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TODAY! I'm LIVE drawing with Julián Nariño again! Join us with your amazing requests! Starts at 5pm PT on my IGTV!

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After my mother’s (✝, 92) death quite some time ago already, we’re still going through all her stuff. A pencil drawing showed up. This drawing shows my great-grandfather. Though his head looks somewhat like an 🤣, the face is actually pretty accurate.

My mother did this drawing about 40 or 50 years ago when I was a kid. But she gave up soon. Then she tried painting with oil which she also gave up quickly.

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I bought my first ever bottle of Shōchū.


Of course I had to know more and I did my homework.

Have a good Sunday.


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Loving this pattern, so I'm playing with different colors and combinations on watercolor paper.

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"I can't draw" is almost (but not quite) as common a misconception as "I can't do #maths". Prove yourself wrong for one of these at Olivia's free drop-in #drawing workshop at @NPGLondon on 21st June:

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I’m still not sure why I thought I should do a sketch of a toilet, but I did one. Awww shit!

#art #sketch #drawing #mastoart #toilet

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One day, when I was in "damn, let's destroy this damned reality" mood I did this small #fanart, #InfinityGauntlet of #Thanos in "tattoo design" style. I am not even a fan of Marvel movies, rather fan of Thanos :blobcatjoy:

  • Quick, let's find that "Thanos was right" t-shirt which was lost somewhere in wardrobe! * :blobCat_happy:

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource

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Quick last couch update for this week. I'm off to see some Elfes and Hobbits this weekend. :)

I'd like to finish this before attending the convention next week. Or I'll do some more at the booth. Will see...

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Day 4: Learning to draw. Via the magic of the book, I can now apparently draw my own hand with varying levels of proficiency. I’m amazed at how good this book is. You should all try it (unless you can already draw - in which case, ignore me)
#art #drawing #sketch #dailydrawing


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Art question:

Some projects in the colored pencil book I'm working through ask for various shades of gray. My 36-color Prismacolor set doesn't have any grays, just black and white. What should I do? Fake it by varying pressure with the black colored pencil or graphite?

#MastoArt #art #drawing #ColoredPencil #asktodon

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#Gaza, one drawing at a time, by Palestinian artist Maisara Baroud

"Drawing has become the special way to help me overcome death for a bit. Drawing, for me, is the way to break the blockade and in this way cancel and challenge the borders and the barriers placed by the occupation.

It is also the only way to announce: “I am still alive.”"

#Palestine #israel #war #drawing

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Okay. Couch update for today.

Added to the cast. I liked him very much till the reveal... You know ... And if not: Go watch the . Even with it's poorly aged CGI is still amazing!

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Some time ago I did this small of Poogie, little in . Poogie has many outfits, changing with holidays and seasons and I thought Halloween version was the best I saw. Whole pig's body disappeared, only empty floating in the air.

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