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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore… BEAT! - Fun game! Campy af, but the combat is a blast! Goofy story, and the game had some minor annoyances, but it didn’t overstay its welcome.

Ultimately, a wonderful palette cleanser from Octopath Traveler 2 AND a perfect prep game for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance next Friday.

Final score: B-

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I’m in the final chapter on Tokyo Mirage Seasion #FE Encore! 4 bosses down, 1 to go before the Final Boss!!!

Been a fun, campy Shin Megami Tensei meets Fire Emblem game, but I am glad it’s only 30-40 hours long. lol.

#gaming #videogames #tokyomiragesessions #jrpg #rpg #games #shinmegamitensei #fireemblem


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I’m going to frame and put one of these up in my home office, but which do I choose? Persona 2 or Devil Summoner?

Persona 2 Maya character art poster

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I have beat 3.
This was my first SMT and I have to say I have enjoy the game from the start.
Got hooked to the story, chars right away and game is way harder than any Persona game.
Only thing that I hated... dungeons are unnecessary complicated. Without a guide they are just time consuming.
Anyway, cant wait for

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Aww yeah got one of my holy grails II for JP Super Famicom

Back cover with Japanese text
Manual and game carriage

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I've finally caved and bought the Jack Frost plush from Fangamer.

#Persona #ShinMegamiTensei

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Today marks the release of the Official Design Works in Japan! ❤️

A ton of behind the scenes commentary and some interviews in this one - so if you're a fan - check it out!


SakuraHime, to Nintendo

Hello everyone, I'm new on Mastodon and I'm excited to be on a social network that is chill, without algorithm and without ads as it feels refreshing, relaxing and the concept of Fediverse / open online is really cool

There are many things I love to talk about but I particularly enjoy talking about Nintendo, JRPGs and Anime.

Nice to meet you 🥳

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I got these 2 games from the 2ndhand market. Blue Reflection was an impulse buy, but there's so few people selling #jrpgs here that I decided to grab it. It has terrible reviews! I haven't even once seen a good review of it, but I like to collect #koeitecmo games. Tokyo Mirage is an exclusive and a crossover of #shinmegamitensei and #fireemblem. Couldn't pass the opportunity to get it, but I haven't seen a lot of love for it either. #videogames #nintendoswitch #atlus

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Charge in SMTV: Waste of a turn, very niche use cases
Charge in P3R: If this crits the boss battle is over

#ShinMegamiTensei #Persona

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Nice in depth look at SMTV: Vengeance. In Japanese with English subtitles


『Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance』Special Program Spotlight

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I don't mean to judge, but holy hell the English-speaking narrator of the Nintendo Direct showcases has GOT to be one of the whitest sounding voices ever. Like, when POC comedians do a purposefully bad "white person" voice... it's this voice. lol

With that being said, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance was announced!!! =ooooo

#shinmegamitensei #nintendo #nintendoswitch #jrpg #videogames #games #gaming #nintendodirect

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Did you know that Trump makes a cameo in Shin Megami Tensei V???

I’m as surprised as you!

#trump #humor #Politics #videogames #games #gaming #shinmegamitensei

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It's been a while since I last posted these, and I've had a few recent additions, so here's updated photos of my #Persona and #ShinMegamiTensei Original Soundtrack collection. These little things bring me more joy than just about anything else I own

Still a few missing, most notably Persona 2 Innocent Sin, gotta catch 'em all!

#Soundtrack 🎶 :ablobcatheadphones: 🎶

14 CD soundtracks from the Shin Megami Tensei series

COMPU73E, to ShinMegamiTensei avatar

Easily one of the best CDs I own, one of the coolest covers, too #ShinMegamiTensei

COMPU73E, to ShinMegamiTensei avatar

New #ShinMegamiTensei wiki launched, entirely fan made and independent of the garbage Fandom owned site

kuchaibee, to UX

Hello everyone, this is my #introduction post! Hope I’m doing it right lol ^_^

I’m kuchaibee! A work-in-progress #SoftwareEngineer who also loves #UX design. General interests are #Videogames, #Anime, #Manga, #Art (especially #PixelArt), #Programming / #Coding, #Crafts, #Writing, #Books :)

Some stuff I’m a fan of: #Touhou, #ShinMegamiTensei, #Otome, #Digimon, #FinalFantasy, #Gundam, #Arknights, #Terraria, #MonsterHunter, and more!

Thanks for reading, and I hope we can be friends!

rei, to Anime

I see some people remaking their #introduction post for the new users coming in. So I'll be redoing mine as well here.

I'm a big #anime fan. Ocassionally read #manga too, depending on the mood.

Some of my favorite anime are #SteinsGate #NonNonBiyori #BocchiTheRock and #VinlandSaga. Some of my top characters are Okabe Rintarou, Bocchi, Thorfinn, Hishiro Chizuru and Makise Kurisu.

Games I'm a fan of: #Pokemon #ShinMegamiTensei #TheLegendOfZelda and recently #Mahjong in #MahjongSoul.

Besides anime and games, I also post about whatever songs I find that I really like. #JapaneseMusic mainly and/or #Hololive and other Vtubers' songs.

WolfOfCelestia, to granbluefantasy

Re now that I’m on a better server

My main fandoms are and but I’m also into the series ( included) and

I am also always looking for more and that catch my eye (but mainly my ears)

My favourite genre is . I am going through some of my library’s catalogue of switch games so I may post about it here. Currently playing touken ranbu warriors and

I occasionally write fics when I find the inspiration and the link to my ao3 account is on my profile. I like cute things and horror so those two might intermix frequently

I’m always open to ideas that are related to my interests so feel free to toss them at me

I hope we can get along :ablobcatwave:

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heya, I’m Sturg and I’m a huge fan of JRPGS(kiseki/trails, Final Fantasy, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ) and rhythm games (Groove Coaster, Taiko, Dj Max Respect)

Always looking for people to chat about these games with please feel free to reach out!

averagedood, to Sonic Spanish

Bueno, pues ya que me he tirado un tiempo muerto por curro, vamos a ver si le doy un soplo de aire fresco a esto aprovechándome del éxodo de Twitter xD.

#Introduccion 2.0

Yo soy un ser humano (probablemente) al que llaman Average. Me podéis encontrar en España, y la hamburguesa que os dejasteis anoche, en mi estómago.

Alto interés en anime, videojuegos, linux, RWBY, tengo título de técnico informático (no arreglo impresoras). De hecho, tiro en Arch Linux mi ordenador, y tengo intenciones de iniciarme un canal vtuber, el modelo me falta simplemente.

Me gusta el lore. De lo que sea. Lore, por favor y gracias. Si me das un par de datos de algo que ni conozco, lo mismo te saco una teoría del culo asi como quien no quiere la cosa.

Diiiicho todo esto, voy a dejar aquí un puñado de hashtags a ver si atraigo a gente de bien

#sonic #theowlhouse #Nintendo #Xbox #playstation #persona #shinmegamitensei #undertale #deltarune #linux #windows #android #videogames #music #art #shitpost #memes #doom #ultrakill #amd #intel #nvidia #SteamDeck #anime #vtuber #yakuza #LikeADragon #ttrpg #jrpg

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Aya Nishitani 西谷史 is on Twitter and has been posting super interesting threads recently about the early history of "Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei" and how the #ShinMegamiTensei series got started

Well worth checking out if you're a fan of the series, I love all the old artwork he's been posting :cat_heart:

lesamurais99, to mastodon French

🎶 1 jour - 1 Ost de jeu #8
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner : Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army OST - Battle theme

#Mastodon #Gaming #Retro #Retrogaming #PS2 #Playstation2 #RPG #rpgs #OST #Soundtrack #Soundtracks #SMT #ShinMegamiTensei #Raidou #Kuzunoha #Battle

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