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Photographer, sound artist, poet. Former sys admin. Political progressive, Left Coaster. Red wine yes, nationalism no. Pro dogs & cats & strange music.

I have never been older than I am right now. That happened yesterday, too

neurodiv, probably

https://metapixl.com/45rpm (vinyl)
https://pixelfed.social/wine (wine reviews)
https://pixelfed.art/stevenlouisray (b&w fine art photography)

#fedi22 #experimentalMusic #wine #sanFrancisco #cats #dogs #art #poetry #socialism #equality #FreePalestine

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OldAndCranky, to random
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My husband took this amazing photo of the Mayflower II being pulled through the Cape Cod canal on a voyage home to Plymouth (it spends the winter in Mystic, CT). This was at about 7:00am earlier this week. I think he got a great shot.

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@OldAndCranky agreed! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

davidho, to random
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Love a company that encourages repairs and will send you parts to repair their products. The sticker is icing on the cake. 😍

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@davidho that’s great, I didn’t know they did that.

stevenray, to Pixelfed
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Today's post from my account, from Bean Hollow State Beach near Santa Cruz.

See more b&w film photos here: @stevenlouisray

kingargyle, to Cats
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Inara at about 4 weeks old to now a year old.

#cats #catsofmastodon #mainecoon #torti


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stevenray, to animals
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limebar, to mastodon
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Do any apps allow you to login to multiple #fedi accounts and view all of the timelines combined? #fedilab ?

That is, merge #mastodon, #pixelfed, etc. Homes into a single Home... Same for notifications, local feeds, global feeds etc? For extra credit, boost across multiple accounts.

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@limebar @elsemusic Toot! doesn’t present all timelines in a single one, but it does let me switch between multiple Pixelfed accounts and Mastodon with one tap. If that helps.

elaterite, (edited ) to Camping
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Camp #3: On the far east side of the San Rafael Swell north of Cisco Utah. Saw some great pictographs today! (Stay tune. Will post a little later.) Tomorrow, it's blow through the zoo of Moab and head to the San Juan River. (Phone photo.)

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@elaterite that looks great. Have fun!

jeridansky, to Bloomscrolling
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My front yard is looking lovely nowadays.

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@jeridansky I’ve always loved those plants.

stevenray, to Pixelfed
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Here's a pic from #Pixelfed, a shot of the sunset at Ocean Beach in 2006. 🙂


reillypascal, to classicalmusic
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I have a new track out today! https://applytriangle.bandcamp.com/track/if-this-reaches-you

It's a glitchy, experimental trio for flute, clarinet, and MIDI keyboard/Max. There are Morse code and other ham radio samples, electric piano, and bowed cardboard box, and it's surprisingly groovy.

The full album has 11 different composers, and you can find it here: https://applytriangle.bandcamp.com/album/oxalis-triangularis-vol-2


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@reillypascal @synths congrats! Is it accurate to say that each composer was given the same source material (flutes, clarinets, etc) ? Seems like an interesting project.

BobHorowitz, to photography
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Emptiness. So much emptiness.

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@BobHorowitz yes, full of emptiness.

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@BobHorowitz it is. Of course, that could be our misinterpretation. But, I think you're right.

If pics could be taken of each person working at home, I wonder if they'd be more animated.

stevenray, to random
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I have a friend in the neighborhood who turned 99 today. I’ve known him since I moved in 17 years ago. In fact, he was the first person to befriend me.

I had some flowers sent over for his birthday, and I just got back from visiting with him.

He’s an abstract expressionist painter. Some of his work is quite good. Take a look. 😊


ElleGray, to random
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this is mars’s moon phobos eclipsing the sun. this is what passes for a total solar eclipse there. second-rate planet. just sad

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@ElleGray if Mars had it’s own entrepreneurs, they’d innovate their way out of that mess.

The_Whore_of_Blahbylon, to random
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MOVIE QUIZ FOR 2024.04.11

Do you know which movie this picture is from?

Give your answer below, even if you have to guess.

Please boost for more responses.

The answer will be revealed tomorrow.

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@The_Whore_of_Blahbylon a neighbor was telling me about this just a couple of days ago. 😊

verdantsquare, to news
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@verdantsquare keep fighting the good fight, Jamie. 👍

stux, to random
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@stux absolutely hilarious

njudah, to random
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Found a semi affordable home in the Mission today…it’s got a spiral staircase and lots of space https://www.instagram.com/p/C5jzRBvPvEM/?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

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@njudah top of the line air conditioning 🤙

stevenray, to random
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Well, this is good. No complaints.

There is a lot wrong with the world. But for a moment, sitting in the garden in shirtsleeves on a 69° cloudless day drinking wine leftover from Sunday is about as good as it gets.

I hope things are as good for you.

mjg59, to random
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Twitter just doing a "redirect links in tweets that go to x.com to twitter.com instead but accidentally do so for all domains that end x.com like eg spacex.com going to spacetwitter.com" is not absolutely the funniest thing I could imagine but it's high up there

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@mjg59 who is he hiring over there these days 🙄

@stevenray@sfba.social avatar

@wh0sthatd0g @mjg59 yes, though if Musk is doing any programming we’re all doomed.

NorcalGma2, to random
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Summer looks like she is faring fine with our oldest grandson dogsitting.
He is such a sweetheart to rush out to the house when we had to leave to take her pal to the emergency room.
Now we wait. Lots of tests.
Summer is in good hands, though.

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@NorcalGma2 hoping for the best!

JoeyBoughtACola, to random
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Can you crazy Maga fucks hurry up and get raptured?

The Earth thanks you in advance.

@stevenray@sfba.social avatar

@JoeyBoughtACola @andybrwn ah, so now that we’re past it, we’ll never have to hear about it again. Cool.

toze, to random
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I have now finished both broadcast seasons of and while the quality varied A LOT, I can easily say there is no more important character in all of television to me than Gordon Cole

Up next: Fire Walk With Me and then The Return

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@toze such a great show. Cole is really compelling every time.

shaulawalko, to random
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Partial solar eclipse as seen through the shadow of our colander, from southern California:

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@shaulawalko that is supercool. The best view I've seen.

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