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Israel Attack on Iran Is What World War III Looks Like (theintercept.com)

But this, in fact, is what actual war looks like these days: Sometimes it’s a volley of 300 missiles and drones, and sometimes it is lean, targeted, and carried out covertly. Gone are the days of vast conquering armies and conventional military confrontations between two parties. So long as experts, the government, and the...

Blinken Is Sitting on Staff Recommendations to Sanction Israeli Military Units Linked to Killings or Rapes (www.propublica.org)

A special State Department panel told Secretary of State Antony Blinken that the U.S. should restrict arms sales to Israeli military units that have been credibly accused of human rights abuses. He has not taken any action.

Inside Israel’s Bombing Campaign in Gaza: Israeli journalist Yuval Abraham on his investigations of the I.D.F.’s use of A.I.-backed targeting systems (www.newyorker.com)

An excellent interview from the journalist whose investigative reporting exposed the extensive use of machine learning systems by Israel to target Hamas members while at home with their families.

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