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PSA you can use Scaled and Controversial sort types in Sync for Lemmy even if it hasn't been integrated in the app if you set them as your default sort type in the web page settings.

Hi, as soon as I noticed this was a thing I headed to this community to let anyone else know that you can use the newest sort types in the Sync for Lemmy app with that nice workaround… But I just found a lot of “Sink and Sync threads” here that I actually thought the sort bugged my app/feed lol, what a good timing....

PSA: advanced markdown in Sync for Lemmy is broken (spoilers, etc.) and will only appear to work properly to other Sync users.

For example. >!if you’re on Sync this looks like it works!< but it’s actually using reddit style markdown, not Lemmy’s so anyone using the site or other apps will see the text immediately without it being obscured. Same for superscripts for another example. Sync will just insert ^ in front of the text (^like ^this ) but...

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