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Attempting to parse Authenticated Transfer Protocol, or Atproto

As Bluesky begins to open up more and more, it’s felt more pertinent to try to wrap my head around it. To help in this, I decided to write out my rough understanding of it from its documentation, in the hopes that it may help others and myself with any corrections from misunderstandings....

Blocking AI crawlers on the fediverse (fedia.io)

Given how Reddit now makes money by selling its data to AI companies, I was wondering how the situation is for the fediverse. Typically you can block AI crawlers using robot.txt (Verge reported about it recently: https://www.theverge.com/24067997/robots-txt-ai-text-file-web-crawlers-spiders). But this only works per...

Opportunity to educate potential users about the fediverse

With the advent of Reddit going public and selling user data an opportunity has arisen. I still consume Reddit from time to time and noticed in the threads about these things that a lot of displeased users were there. But when they ask what alternatives there are, lemmy is barely mentioned at all. So if you’re still on there,...

Steps towards a safer fediverse (privacy.thenexus.today)

The good news is that there are some straightforward opportunities for significant short-term safety improvements. If fediverse funders, developers, businesses, and “influencers” start prioritizing investing in safety, the fediverse can turn what’s currently a big weakness into a huge strategic advantage....

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