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Huck, to random
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Deleting this account soon. It's been beautiful meeting so many good people in one place.
Social media time, and screen time in general will be drastically reduced for a few years while I sort out some personal situations, and get back to more time in the outdoors. Any of you who got to know me will know I'm still in the fight, gloves off, keeping it real.
Won't forget you, and I'll find yinz if I return to Mastodon some day.

CelloMomOnCars, to random
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"Last year, Colorado, Connecticut, and Maine became the first states in the nation to pass comprehensive laws preventing utilities from passing on the costs of lobbying to ratepayers. "

More states are following suit.


But um. Where else do utilities get money from besides the ratepayers?
Are these laws essentially ending lobbying?
(That would be fine by me).

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From this article: Remember this guy? Somehow escaped prosecution 20 years ago on another scandal, so he comes back to be Ohio House Speaker. Last summer he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for more Huckery Headlines.

slcw, to church
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Commander is treating the like his own private . He calls meetings to address legitimate government business, and spends 2/3rds of the time preaching from his , and butchering history to craft Biblical rationalizations for his predetermined agenda. The People's House is not a goddamned church, or a venue for pigs to inject into our secular government.


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Mega churches are installing these puppets. They would love to see mandatory attendance at the collection plates.

Huck, to random
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Heated up leftover minestrone soup, poured it over crinkle cut fries which are from freezer to toaster oven to plate.
Made it all nice and neat as I wiped the edges as if I'm serving it in a 4 star restaurant.
Should be cooled to perfection, so time to sign off, and turn on the TV lol.

kimlockhartga, to random
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Y'all remember when the Russians hacked BOTH the DNC and the RNC? Does it also seem like most Republicans are unable to criticize Russia? Anyone think maybe these two things are related?

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THIS! ☝️

flexghost, to random
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“Joe Biden just cancelled $1.2 billion in student debt for those on the REPAYE / SAVE plan

“…here’s how that’s bad for Biden”

Reading comments online you’d think Biden woke up and kicked a baby into a wood chipper

“My debt wasn’t forgiven so it’s a broken promise!! and they got my latte order wrong so I’m not voting REEEEEEE!”

I paid mine off. I’m glad for those who have theirs forgiven

And I’m voting for Biden for the greater good.


Huck, (edited )
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Flexi hits it out of the park again. Superstar!

Never had student loans, and I also am happy for everyone benefiting from the forgiveness of loans, and empathy of Joe Biden.
This will improve the lives of more than the people who are weighted down with education costs.

Vote Blue, contemporary concentration camps won't have a Starbucks.

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@tofugolem @flexghost
Can you give an example of a country with a system of governing which you believe is ideal?

Huck, to random
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Greed Will Bring An End To Our Species.
This is from 2015:

Published Mar 02, 2015 at 2:52 PM EST
Updated Mar 19, 2016 at 5:15 AM EDT
Scott Perry, the deputy secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Office of Oil and Gas Management at the time:
"Over 3 million gallons of the brine were spread over roads in the northwestern part of the state in 2014. "It doesn't have to be treated," Perry says."

"But according to new research, the brine is anything but benign. Worse, states barely track it; New York doesn't know how much of the stuff is being used on its roads, and the Pennsylvania department charged with regulating it appeared to not fully understand its potential effects until Newsweek got in touch." "The wastewater spread on roads comes from oil and gas wells. To drill, production companies send large volumes of water down the well shaft. The water rises back to the surface as a brine laden with chloride (a salt) as well as a number of other constituents like radium and barium, which are radioactive. The brine used on roads comes from conventional oil and gas production, not hydraulic fracturing or "fracking." "But according to Duke University geochemist Avner Vengosh, the conventional drilling waste is nearly identical in many of its most toxic components to the highly controversial fracking waste. Vengosh says the levels of radioactive material found in conventional brine samples taken from New York are equal to levels he has seen in fracking brine, for example." "What's more, a study Vengosh and his colleagues published last month in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that brine being discharged, untreated, into Pennsylvania's waterways—the same liquid that is spread on roads—also contained significant concentrations of ammonium, iodide and bromide. Each of these chemicals can be toxic to living creatures."

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This Scott Perry is referenced in the above article. Not the other one who is in deep Shitler poop.

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 | 10:08 AM
UPDATED: 2022-02-16 17:53:55


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This is a nightmare of cancer cluster maps in the near future:
“There’s a clear tradeoff in that breathing dust has its own environmental problems,” said Burgos. “Dirt and gravel roads produce an air quality problem. We have to make sure that the trade off with respect to the potential production of a water quality problem is worth it.”
By Reid Frazier
Published June 1, 2018 at 4:42 AM EDT

"Avner Vengosh, a Duke professor Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences, said the study’s lessons are clear." “It’s basically releasing a very toxic material into the environment,” said Vengosh, who has studied the effects of oil and gas wastewater treatment on rivers and streams. (Vengosh was Warner’s advisor but was not involved with the study.) “Taking straight oil and gas wastewater and putting it into our environment — it’s not a good idea.”

skykiss, (edited ) to Ukraine
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#Ukraine’s security is our security. As allies, the UK & US fight aggression. We stand up for freedom. We stick by our friends. And we win. I urge the #Congress to continue its proud support for #Ukraine’s fight against Putin’s aggression.

I am calling out the #TrumpStooges in Congress as Putin-owned #traitors who support overthrow of our government.

#MagaMike and republicans' open fealty to Putin, a hostile foreign intelligence agent, who is one of the most infamous cold-blooded killers in human history & wanted war criminal.

Mike Johnson & republicans are blocking a bill that would supply ammunition to #Ukrainian soldiers, despite the widespread support in Congress and support of the American people. Showing the world that Republicans are anti-American & disloyal traitors to our allies and our constitution.

#Louisiana, where is treason weasel #MoscowMike? He's a communist loving traitor.

#antiAmerican #disloyal #trumpstooge #putinstooge

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Mr. Johnson uses an app on his phone to track his own, and his sons masturbation. Not a contest, which would be creepy AF. Instead it's to discourage masturbation, which is also creepy AF.
These peoples phones, and all devises are Hucked six ways from Sunday.
The kompromat ripple effect likely resembles rain on a scum pond.

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That reminds me:
Visualization by Kim Albrecht
Data and investigation by Buzzfeed

"Trump Connections
Visualization of 1.500 individuals and organizations connected directly and indirectly to Donald Trump. To explore the network further select one of the connections on the right of the graph or search below."

Urban_Hermit, to random
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Republican business owner (Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary) warns New York State, ("a loser state") that if they continue to prosecute fraud, business fraudsters will flee to Texas and Florida for lower taxes and less regulation.

Me: Yes, they are so desperate for your money in the 4th most populous state that they will excuse your criminality as the cost of doing business with you. /s 🙄

Also Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. (stops for breath) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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Kevin O'Leary laughed at some people on Shark Tank because they wanted to keep all manufacturing of their product in USA.
That was the last time I watched a minute of the show. Kevin O'Leary is a big part of our problems around the world with pollution, and deregulation is his wet dream.

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Shark Tank is more like Vulture Tree.

flexghost, to random
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I will never understand the inner workings of a narcissist's mind. Making everything about them

But this is next level

Is this boy geeked on Adderall or suffering from dementia?

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Desperate narcissist with propagandists beta reading/editing.
Shitler was no doubt quickly overwhelmed with jealousy of the attention Navalny is getting as a hero of all decent people around the world.
Shitler has zero empathy. His only reason for putting himself in another persons shoes is for wishing the spotlight was on him instead.
The rest of that dribble is to stoke violence. He wants the useful idiots below his current level of useful idiot upper echelon to step it up.

rthornton777, to animals
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#RIP: My beloved cat Sam died of kidney failure last week.

We spent 11 years together and he helped me survive some of the worst years of my life. He was so much more than a pet—Sam was my best friend and a great companion.

Like I told him often: “I love you Sam, now and always.”

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #memorial #meowmonday #Meownday #loveislove

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@rthornton777 @KateOfMind @bitterkarella @clintruin @sosomanysarahs
💔Sorry for your loss Rob. Our furry and feathered friends make life better for us, and we give them plenty of love for the short time we're blessed with their presence.

Huck, to random
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Greedy narcissists are the easiest puppets crafted from kompromat. Trumpelstiltskin always wanted the tallest, biggest, most expensive, and when he failed at anything it was blame, blame, blame, and stomp his feet like the petulant child he will always be.
January 15, 1997
Posted or updated on May 8, 2021
Sources linked at end of page.

flexghost, to random
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This is Tennessee

The same Tennessee that expelled two black lawmakers from the house for protesting gun violence last year

The same Tennessee where it is safe to march on the capitol with a Nazi flag held high.

Video of brave cameraman confronting large group of Nazis marching with masks on… Literally nominating him for time person of the year even though this should be landscape mode

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These incels arrive in town and depart in a vehicle. The police know who every one of them are. The locals know who the corrupt cops are, and don't need Columbo to figure it out either.
Somebody is likely paying those useful idiots to help provoke a violent response.
Then the crying out how they are victims provokes more violence.
A small religious hate group was completely ignored in Pa. last year as they tried the same grifter stunt. They haven't been back as far as I know.


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There has to be a permit issued for this bullshit to happen correct?
One would think if a noticeable decline in tourism $ followed those permits being approved the business owners would be carrying some signs at the courthouse.
When the money slows down in your town, the chamber of commerce gonna be looking around.
When a pattern of less $ develops in multiple towns, some bigger toes are being stepped on.
Those haters don't march on dirt roads in the woods. They want visibility.

lovelylovely, to random
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I understand this really did happen.👇

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@Huck@mstdn.party avatar

Bob Brigham
August 23, 2022 8:11AM ET

@Huck@mstdn.party avatar
@Huck@mstdn.party avatar

This highly unusual number of agents killed, captured, or compromised, happened during Trumps watch.


Resister, to vegan
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Water filtration sales person mansplaining veganism to me:

"Yeah, but - the cows weren't killed for their bone char. They were already dead."


Me: "🤷‍♀️ OK. And I don't want to drink or use water that was filtered through animal bones in my home."

Sir, last time I checked, all the animals and animal byproducts that people consume are from dead animals. But thanks for coming out😆


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Yep he was likely selling a decent system for the day, and his adding too much filler to the list of benefits didn't fly. The homeowner is more of a "Just the facts please" type of person.
That was during pre-fracking days. Now every home in that area on a well has to filter. I moved lol

flexghost, to random
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Tonight’s theme is:


🎵 Post the music that people would be SHOCKED if they knew you listened to it - along with what you’re drinking 🎶

Every time you close your eyes, tell me, who do you see?
When you're tastin' what he's drinkin', are you thinkin' bout me?

🍷 Morgan Wallen Thinkin’ Bout Me + PBR’n’Wild Turkey🍸

Post often • share • make some friends

Image of Morgan Waller One thing at a time, I tell you what He's the reason country is coming up in popularity

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@dsmdexter @flexghost
Your wife is helping some people retain our sanity. Please massage her feet and tell her Huck said thank you and you're welcome.

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