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Volunteer amateur systems administrator for Beehaw. Stay-at-home dad. Outdoor enthusiast.

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This is good to know if I ever need it. Fortunately, we have many barn swallows that nest/breed on our property. They spend most of their days flying all over our property eating mosquitos and other small bugs such as black flies. I, rarely, see these bugs on our property.

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I’ve always learned a great deal from your writing and I appreciate it. I believe that you have a firm grasp on interpersonal communication skills.

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Why is the NYT accessing the camera when going to the linked article?

This isn’t happening to me. Not sure why it’s happening to you.

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Is it the average American news sources messing with people’s minds that much?

I’d estimate that 98% of American news sources are either very biased or straight up propaganda machines. I can only rely on National Public Radio and The Associated Press.

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…I have no idea how you would even begin to resolve the issue.

For now, we must encourage all of the younger people to vote. The younger people are, understandably, frustrated by the current American political system. It can be changed with more participation over time. Doing nothing (not voting, etc.) just worsens the problem.

The far right GOP knows all of this and makes it difficult for anyone to vote. They use tactics such as gaslighting in order to cheat their way into office.

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We can still find engagement in small niche subs on Reddit. We’ve known, for many years, that people were going to move away from large corporate-controlled sites such as Reddit, Twitter etc…

The Fediverse is addressing this. It isn’t a panacea. However, it is a re-imagining of what we want the Internet to be.

There are many others, that will come along after us, to address this further.

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you’re an idiot

Name-calling isn’t nice. Remember to be(e) nice at Beehaw. Consider this a warning.

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Still having lots of fun with Diablo 4 season 4.

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