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Did you know that Japanese once only had four colors? Taking a closer look at the history of colors in Japanese provides a surprisingly deep insight into Japanese culture and history.


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#Canada said it granted #RefugeeStatus to two #Japanese #women last September due to widespread #discrimination they faced in #Japan as #lesbians.

Ottawa also cited the lack of legal marriage in Japan for same-sex couples as a reason to certify the couple as refugees, noting the couple was denied the benefits given under the Japanese system to those in opposite-sex marriages.


#AsianMastodon #AsianLGBTQ #HumanRights

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2399 Days with Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli 2023 ジブリと宮崎駿の2399日

A produced by following the director Hayao Miyazaki in the production of “The Boy & The Heron” over 7 years.

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Today I learned the #Japanese equivalent of the #English phrase 'Food Porn' is '飯テロ' or 'Meshi Tero', where the 'tero' part is a borrow word for 'terrorism'.

The literal translation is 'Food Terrorism'. Consider that in relation to the Japanese penchant for filling their #SocialMedia streams with pictures of every single thing they eat.


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Story of a Prostitute 1965 春婦伝
Directed by Seijun Suzuki

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ICYMI: Japan is experiencing a huge influx of tourists. As a result, some stores and restaurants are struggling with how to handle customers who don’t speak Japanese. Learn how one restaurant owner took out his frustration on social media – & had to close his store shortly after.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #restaurants #japanese #travel

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Surprised at over 23,000 downloads of my publications at Humanities Commons, with something for everyone, such as:

"Understanding Intelligence and Genius" (1,214 downloads)

"Taxonomy of Bilingualism series" (1,748 downloads)

"Symbolism of Fire and Air in Greco-Roman and Japanese Creation Myths" (1,427 downloads)

"Bilingual Haiku Scroll" (838 downloads)

"Series on What is the Academic Life?" (955)

"Newspaper articles in Japanese" (1526 downloads):

"Web 2.0 Technologies for Research and Mobility" (2,141 downloads):

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New at my Patreon... I visited Matta, a delightful brunch cafe with Japanese influences in the quiet leafy middle suburbs. Curry omelette rice with chicken karaage, anyone?

Dateline Melbourne: Japanese brunch in the suburbs https://www.patreon.com/posts/104028257

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Modern society tends to see quitting as a sign of weakness, but Buddhist teaching has extolled the benefits of letting go of something at the right time. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2024/05/10/language/giving-up-buddhism-japanese-grammar-jlpt/

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NEW PUBLICATION: "Film Review: 'Snack Sakura' Reflects Ambiguity of Japan’s Vintage Nightlife." Unseen Japan (April 2024). https://unseen-japan.com/review-snack-sakura-documentary

This review, at a popular site for people interested in Japan, could serve as a guide to watching the new documentary about Japanese hostess bars. It's a new genre for me, although I have some background in journalism: https://japanned.hcommons.org/journalism

My academic publications on Japan are available at https://japanned.hcommons.org/japanology

@unseenjapan @sociology @psychology

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With so much Japanese media available now, it can be tricky knowing which ones to use as language learning tools. Here’s how to use Japanese drama to learn Japanese and improve your Japanese comprehension, listening, and speaking skills.



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The worst type of in are the westerners who complain about tourists (quite often, actually , or but they don't know or care to tell the difference) and don't realize that it's actually them who are the most annoying.

I see way more bad or stupid behavior, especially in , from western tourists than Asian tourists.

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@Blf_tpe Indeed! Especially and - the relationship between them has really improved in the past ~5 years. Koreans alone were 30-40% of inbound tourists in March (Asian countries were 8 of the top 10).

Asian tourists also travel to more parts of , while westerners mostly go to the same 4-5 places.

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I learned a character in the other day that was defined as amount; or picture frame. 🤬

I was swearing at that--how can one word have meanings that dissimilar? How can I remember that?

But then today walking in the city I passed the Latitude nightclub. I'd seen that in other cities-- it is a good name for a nightclub, in the sense of permission to bend the rules a bit.

Or a line in the map marking distance from the equator.

🤬 How did one word get such dissimilar meanings??


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A restaurant in Tokyo had to close temporarily after its owner ranted on social media about a non-Japanese couple who came to the store. Learn why the remarks are so controversial - and how some Japanese restaurants are struggling with the influx of tourists.


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Been 20+ yrs and even tho partner and I saw it a few times then, we can't seem to remember too much by way of specifics/details.
Rewatching now and it's the overall treat we recall. Hilarious too

Two people sitting and reaching out towards bowls of raamen in front of them
Chopsticks picking up pork from a bowl of ramen. Subtitles say Caress it with the chopstick tips

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A newspaper feature using Pokemon to teach Japanese dialects gained traction on Twitter due to an unexpected double meaning. Twitter users were surprised to learn that “chinchin" means something...different there.


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Building a Large Japanese Web Corpus for Large Language Models: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.17733

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Our family friend Mimi Wada co-produced and co-starred in the new #documentary "Snack Sakura" that shows #snacks (#Japanese hostess #bars) through the experiences of the expert Canadian #photographer Greg Girard. It is under 25 minutes and posted for free at https://hi-lo.tv/Our-Work or permalink https://player.vimeo.com/video/935465833

Other professors used to take me to snacks when I was single, so I was well aware that hostesses were mostly divorced or single mothers. Mimi sheds light on the nature of snacks by saying that #Japan has a dark side. Regarding the #social #inequality that Greg mentions, Mimi clarifies that there is a double standard whereby men can go to snacks openly, but it is shameful for #women to work in them. Now I'm a family man, but I sympathize with such women, who would otherwise have to #work for close to the minimum wage.

A documentary succeeds insofar as it sheds light on the topic. If you watch it, perhaps let us know your impressions.

@sociology @psychology

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Sumadera (須磨寺) is a unique full of iconographic , at the western end of Kōbe (神戸). Perhaps because it's not in Kyōto or Nara, there is little information available online about Sumadera, even in . It was founded in 886 and has its own branch of Kūkai's : Sumadera-ha (真言宗須磨寺派). It is internationally active, and a place for practices rather than an outdoor museum. By the same token, it's free to enter.
Suma appears in ancient waka poetry (和歌) of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables, and is associated with the Heike Monogatari (平家物語). I was determined to go, despite the rain, because I'd read an article clarifying wabi and sabi with a coincidentally about Suma. The first photos show Sumadera's exchanges with resulting in a display of Tibetan and . Although there was light rain on the beach at first, later up at Sumadera the day turned bright.

@religion @mythology

Hindu figure Saraswati
Buddhist pagoda and Shintō shrine
Active Buddhist priests

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These old Japanese train tickets really are very nice, too bad all of the images lack descriptions.

Would any of the folks be interested in helping write them, particularly those who speak ?


via https://toot.wales/@daycoder/112342370900666930

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