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Nerd who edits #science stuff. Immigrant to #Japan (#Chiba)

Plays and runs #dnd. #Grammar enthusiast. Posts stupid #jokes and #puns (sorry). He/FoC.

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fkamiah17, to music
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Not very Sunday, but nevertheless this is my morning earworm.

#NowPlaying #Music #Life

Pearl Jam - Spin The Black Circle

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Thanks for the reminder to listen to this, which I think is my second fave of the early Pearl Jam albums

(Vs. > Vitoligy > Ten = Yield)


FlockOfCats, to random
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The moss will reclaim all


FlockOfCats, to random
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Welcome to Chiba :chiba:

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@dwvcd oh no 😂

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@dwvcd Japan prefecture Rorschach test

FlockOfCats, to random
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I’m thinking of going tabby style and getting an M tattooed on my forehead

FlockOfCats, to random
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Happy , now get the f*cking camera out of my face

Cat attacking camera

FlockOfCats, to random
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Nearly TPK’ed but for a heretofore unknown ability that revealed itself from the legendary sword that just came into our possession 😬

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@tinsmith it had a foresight ability that let the wielder take a short quick action would be most favorable (duck, jump left, etc)

Here, the best action was to toss off the the necklace of fireballs the guy was wearing, which where set to explode after the party took 2 incoming fireballs and the necklace failed its save not to explode 💥

(We had been warned they were flammable lol)

Bad news: you are about to take 10 fireballs, good news, good news, maybe the new sword can help…

Dana, to animals
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Mugicha 🥰

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Tabby cats are the best! Charlie was also found as an abandoned kitty. He was always a little mean / unfriendly (presumably based on his rough early life as a stray) but still a very good boi 🥹

Tabby cat lying on a blue patterned fabric surface with a burgundy cloth in the background.
Tabby cat sitting on a cat tower.

jezebelkat, to random
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Now Listening:

I honestly can't believe this album was 2022 and not... 2002. You know what you're getting here, it's Avril Lavigne. But, like, if that's what you want... There you go.

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counterpoint: sk8r boi is the best song ever! 😊

Adam_Cadmon1, to random
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These are my most current Lyft Metrics

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@Adam_Cadmon1 dang…

That seems strict 😳

The goal is for 19 of 20 people to give you 5/5 and the 20th person to give you 4/5.

Thanks for sharing, as I had no idea what the driver side looked like!

pseudonym, to random
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I'd love to see in place for all Americans. Like others, I agree that taxing billionaires, companies, reducing military spending, and such would all be good sources. But to my untrained math mind, it still doesn't add up.

Order of magnitude: GDP ~20 trillion $/yr, Population 330 million.

Assume $10 /person / day. (Not enough, I know) But even that modest number would be over a trillion a year.

That's 5% of GDP to buy everyone a nice sandwich a day.

Not sure how we fund bigger goals.

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I don’t know….that doesn’t sound half bad to me! Obviously 5% of GDP is a lot, but it doesn’t seem totally infeasible.

And a sandwich a day might not sound like a lot but $300 per month isn’t nothing, and that calculation included the whole population, including kids. So, if a family of 5 is getting $1500 per month, it seems like a useful chunk of money.

And the is on top of whatever people make working, no strings attached.

FlockOfCats, to random
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I solved this JoWordle 792 with 6/6 attempts in 3:31 minutes. Can you do better?
🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 https://word.rodeo/jowordle/?utm_source=result

FlockOfCats, to random
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Me: I’d like to have a car inspection — 車検, not stirred.

Car mechanic: …

justironic, to random
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I want a green curtain on the balcony but my wife does not. 😩

@FlockOfCats@famichiki.jp avatar

@justironic tell your wife a stranger on the internet says she’s wrong 😊

Green curtains are awesome and you can have lots of ゴーヤ!

FlockOfCats, to random
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I just remembered that jaz drives were a thing 👴🏼

FlockOfCats, to random
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For , recommending @Alice to anyone who likes hotdogs mustarding on themselves 🙂

From: @Alice

Tsutsuku, to random
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That moment when you may or may not have accidentally hit an extra key halfway through typing your 30+ character password and you have to redo the entire thing 😭

@FlockOfCats@famichiki.jp avatar

@Tsutsuku too real 😭

scoutie, to random
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haven't done this in a while, so how about a sleepy "before" i get my hair done pic?

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@scoutie cool haircut 🤩

shilkytouch, to random
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24億円=$16mn 😭
Also the total losses of 280億円 is utterly staggering 💴


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So he lost 62億円 but stole “only” 24億円

So bro was 38億円in debt to his bookies?? 😳

I guess his plan was win big to get out of the hole or just keep stealing for the duration of otani’s career?

FlockOfCats, to random
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Your dreams 🙂

FlockOfCats, to random
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smh, this toot is obviously intended to chaste clout 🧐

From: @Alice

smalldog, to random
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All Southerners like that sweet iced tea until you get old and burn your pancreas out, then it's unsweet tea and metformin cocktail.

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@smalldog I’m going to go to a D&D game tomorrow, and one of the players there is a Australian woman who lived in Raleigh for several years. She was not a fan, unfortunately. L I think she never got over the culture shock.

But amusing thing was the horror she describes upon seeing sweet tea made for the first time. She thought they were transferring sugar from a bag to smaller container for later use. Nope! That pile of sugar is all for the tea!☕️

TheBreadmonkey, to random
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@farah @tayfonay @TheBreadmonkey

A game might seem like a trivial thing, but I’m sure a great many students were surprised when they learned in school “well actually, a monopoly is a bad thing…sorta kinda illegal!”

And probably a lot of people remember the game but spaced out in the lesson at school 🫠

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