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Biden pressure on Israel not enough, say dissenting US officials (

The views of seven current and former US government officials reflect the way internal objections to policy continue to mount. They said many government workers were voicing their frustrations in unofficial forums that include at least a dozen groups on messaging apps, which the officials said counted hundreds of administration...

‘Moscow Marjorie’: Republican accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of irresponsible Ukraine rhetoric (

The far-right Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is ungovernable and should be known as “Moscow Marjorie”, said a former Republican colleague in the US House, accusing Greene of “getting her talking points from the Kremlin” when opposing new federal aid for Ukraine....

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a conservative think tank’s president pushed Speaker Mike Johnson to approve more aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russia (

Pompeo, who served in the Trump administration, said in a letter with John Walters, the CEO and president of the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, that protecting Ukraine is connected to issues at home, making the argument as some Republicans, including Johnson, have previously insisted the U.S. must secure the border...

‘You have imprisoned our democracy’: inside Republicans’ domination of Tennessee (

Conservative domination – maintained by gerrymandered districts, disenfranchised voters and an increasing sense of political despair – insulates Tennessee Republicans from political consequences for unpopular decisions. Challenged in public by increasing activism on the left and apocalyptic rhetoric on the right, Tennessee...

‘Building an authoritarian axis’: the Trump ‘envoy’ courting the global far right is unsettling diplomats and threatens to collapse US interests (

Meet Richard Grenell, vocal tribune of Trump’s America First credo on the international stage and the man hotly tipped to become secretary of state if the presumed Republican nominee beats Joe Biden in November’s presidential election....

How investment firms shield the ultrawealthy from the IRS (

An investigation examining hundreds of leaked IRS forms offers a glimpse into the often-hidden challenges the U.S. tax agency faces in tackling the favorite new global investment vehicles of the ultrawealthy. That review and interviews with more than a dozen former tax officials show an agency struggling with not only a shortage...

In Alabama, abortion and IVF helped flip a red set in a special election (

Democrat Marilyn Lands won a special election for an Alabama state House seat, flipping a Republican-held seat by campaigning on abortion rights in the deep-red state that bans abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. Lands won 62 percent of the nearly 6,000 votes cast, while her challenger, Republican Teddy Powell, won...

Washington Strippers Win Bill of Rights (

The campaign’s primary focus for the new law has been on improving dancers’ working conditions especially around expanded safety regulations. Strip clubs in Washington will now be required to hire full-time security guards, add keypad locks to dressing room doors, and conduct sexual harassment training for all employees....

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