drheyzeus, to Persona
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Having just finished Persona 3 Reload this weekend, I think "Memories of the School" is a good track to share for #VGMWednesday
So calm and bittersweet.


#Persona #Persona3 #Persona3Reload

COMPU73E, to Persona
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P4G Limited Run physical goes live on VGP tomorrow, if you missed out


sorg, to ShinMegamiTensei
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I have beat #shinmegamitensei 3.
This was my first SMT and I have to say I have enjoy the game from the start.
Got hooked to the story, chars right away and game is way harder than any Persona game.
Only thing that I hated... dungeons are unnecessary complicated. Without a guide they are just time consuming.
Anyway, cant wait for #shinmegamitenseivvengeance

#jrpg #persona

pixel, to Persona
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I was making such good progress the other day in #persona 3 reload and then my computer fucking blue screened due to a ram issue and now I need to redo like 2 sets of Tartarus floor bosses and I'm too much of a dumb baby to want to do that lmao

drheyzeus, to Persona
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I've finally caved and bought the Jack Frost plush from Fangamer.

COMPU73E, to random
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Just had an email confirming that a book I ordered from Amazon Japan on Saturday is out for delivery today 😳

The new Persona 5 Royal Design Works book that's just come out

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Three days from ordering via Amazon Japan to delivery in the UK #Persona5Royal Official Design Works book

I think I am in love. Just look at it ❤️ If anyone wants to see specific pages let me know and I'll snap them. I love process books like this


Back cover, shattered glass with character faces and Japanese text
2 pages of character designs of Yoshizawa in various outfits
2 pages of facial expressions for Haru Okumura, with different headwear

COMPU73E, to Persona
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Had a bit of a rarity just arrive from Japan, Trinity Soul OST. Saw a cheap listing and jumped on it. When it arrived I saw that it was an ex-rental which is why it was cheap. I'd usually be really annoyed by this but it's still in really good condition, the discs are immaculate with not a scratch on them

Normally I'd spend ages taking off the stickers and potentially ruining everything in the process but in this case I think they look kinda cool so I'm gonna leave it as is

CD box back cover. 2 more anime style characters in the snow. There is a rental bar code sticker on the lower left, all the text is in Japanese
CD open box, there are rental stickers on the disc

thevglibrary, to Persona
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Today marks the release of the #Persona5Royal Official Design Works in Japan! ❤️

A ton of behind the scenes commentary and some interviews in this one - so if you're a #P5R fan - check it out!

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COMPU73E, to Persona
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Couple of great deliveries today; The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, and 4 Golden for Nintendo Switch. Both from Limited Run

fujiwara, to Persona
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They took a weird direction with this DLC, but I have to admire the authenticity.

#Persona #Persona3

kalafiorek, to Persona Polish
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Polska gra z serii Persona nie istnieje, nie może cię skrzywdzić.

Polska gra z serii Persona:

#Polskie #Gry #Giereczkowo #Thaumaturge #Persona #DiscoElysium

stitchedpixels, to Persona

Completed 4 Golden (a couple weeks back, forgot to post). Really enjoyed it and I can see why it's the favourite for some. The story and characters were pretty interesting and the mechanics were pretty solid.

In order I most liked 5R, 4G, 3P.

fujiwara, to ShinMegamiTensei
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Charge in SMTV: Waste of a turn, very niche use cases
Charge in P3R: If this crits the boss battle is over

#ShinMegamiTensei #Persona

COMPU73E, to Persona
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I've spent a lot of time in Tartarus keeping everyone at the same level, grinding in this game doesn't feel like a chore to me because the battle system is just so damn good

Luke, to Persona
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Guess what?
I'm way more temperamental when I code than when I'm being an artist and painting.

…Not news, I suppose.

COMPU73E, to Persona
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Starting my day with a break from Persona 3... so I'm listening to Persona 4 instead 😅 this tune is a banger

Persona 4 - Backside Of The TV

COMPU73E, to Persona
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After playing pretty much non-stop since it came out, I can say with total authority that Mass Destruction -Reload- is the greatest JRPG battle song ever. Lotus Juice in this is just 👌

Mass Destruction -Reload-

deanatoire, to apple
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I was just thinking at something.
Persona feature really is disturbing. Not because it is uncanny, but because associated with tech Apple does own like Personal Voice, they are the perfect visiocall impersonation tools ever created yet.
I wonder how much it can already be abused as of today 😬
Let's hope the data involved is safely guarded by the system.

#visionOS #Persona

gamingonlinux, to Steamdeck
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fujiwara, to Persona
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So Merciless is actually a little challenging in Persona 3 Reload... Thought it would be like 5 Royal again. Managed to get through the first block of Tartarus, but it wasn't easy. Let's see how long I can go before I have to drop the difficulty :akko_giggle:


fujiwara, to Persona
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I'm not going to say it would be a good decision, but it would have been funny if Persona 3 Reload retained the old party AI and didn't add Direct Command.


rootcompute, (edited ) to Persona
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The new #Persona 3 Reload game looks cool, but I don't think I can justify dropping 70 bucks for a game that I already burned on DVD for PS2 🏴‍☠️

petitchocobo, to Persona French
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Bon alors les joueurs · ses :

Y en a qui comme moi ont commencé leur année scolaire avec ?

COMPU73E, to Persona
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Starting Reload release day the right way #Persona

#NowPlaying Burn My Dread -Reincarnation: Persona 3-

stitchedpixels, to Persona

Finished 2 playthroughs of Persona 3 Portable on Switch. Played as both protagonists. Enjoyed it, though not as much as P5R - I liked the dungeons (and their puzzles) and the characters more in 5.

A little annoyed that I couldn't take on "the ultimate opponent" because I didn't get the Infinity Spells but oh well. Guess I'll take that on if/when I get Reload.

Persona 4 Golden awaits...

#Persona #Persona3 #Persona3Portable #ShareYourGames

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