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I'm just an internet explorer.

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B. Items marked with O are what you wanted when you were a child, and items marked with ✗are what you did not want. Make sentences using ほしい。


  1. O・テレビーゲーム

  2. ✗・指輪

  3. ✗・腕時計

  4. O・玩具

  5. ✗・花

RE: Is Ernest still here?

I check in here quite often, but for now, I'm just focusing on clearing spam and keeping the instance alive. In January, I was working on the AP module, and there has been significant progress in the work, which hasn't been publicly published yet. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, I developed a skin condition that...

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Get well soon, and thanks for the update.

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I. 日本がほしいです。

A. Items marked with O are what you want, and items marked with X are what you do not want. Make sentences using ほしい。

[O] 本・本がほしいです。
[X] マフラー・マフラーがほしくないです。

  1. [o] お金・お金がほしいです。
  2. [x] セーター・セーターはほしくないです。
  3. [x] パソコン・パソコンはほしくないです。
  4. [o] バイク・バイクがほしいです。
  5. [x] ぬいぐるみ・ぬいぐるみはほしくないです。
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B. Talk about part-time jobs

  1. アルバイトをしたことがありますか。


  1. いつしましたか。


  1. どんなアルバイトでしたか。


  1. 一週間に何日働きましたか。


  1. 一週間にいくらもらいましたか。


  1. どんなアルバイトがしてみたいですか。どうしてですか。


RTR#52 Busy month

This month, I managed to wrap up many overdue matters. It seems to me that I responded to the majority of lingering emails, and a few issues turned out to be so important that they took a few extra days. I also dealt with [a certain aspect related to the project, about which I'll be able to share more in a few weeks....

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Glad to hear you're okay. Hospital stuff is never fun. I hope you get well soon, and that the worst is behind you.

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I just use it to bring awareness to similar magazines/communities across the fediverse

What is going on with kbin - a week has passed with no sign of any life (kbin.melroy.org)

I know some of you consider this as documented whining. I hear you but won't stop sharing my opinion and reminding. I recommend continuing commenting on the original post to keep it a bit organized (this post is a link to it)...

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Agreed, every post I see from them further paints them as very childish and desperate for attention.

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every post I see from them further paints them as very childish and desperate for attention.

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It's not one week of inactivity, is has been going on for months

Looks at 2 months straight of kbin devlogs since October, when the man was having pretty significant personal issues

Not to mention he was: recently sick; tended to financial issues, and personal matters; formalities relating to the project. This isn't even mentioning that he communicated this in the devlog magazine. Or the fact that he has implemented suggestions multiple times at the request of the community to enhance QoL, and allowed users to have agency in making mod contributions.

You might want to take your own advice. This has also allowed me to revise my earlier statement. You people are actually insane.

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defaming them without due diligence, think about that before continuing

The irony here is unbelievable rofl you can't make this up. My previous statement was calling you childish and desperate for attention. Thanks for reminding me of that fact, so I can stop wasting my time. It is very clear you're not interested in a genuine and constructive conversation.

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I. Make sentences using the cues.

  1. 食堂があります。


  1. 私は先生に借りました。


  1. 父は私にくれました。


  1. 友達は住んでいます。


  1. 最近で来ました。


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Came here to post because I've also seen The Symphony of the Goddess live. The poster for it is behind me at the moment. Great experience.

To those genuinely interested in moderating

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...

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Since @ernest is the owner for that magazine, I think moderator requests have to go through him. Unfortunately, he was dealing with a slight fever awhile ago, and has been dealing with financial planning and project formalities awhile back as well. Hopefully things haven't gotten worse. For what it's worth, I think it's great you're eager to contribute. There have definitely been some spam issues recently. I hope a solution can be found soon. Maybe even something like posts which have a <10% upvote-to-downvote ratio over a day/week can be temporarily quarantined until an admin approves of it. Anyways, best of luck with modship.

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