Shin Megami Tensei

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I’m going to frame and put one of these up in my home office, but which do I choose? Persona 2 or Devil Summoner?

#ShinMegamiTensei #MegaTen #Atlus

Persona 2 Maya character art poster

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The first one is iconic, but I adore the design of the second one.

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I'm using sbv with #z3 , It Just Works ! Now for the actually hard part, figuring out my program invariants 🙃#formalmethods #formalverification #haskell

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@COMPU73E I’ll catch the VOD, I’ve been keen to get more info on this game! Hopefully, Vengeance makes the final dungeon better. 🤔

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I have beat 3.
This was my first SMT and I have to say I have enjoy the game from the start.
Got hooked to the story, chars right away and game is way harder than any Persona game.
Only thing that I hated... dungeons are unnecessary complicated. Without a guide they are just time consuming.
Anyway, cant wait for

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@WanderingInDigitalWorlds Last 3 dungeons are designed to waste your time with all the teleporting and holes that throw you back just to get teleported again.
Thats what I ment with unnecessary complicated.
Loved everything else!

Hope to beat Persona 3 reload and Elyuden chronicle before smt5. So many good jrpgs this year

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@sorg Hmm, that's fair we all experience games differently, I wasn't bothered as much. I figured out how to avoid annoying loops of being teleported without being able to do anything about it. It's a great game to be certain, but it could be an arsehole game as well!

I wanted to play PS3 Reload, but the scummy thing that Atlus did with the DLC kinda annoys me, I've been put off on that game. SMT5 Vengeance feels like a much needed overhaul, so my excitement is high for that one!

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What a nice surprise! Thanks #VGP I wasn't expecting to get it so soon! #13SentinelsAegisRim #GrimGrimoireOnceMore #Vanillaware #Atlus #Nis #NintendoSwitch #videogames #Shareyourgames

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Aww yeah got one of my holy grails #ShinMegamiTensei II for JP Super Famicom

Back cover with Japanese text
Manual and game carriage

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@OutofPrintArchive I'm really happy with it, I've already opened up the cartridge and checked the board, and it's legit. Less than £20 from a UK based seller

It's in pretty good condition too, considering its age

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I wish it was a lot easier to buy (Super) Famicom games these days.
I'd love to get more Famicom, PC-Engine and Game Boy titles myself, but it's a big hassle when importing directly from Japan.

And with Brexit, it's become just as much of a pain to order from UK retro shops.

At least I still have this one, which is in France if I'm not mistaken:

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Charge in SMTV: Waste of a turn, very niche use cases
Charge in P3R: If this crits the boss battle is over

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@yon It's a decent game. I'm interested in seeing the new content and actually running at a good framerate. But I probably won't get it immediately.

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@fujiwara Wait, it is coming to PS5! I am 100% playing it there instead. Picking up the Switch less and less these days. Really hope they don’t Wii U up the next console and add their idiotic gimmicks to it.

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I don't mean to judge, but holy hell the English-speaking narrator of the Nintendo Direct showcases has GOT to be one of the whitest sounding voices ever. Like, when POC comedians do a purposefully bad "white person" voice... it's this voice. lol

With that being said, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance was announced!!! =ooooo

#shinmegamitensei #nintendo #nintendoswitch #jrpg #videogames #games #gaming #nintendodirect

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@arusea I've only paid attention in the past year, but woo, it's almost cartoonish!

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@scribblemacher The SMTV Vengeance is super timely for me as I've started Persona 5 Royal recently. With a June release date, I'm thinking this would work out perfect to finish P5R, play a very different palette cleanser JRPG, then boom, June, SMT5V!

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Nice in depth look at SMTV: Vengeance. In Japanese with English subtitles


『Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance』Special Program Spotlight

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It's a repost of the Sega Asia Channel from two weeks ago on the official Atlus West channel, but this deserves another toot:


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@OutofPrintArchive they added subtitles for the talky bits! 😲

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@COMPU73E I guess that’s what took them a little longer to post it for the west. 😊

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Easily one of the best CDs I own, one of the coolest covers, too #ShinMegamiTensei

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Jeremy Parish Covers NES Friday the 13th
Few games for the NES have been better treated by hindsight than Friday the 13th. At the time it was regarded as a terrible game with difficult play and nearly impossible to win.

But even then there were things about it that indicated that there might be a little more going on then than was
#retro #atlus #fridaythe13th #jason #jeremyparish #ljn #nes #nesworks #retro #video #youtube

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New #ShinMegamiTensei wiki launched, entirely fan made and independent of the garbage Fandom owned site

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@COMPU73E Thank you so much for sharing this...Fandom has such garbage wikis.

The autoplay video that gets in the way of my reading vexed me to no end. Literally nobody asked to see some random video you decided to play. 🙃


Platinum Trophy No. 168

Finally made it through and now I can play the remake next year without the self-inflicted shame of having never experienced its predecessor 😅

Arguably the worst version of P3 there is so it's strange that this one got ported as the gameplay outside of the Tartarus dungeon offers little more than a point and click style visual novel


Rolled credits on my first playthrough of Persona 3 portable last night, the Platinum is close... finally 😅

That was a lot of prep and grinding for a game that takes it easy on you most of the way. It was like learning a whole different game for those secret bosses - felt more like a puzzle game XD

#Persona3portable #P3P #Atlus #PlatinumTrophy #Platinumtrophyhunter #Videogames #Gaming #ShareYourGames

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