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Image encoding × FOSS desktop nerds, I have a question…

The current format for dynamic/dark-style wallpapers in GNOME is not great. I don’t think anyone—including distros, designers, & maintainers—likes how it works: it’s a legacy system of GSettings keys and an XML format that sets those keys but is not biderectional; choosing that XML file in Settings sets the individual GSettings manually, making it hard to show the pair of wallpapers as selected.

So let’s do better?

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United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) has selected as its communications platform, following a competitive process.

Element stood out as a digitally sovereign platform which offers end-to-end . Its ability to be to support multiple organisations was also a key factor in the process.

will self-host Element through an Element Enterprise subscription.

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Da poco ho concluso la riunione di dipartimento disciplinare.
A seguito di vari problemi di utilizzo della piattaforma 365 di e di alcune sue mancanze, ho avanzato la proposta di utilizzo dei . Sarà presa in considerazione? Non credo.
Ho risolto il problema? Non credo.
Avrò smosso la morale di qualcuno e/o insinuato un dubbio sull'utilizzo dei software proprietari? Può darsi.
Sono contento? Certo che si.

@scuola @scuola @fuorisede

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With many new people learning about FOSS yesterday, we couldn't have timed our Development Fund refresh any better🧼🫧

If you have as little as 5€ per month to spare, please consider becoming part of the base this project rests upon: community support.

#godot #godotengine #opensource #foss #fund #donate #support

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This is definitely something great to see for those that use Ghost Blog or are thinking of doing so.

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We've got a growing library for and applications

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WTF? Is on the store ? Apparently it was running in the bg AS IF it was an invincible extension so SystemMonitor/htop would NOT see it as a process. But (also from flatpak store) saw it as it is: an app running on startup! Killing it killed Gnome session! It was also spiking wifi, and was leaking the Gnome gjs service from 4MB RAM to 120MB. Uninstalling fixed the prob

Third party flatpak/snaps should be vetted.

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Weekly Roundup for April 21st, 2024: 125, Plasma 6.0.4, 2.0, running Touch, prepares for ARM64 Linux binaries, Firefox 126 enters public beta testing, 24.04 LTS adds Snap installation monitor, gets Linux 6.8 and 6.9 support, and more

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This week's In-Process is out! Featuring the latest on NVDA 2024.1, add-on updates, the Microsoft FOSS Fund, Philanthropy Australia awards, an Interview with our GTO Gerald, and more! All available now at:

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Finally found time to sign up and become a foundation member of the @matrix. Do it now! It's a quick and easy form. Takes five minutes and you're helping to secure the financial independence of .

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Czy ktoś tu zna i używa / testował takie rozwiązanie jak Wazah ?

Polecane przez NetworkChuck'a na yt. Administruję ok 130 desktopów na windzie10 w pracy i zastanawiam się na ile byłoby mi to pomocne a na ile wzrośnie ruch w sieci oraz czy wymaga to serwera podpiętego 24/7 do sieci czy mogę mieć to u siebie na laptopie który noszę?

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Impact and compliance are becoming a central part of running an project. Are we prepared? (me), and joined a workshop at @OpenForumEurope in

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👉️ "Show, don't tell" is just one tool. Many projects need more tools from the toolbox.

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The popular game development YouTuber Brackeys, previously known for tutorials, has returned to YouTube after a 3 year break.

Now with a focus on game development software such as @godotengine .

This is really good news for the Open Source Game Dev Community!
In his (first) new video he talks about , , & the / . I'm very much looking forward to his upcoming videos!

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Eien großartige Runde BAR auf einer Metal-Only-Karte mit @meldrian und @xilef gegen 2 Computer-Gegner.

Gespielt übrigens auf @opensuse mit KDE Plasma 6 unter .

Und das ohne Probleme! Höchstwerte der Team-Einheiten auf dem Feld: meldrian 1800, xilef 1000 und comrad 400. Die KI hielt mit zusammen knapp 600 Einheiten dagegen.


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Pipe Viewer 1.8.9 is released today -

Pipe Viewer - pv - is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a Unix pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it will be until completion.

This release adds a new SI units feature supplied by Kevin Ruddy, incorporates French translations supplied by Thomas Bertels, and fixes bugs with TMPDIR support and blocking output.

PV uses the resources of the @Codeberg platform for free software development.

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boilingsteam, to linux avatar
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Handy Calc tip! Press Ctrl+; to insert the current date, or Shift+Ctrl+; for the current time. Want a date and time that's always updating? Use the =NOW() function.

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boilingsteam, to linux avatar
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The plotting, statistical, and data selection tools in the data explorer ( can be used even if you don't have any map data. Just add dummy latitude and longitude values to the data table. Zeroes will do. The map and the dummy columns can both be hidden, and you can then explore the data table with the other available tools.

#Plotting #Statistics #EDA #DataAnalysis #Python #FOSS #FLOSS

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gplaces 0.19.0 is out and available on Flathub! This small client now supports Titan

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Awesome! Thank you Dima!



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