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BirdSite expat, formerly at/o__________oo Proponent of #science, #climate, books, music, kindness, acceptance. Ally. Hello #WeirdCarMastodon and the gang.

Profile pic is of a small electric car. Banner pic is a field of yellow tall grasses on the shore of a very blue lake.

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cstross, (edited ) to random
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Random musing:

What is the werewolf gut microbiome like? And what happens to it when a were shifts form? (Do humans get copious diarrhoea/purge themselves right after shifting? And what happens to the gut contents if a werewolf gorges on meat right before shifting back to human?) What about parasites in raw meat, eg. trichinosis?

And are xanthine alkaloids (like theobromine, found in chocolate) as toxic to werewolves as they are to canids?

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@nyrath @isaackuo @cstross @serendipityjones

The suspense is killing me?

dan, to random
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It’s been a while since I had to deal with one of these stupid things.

Stopped at Harbor Freight to get a $9.99 impact screwdriver.

Easy peasy.

$9.99 impact screwdriver with several unapproved attachments.
Rotor removed.

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@ZeKik @dan
Gah, those things. I remember the impact driver too. Getting the clutch housing off my 1974 CB550. Philips heads should be used for household door hinges, not machinery! Grrr... Hello, engineering department? I'd like a word...

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@ZeKik @dan @MarSolRivas
Torx perfectly acceptable, also Allen (hex).

Philips though...

And while we're at it, here are some photos of the very same Philips head fasteners, on the very same 1974 CB550 still in my garage.

Clutch housing screw

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@MarSolRivas @ZeKik @dan
You have knives assembled with Torx6 screws that damage your drivers, or you have Torx6 drivers on your utility knives that don't last long? No capiche...

Dylan, to random
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Ahoy! Tonight I’ll be boarding my parents’ Dana 24 sailboat for a trip at sea.

We’re casting off from Haverstraw, NY, which is roughly 25 miles upriver from the northern tip of Manhattan. Our trip will take us down the Hudson River, around the lower end of Manhattan, up the East River, and out to the Long Island Sound. At that point, my goal is New London, CT where I’ll catch an Amtrak back to NYC. My parents plan to continue on to Block Island after that.

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Sounds great! Last time I went sailing decades ago we anchored in the middle of the saint Lawrence in the lee of a small island, and played cards with the crew of a neighbouring boat until the wee hours. It was pretty awesome.

Have fun and good luck with your own adventure!

thomasfuchs, to random
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Anyone here into pocket pcs? Looking for a early 2000s combination of e.g. iPaq and a camera sleeve or card; ideally something that I can still get a new or rebuilt battery for

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The Microsoft Surface Go is a pretty decent tablet, smaller than its big brother the Surface Pro. It has the expected built-in cameras, and the lid doubles as a keyboard.

jon, to random
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There was some fog from the Armançon this morning so I quickly put up the drone

Chateau in Nuits peeks out of fog
Canal de Bourgogne cuts into the fog

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Not sure if fog or just not loaded yet...

MarSolRivas, to windows French
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Tu es sous W10 et tu veux y rester ?
➡️ Editeur de registre (RegEdit)

Sous :

ajoute ça :

TargetReleaseVersion = 1 (dword)
TargetReleaseVersionInfo = "xxxx" avec ta version de W10, dans l'exemple c'est 22H2 (chaine)

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vulgalour, to Nostalgia
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We've all heard "My Dad had one of those" about cars.

I want to know what your Mum had as her car to get about. Wherever you are in the world, whatever time period. What vehicle did your Mum (or other maternal guardian) cherish and use and wax lyrical about?

I might be planning a little project...

My Mum had a moped, a Honda Cub I think (I'll have to dig out a photo), that was her freedom in the 70s.

#WeirdCarMastodon #MumsCar #Nostalgia #Artwork #Cars

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@nyrath @vulgalour
My buddy's mom had a relative of the Olds Vista Cruiser - the Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon. I used to walk with him on his paper run, but sometimes when the weather was terrible (and this is Canada so you can imagine it had to be pretty awful), his mom would drive us slowly around the neighbourhood while we sat on the tailgate and threw papers roughly where they belonged. Good times...

atomicpoet, to random
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I’m 42-years-old, and I’m always looking out for new music. And not just new music – forgotten music. One of my hobbies is trawling YouTube for songs with 0 views.

But I’m an outlier. For most people, discovery of new music peaks at adolescence. And when you hit your 30s, musical taste calcifies.

There’s lots of data to back this up.

I notice this doesn’t just happen with music but with movies as well. Lots of older men don’t want to watch new movie franchises. They want to return to the old “nostalgia” well again and again.

Personally, I find such malaise depressing. I never want to stop growing as a human being, experiencing new things.

CHART: When was the best decade for music? Your answer probably depends on how old you are
CHART: On average, peoples' music taste evolved quickly through age 25, before reaching "maturity" in the mid-30s
CHART: average number of artists in listening rotation by age group

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I use Shazam all the time to identify new and old music, it's an amazing tool.

thepoliticalcat, to random
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Left ankle: hugely swollen, yet only somwhat painful.
Right knee: slightly swollen and puffy, yet incredibly tender, unstable, and difficult to use.

Is the difference due to the AGE of the injury? The left ankle was horribly twisted 50 years ago and has continued to hurt periodically over the past 5 decades.

Right knee eroded due to arthritis, only painful for the past decade, tho increasingly.

FWIW, I get the usual advice from every MD: RICE. Take painkillers.

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@thepoliticalcat @Kierkegaanks
Are there any tricks or tools to help know one's state of hydration and such balance as you say above? Like a glucose meter or smart watch or whatever? I feel like I never quite know how hydrated I am as I don't always feel thirsty when needed. I once went to give blood and passed out, then was scolded by the nurse for being dehydrated beforehand like it was my fault. I try to drink water as much as possible but it would be nice to have more data points.

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@Kierkegaanks @thepoliticalcat
Do you have a favourite trusted online reference that explains how to recognize such signs?

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@thepoliticalcat @Kierkegaanks Thanks, will try that!

nyrath, to random
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"This is fine." :a_thisisfine:

MarSolRivas, to random French
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Si qu'on faisait des frites ? 🤔


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Mark, to random
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THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. A fun affordable EV that qualifies for the $7,500 rebate. The base single motor RWD trim could be the one to get.


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@wheeljack @Mark
And what exactly is wrong with literbikes?? :blobcatangry:

nyrath, to random
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Well this is embarrassing.

I've never been a fan of Doctor Who, since is only marginally science fiction. But I just watched the first two episodes of Series 14, and I rather enjoyed them.

[1] I personally like scifi that if it cannot be scientifically accurate, is at least internally self consistent. E.g. the history of baby station.

[2] I am fond of movies and shows where the characters are nonplussed by absurd things that go shambling by. E.g. the goblin ship.

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stevenray, to animals
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I know it’s not but Zowie decided that I didn’t do it well enough and besides, she was sitting on her throne.

If anyone knows what specific kind of chair this is, I’d love to know. My loved furniture in this style and my parents had several pieces. We got this one.

French of some era.

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flockofnazguls, to random
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  • DenOfEarth,
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    CBC's organ music Thursdays was the best time to be driving around downtown with the sunroof open and the radio on full blast. #WeirdCarMastodon

    clive, to random
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    As I behold "Crush!", the new Apple ad for their Ipad Pro ...

    ... I fluctuate, with heisenbergian indeterminacy, between "they are clearly trolling us" and "they are totally earnest and have no idea how completely sociopathic they appear"


    @DenOfEarth@mas.to avatar

    I feel like this could be the defenestration meme, where the boss asks:

    How do we make an ad that shows how all the wonderful things of our past can now be done on our product?

    And the suggestions are:

    • Make them all swirl into a vortex!
    • Get them sucked into the product like a vacuum!
    • Have them crushed by the machine from which our soulless replacement product emerges

    Except instead of being thrown out the window, the last guy is carried away on the board members' shoulders.

    carspotting, to cars

    I’m not sure what this is. The badge says “Carrera RS” but the 964 Carrera RS was never sold in the US (I guess they could have imported it), and besides it had a big old wing. The 964 RS America had a whale tail. I wish I had the chance to talk to the owner!

    @DenOfEarth@mas.to avatar

    For a while it was pretty easy to get "Type R" badges for your Honda Civic even though it was a relatively rare model...

    flockofnazguls, to GenX
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  • DenOfEarth,
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    Could someone please just dial it back a bit?

    hilljam, to random
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    @hilljam @NigelTufnel @shannoncurtis

    That was the technology of the era.

    I once recorded a bit of music I liked on my home stereo, then brought the cassette on my knockoff Sanyo walkman to Downtown Records (since bulldozed and now a Holiday Inn) to ask the owner by sharing my headphones with him. He knew immediately.

    He didn't say a word, just plucked a record, put it on the turntable, and gave me his headphones, top shelf Sennheisers.

    It was Art Of Noise - Beat Box

    I still have the LP

    @DenOfEarth@mas.to avatar
    @DenOfEarth@mas.to avatar

    @airwhale @hilljam @NigelTufnel @shannoncurtis

    Absolutely a unique and mind-blowing sound.

    Around the same timeframe,
    Jean-Michel Jarre's Zoolook?
    Also very creative and sampling-heavy.

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