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Visual Basic:
--VB 5, 6
--VB NET - staying current
-- VBA

--SQL Server
--MS Access, Paradox (old)

Part time instructor: Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

EN2, CCDG2, CV-66, LCC 20

Be quality outlier for good! Abhor stereotypes.

Abled: for now.
Woke - a long time ago. The word is not the negative a small % of world believes it to be.

Location: 1123 6536 5321

If my postings have issues with grammar, or misspellings - and I recognize that... I will edit. If I miss it: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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ai6yr, to california
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LA Times: These are the California cities where $150,000 still buys you a home. Would you live here? "...For the last 30 years, Ann Epperly has lived in Trona, one of only nine California cities, towns and unincorporated areas tracked by Zillow with median home values under $150,000 in February 2024." https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2024-04-24/california-9-cities-where-150-000-can-buy-an-average-home

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You really have to have expendable $$ and a speculative mind - to buy into any of those properties.

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Watching the video right now...

I suppose if are interested in living "disconnected" from society, yet still like a city.

Seeing ghost towns from 1800's and older - you think, how could it get to that point...

Yet - here we are - just decades can do this...

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WOW - no water sources... only transported in. That's tough!!!

High School is still operational. So not a 100% ghost town.

davidgiard, to random
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We lost Bud Abbott 50 years ago today!

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HEEYYYYyy Abbbbottt.

"Straight man" of all comedy straight man.

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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Something that seems to be named incorrectly?

Fender Washer


Have you ever seen one of those on a car fender?

Have you ever seen one of those on a Stratocaster?

🤔 🤣

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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I don't know about you... but any show where someone shows up that was in Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek...

I blurt out: Cylon... or their character's name...

It's a thing.

lowqualityfacts, to random
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Uncharacteristically high quality post:
Happy 10 years to this gorgeous girl. Thank you for spending the best decade of my life with me.


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meidastouch, to random

Four years ago to the day...

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If only he volunteered to do all those tests himself...

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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Pretty hard to "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps"... when you can't afford boots...

is easy word to toss around. But put some context to it and... if a person cares - it becomes something more.

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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Volunteer pine or spruce that I've been protecting for about 4 years. Slow growing.

Just about a foot tall now and you can see new growth show strong life.

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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Redbud in center right

Pink dogwood starting to blossom.

Overall view is up toward sky.

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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I see the stories about banning an application that is used for short videos. Because of the data it captures.

They are so close to the best way to handle it.

You know... just enforce privacy and personal ownership of one's data.

But no!

That would affect other apps that they don't want to affect, because: those are funding sources.

So close. So far.

straphanger, to random
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You've heard of Cow-Catchers on the front of steam trains before?

In , they're working on People-Catcher tech for trams.

Got to hand it to the Swiss...🇨🇭


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That will be some rough road rash.

Why not have airbag create a pouch/hammock to fall into?

BrianJopek, to random
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Among the things accomplished this weekend were laundry and judging a shit ton of contest entries (beat reporting and investigative reporting) for the Pennsylvania newspaper association folks. Entries included those of reporters with the Philadelphia Inquirer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It was a bitch because dayum, there are some REALLY good reporters at those newspapers. With that done, it’s back on deck for a bit. I also found one of my favorite Zippo lighters.

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One of my jobs in the navy was engraving name plates for plaques.... and then the pilots & air crew wanted me to put their call sign on their lighter. Did quite a few.

BootsChantilly, to random
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This morning, I overheard someone talking about the "violence" that takes place during an #abortion . & so now, you get a 🧵

Below is a wonderful chart that helps folks understand fetal development. There are times I want to have it painted on sandwich board, so I can wear it everywhere I go.

I've given birth to a full-term baby; had an abortion; suffered a miscarriage. The least violent of the 3 was most assuredly the abortion. +

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@BootsChantilly @courtcan

Wow - 10+... that's coming out with a college degree range...


yourfutureex, to random
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Horror films have just one effect on me: I fall asleep. Horror is therefore boring.

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Those movies would end so fast if the characters just did not:
-- go upstairs
-- go to basement
-- go outside
-- answer the phone
-- did not merge on the highway within miles of a log truck
-- ...


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I don't seek them out --- saw enough of them at drive-in theaters in the 70's

If I happen to run across them anymore it is just hollering at the screen - NO DON"T DO THAT... and then close out and find something worthwhile.

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The "Final Destination" series were interesting - for all the ways "death" came up with to take out the folks...

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RE: predestination
If I thought it was a thing, I'd be worried, given the number of times "close" was "close"

From water and snow skiing

Mini-bike and bicycle jumps

To blowing off model-rocket motors without "the rocket"... You know... because "what would happen if we did that".

To lawn mower throwing blades...

Teen years are for learning... right?

JohnJBurnsIII, to random
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Monroe County Michigan

Drunk at 3pm - crashes 25 ft inside a building hosting a birthday party.

Kills a young brother & sister.

Injures many others.


tantramar, to Starwars
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Ah, May, 1999. While people waited in line — some overnight or even for days — a small group of us popped across the Nova Scotia border half an hour before showtime, and saw STAR WARS: Episode I, The Phantom Menace a time zone ahead of most of North America.

And were disappointed before everyone else. #STARWARS #ThePhantomMenace

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I was in Navy when Star Wars came out - Charleston, SC.

Friends and I went first night - then saw it 2 or 3 more times in the next week.

Then I came home on leave, shortly after that... told my entire family WE HAVE TO GO SEE IT... so we did.... like 8 of us, and some friends.

We came out and we were all doing lightsaber noises and hand waves at folks in line. They had no idea what we were doing...

That movie changed a lot of folks at that time.

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Right. I don't think I hated them... but they were so different than the original 3 --- that it was a tough sell.

Folks didn't like Anakin as kid/teen -- but it had to be done, to get the story done. Imagine if the Episode 1 was were it all started... how many would have gotten made??

Same thing with the last 3.

For me - Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, and the in-betweens: Rogue 1, etc.. are always watchable to me.

The other 6 - well, maybe, but not sought after.

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HA... that's funny... especially with articles about its 40 anniversary...

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1, 2, 3 - came across to me as too cartoony.

What with Yoda flying all about, the use of force in the cave to toss all manner of large objects...

And Obi Wan and Anakin flying down to "a speeder" --- always had me wondering - how the heck did Mace Windu not come out of his "fall out the window" alive...

And of course everyone's favorite: Jar Jar Binks. I thought he was funny. 🤣

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