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Born and raised in London. Just a normal guy with a moral compass.

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Duolingo is actively and nefariously designed around making you feel the need to open it.

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Oh this is fantastic. It’s definitely something that’s been missing and been a conundrum in regards to figuring out how to sort it. Glad to see the PixelFed developer figured out how to do it.

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I hope Brook takes some inspiration from Venus

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I’m a big fan of the Fediverse and Lemmy in particular. Thanks to the Fediverse, but mostly Lemmy, I was able to build my home lab and now when I walk around my house, the lights come on by themselves. I love the conversions I get into. I love the open nature of Lemmy and how you can look at the repositories and watch how it grows.

There’s definitely things that can be better and I’m happy to be on the train.

My only true desire is to see more people and communities distributed across more instances.

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The film pretty much answers this question

sabreW4K3, (edited )
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Ain’t nobody want this

However, he also clarified that plans for this were not finalized yet, and if it were to happen, it would be optional for VLC users.

Happy to see some sanity prevails.

Having read the article, it sounds like the logical evolution of VLC. FAST Channels are here to stay and they actually are a vital thing in a world where Google have a monopoly on online video. While they’re not what I would go for, I’m glad they’re available as even my cable provider offers FAST channels.

Will be interesting to see VLC compete with JWPlayer and the various forks of it.

Also I don’t think anyone disagrees that the core needs rewriting and the UI needs a refresh. Wonder when Android will start seeing these builds on the beta channel.

Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (www.novelupdates.com)

Started this ages ago and thought it was one of the worst things I had the pleasure of reading, but for some unknown reason, I didn’t delete it. Anyway, after a few months I ended up coming back to it and persisted a little bit and then to my surprise, it started getting good. 900 chapters in and it’s now actually enjoyable.

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It’s a beautiful thing and now that I’m over 1500 chapters in, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s actually good. Nowhere near faultless, but a good novel in that it’s entertaining, enjoyable and gripping.

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!Spoiler tags!<

Don’t work in the standard Lemmy way

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spoilerSpoiler via Web UI

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The Immich logo is a massive improvement.

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