think people leading volunteer projects (in open source or elsewhere) can learn a lot of useful things from Wainwright's book "Narconomics" - it's certainly more relevant (in my experience) than most management books I've struggled through.

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@gvwilson Oh this looks fascinating, thanks.

Reciprocally I will recommend Jacob Shapiro's The Terrorist's Dilemma. The poor copyediting bothered me, but I loved the schadenfreude, the thought-provoking insights, and the bibliography.



s3thi, to random
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hi chat. is it weird to edit every single blog post you wrote since you were a teenager just to add Oxford commas to everything?

totally normal, right?

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@s3thi I do think it is but then again I have probably an unusual and pettifogging attitude to these sorts of things

Wishing you happiness in your archives

shauna, to random
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I am looking to chat with one or more people who've been to business school about their experiences. I am not myself thinking of going to business school - it's for a creative writing project

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@shauna I could give you a bit of a glimpse of what they would know and some of the gaps (for instance, my master's was at Columbia, and felt very focused on managing employees in Fortune 50-type companies; I have had to adapt lessons considerably to nonprofit, small business, government, academia, early startup, etc. environments)

brainwane, to random
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This line in "The Great Gatsby" (as Nick Carraway's riding the train from Long Island into New York City) is a transitional fossil record:

"My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand."

Because the modern verb "commuting" and nouns "commuter" and "commute"....

stem from names for multi-ride railroad/streetcar passes that truncated or "commuted" fare payments ("commute" here being the same verb we use in "commuted their original prison sentence").

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New blog post about "The Great Gatsby", Nick Carraway's struggle to love, multiple new stage adaptations, what's hard about porting a story to another medium, anti-racism tradeoffs, and @jacob being a patient friend


#gatsby #GreatGatsby #Broadway #theatre #theater #musicals #literature

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I have been like this about Gatsby for a very long time, as [@leonardr knows https://www.crummy.com/2003/08/20/0 ]

KentuckyConjurer, to random
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♻️Donate your undamaged eclipse glasses to Astronomers Without Borders so they can be handed out for free in Latin America for the October 2024 eclipse!♻️
🌞Evansville you can drop off glasses to:
The Evansville African American Museum and recieve a free pass! 🌞
Sixth and Zero located at 425 Main St. is also accepting eclipse glasses

Or mail them directly to:
Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
P.O. Box 50571
Provo, UT 84605
(Deadline August 1st)

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@KentuckyConjurer Thanks for the info! And I saw further local collection points via:


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