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Linux, to linuxphones avatar

:linux: Jolla | Makers of truly competitive Linux for mobile - NEW PHONE COMING! 🤳

◉Jolla is a small but spicy company on a field of relentless competition
◉Due this - Sailfish OS moves to a subscription model (but it's just 5€ / month)
◉New budget phone comes with 2 ARM Cortex-A75 CPU / 6 Cortex-A55 cores
◉8GB of RAM / 128gt space / 4,000 mAh bat
◉Pre order for €299 (incl. a 1-yr sub) & Jolla takes €50 deposit


serpicojam, to opensource avatar
msquebanh, to Canada avatar

#SkinCancer screenings & diagnoses are taking longer in #Canada, as rates of #melanoma keep rising, due to what experts say is a shortage of #dermatologists. CBC’s Yvette Brend reports on #MelanomaCanada’s new #mobile #CancerScreening unit, #MoleMobile, which is heading to #Kamloops #BritishColumbia.

#Cancer #Health #Medical #Canadian #UsefulTech #MedicalTech

AmiW, to art German avatar

📵 Artist: in City: UK 🇬🇧 05/2024 - Title: "Lost Connection" - 🤳🏼

purism, to linuxphones

🚀 📱 phosh 0.39.0 is out. Some highlights:

  • : folder support, night light quick setting
  • : wakeup-key handling (to prevent accidental unblank)
  • : New layouts, lots of layout improvements
  • mobile-settings: Allow to manage custom quick settings, allow to toggle whether to ignore hw keyboards, many new translations

Check out the full release notes at

Roundcat, to aitools avatar

The moment your ad hijacks my screen or impedes my ability to read the article is the moment I leave.

gamesthatwerent, to random avatar

@iHarbonaut shares mock-ups with #GTW of a cancelled Super Monkey Ball game that was intended for a #mobile #J2ME release in 2006. For reasons unknown, the game seems to have been cancelled very early on and may not have got past the concept stage.

janvlug, to foss avatar

Funding available for (individual) #FOSS #developers and projects.

#NLnet is seeking project proposals between 5.000 and 50.000 euro.

Currently open for proposals:
1️⃣ #NGItaler (electronic payment related)
2️⃣ #NGImobifree (mobile software)

Closing date: 1 June 2024

Easy to submit a proposal:

More information:


#MobileLinux #Linux #opensource #librem5 #pinephone #payment #mobile #phone #software #grant #EU #mobian

Linux, to elite avatar

🦾 ARM / Snapdragon X Elite on laptops with Linux :linux:

Qualcomm has been working to upstream Linux support for this high-end "System on a Chip" device asset!

◉Snapdragon X Elite is a bit of a momentum for ARM powered processing
◉Upon success it'll disrupt the x86-processor (e.g. Intel dominated market)
◉One of ARM's benefits is great battery life

majorlinux, to ads avatar

On this inaugural episode, I cover some more Xbox fallout, Ghost of Tsushima refunds, and I got follow botted.

Tech Talk Today (05/13/2024) - Desk Chair Analysts

#ads #Apple #AppleStore #Asus #ATT #EA #GhostsOfTsushima #Maryland #Microsoft #Mobile #PlayStationNetwork #ROGAllyX #Sony #Strike #TMobile #Verizon #Xbox #Unions #Tech #Gaming #DCA

kubikpixel, (edited ) to Signal German avatar

» @signalapp Chefin kritisiert Karners Entwurf zu Messenger-Überwachung:
Die Regierung will Messenger-Dienste stärker überwachen. Wenn man im Datenschutz eine Tür öffnet, öffne man sie für alle, warnt @Mer__edith «

…und doch wollen mir Menschen immer wieder beibringen, dass die nichts zu verbergen haben. Eine Auswirkung von der Übernahme von deren mentalen Wahrnehmung und Privatsphäre, was ich als sehr übel empfinde.


kubikpixel, avatar

🧵 …ausführliche Informationen über sichere online Kommunikation, auch Infos von der @Mer__edith vom @signalapp, könnt ihr auf der @epicenter_academy Webseite nachlesen:

»Sicher kommunizieren:
Viele Stellen interessieren sich für unsere private Kommunikation. In diesem Kapitel erfährst du, mit welchen Maßnahmen du die digitale Kommunikation sicherer gestalten kannst.«


#it #e2e #e2ee #itsicherheit #sicherheit #mobile #verschlusselung #chat #handy #kommunikation

rusticorn, to iOS avatar

The integration of in-app-purchases used in Zoolitaire is now and on Github: - hope to see more @bevy games now 🤩 🦀🎮


peter, to random avatar

The new @aaisp Sip2sim arrived this morning & is working perfectly with my pbx.

#sip2sim #voip #mobile

cliffwade, to android avatar

Grab this free 4K Snapdragon-inspired wallpaper collection!

Some really nice FREE wallpapers for your device, especially if you like dragons!

metin, to mastodon avatar

A question for Android users…

I've been using Tusky for quite a while now, and I wonder if the official Mastodon app has become better than Tusky in the mean time.

In case there's a new superstar Mastodon app for Android, that'd also be interesting to know. 🙂

Thanks in advance.

rusticorn, to gamedev avatar

Happy to share another important #mobile #gamedev API available to @bevy devs: iOS GameCenter (Gamekit) with Leaderboards, Cloud-Save and Achievements: #rustlang 🦀🎮


toor, to tmobile avatar

USA sends mobile phone usage data to , which T-Mobile acquired in 2019.
T-Mobile assigns a unique ad ID to your cellphone and gathers app usage data.
To opt out and remove all data of you, there's an app - "magenta advertisements platform".

For me it's horrible that they do so without telling and that the app is somewhere hidden - no one would come up with that name!

For (I don't know whether they do it on iOS, too):


Deus, to photography avatar

Clear skies today.

#Photography #Fotografia #Mobile #hills

Vivaldi, to iOS avatar

🍎 iOS folks, the new Vivaldi 6.7 has some goodies just for you!

📱 Picture this: You're working on your iPad and constantly have to switch between Vivaldi and other apps or browser windows. Annoying, right? Thanks to multiple windows support, you can say goodbye to that, and focus on what you're doing without interruption.

📝 Keep your digital life organized with more sorting options for Notes and Bookmarks. Plus with Vivaldi Sync in the mix, you can effortlessly transition between your Apple devices with all essential files and folders at your reach.

🌙 The Force Dark Mode gives you a comfortable browsing experience that adapts to your system color scheme.

Upgrade today, with all this and more, for a browsing experience tailored to your needs on your iOS devices. 👇🏻

#iOS #Technology #Productivity #apple #release #NewRelease #Browser #vivaldi #VivaldiBrowser #ipad #IpadOS #iphone #mobilebrowsing #mobile

Vivaldi, to Vivaldi avatar

🎉 Exciting news for our Android folks!

On the latest update on Vivaldi 6.7, we've amped up Translate, improved the Tracker and Ad blocker functionality, tweaked the Bookmarks manager, and many other features based on YOUR feedback.

🔖 We understand that Bookmarks are one of the most important aspects of your browsing. Now, Vivaldi remembers the last folder you opened in the Bookmarks Panel. We've also tidied up your bookmarks by sorting folders first, making navigation a breeze.

⚙️ We work with Lingvanex continuously to make the built-in Vivaldi Translate more efficient. With an improved performance and the quality of translations, we hope you'll find speedy results.

In addition to the above, we’ve polished the user interface and made improvements to features across the board.

Find out what they are and enjoy browsing with more of these powerful browser features👇🏻

denzilferreira, to android avatar
penguin86, to GNOME avatar

Wrapping my head around the icon for my #gnome #mobile app. I've read all the Gnome human interface #guidelines, but this doesn't change the fact I've absolutely no idea what I'm doing... 🤣

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