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Easy way to "predict" the time frame for a Nintendo Direct

Sharing this because I’ve never heard anyone else mention it; Nintendo never lets their 1st/2nd party release schedule have less than one title with a slated release date in the future. Since we are approaching the release for Princess Peach Showtime, a Nintendo Direct with 1st/2nd party content is imminent....

Looking for a pro controller/handheld option. All suggestions appreciated.

I had the 8bitduo Ultimate and I loved it, though it was a little awkward to hold at first as I was more used to the slanted handle design of an Xbox controller. Unfortunately, I think I must have left it somewhere in public leading to it being stolen, as I haven’t seen it in a few months in spite of constantly looking for it....

Nintendo says Super Mario Bros. Wonder soared due to multiplayer magic (

I personally bought it because it looked like some innovation on the 2D Mario formula, which -to me- had become stale with New Super Mario Bros. The little I played multiplayer, I didn’t find it particularly great, mostly when players have very different level of skill. I think this might be a case of “correlation does not...

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