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Hopelessly melomaniac and left handed. Concert Animal. Photo amateur. Miniature painter. Nerd.

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📍 Aachen, Germany
🩸 Granada, Spain

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@HailsandAles not exactly new music, but new live release. From 2 days ago:


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#ThursdayFiveList, #TheBlade (by @neurothing) or another excuse to share something from Emma 😉

Emma Ruth Rundle "Razor's edge"

Amaranthe "Razorblade" https://songwhip.com/amaranthe/razorblade

Trivium "Poison, the Knife or the Noose"

Be'lakor "From Scythe to Spectre"

Noctule "Elven Sword"

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Ok, whatevs. I surrender. Here it goes...

Chelsea Wolfe "The Culling"


(sorrynotsorry 🙈)

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Every topic is a good excuse to share a bit Chelsea Wolfe, don't you think so? Or maybe not, and it is just "Crazy Love" from my side ;P

Chelsea Wolfe

Van Morrison

#TuneTuesday #SameTitleDifferentSong @Kitty @SimoRavens19

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A very random question, have any of you fans, even get an e-book reader into a concert venue in Germany? Is there any regulation on that front or each venue does what they want?

I always tend to go very extremely light to concerts, fearing the security control at the entrance. But those 2+ hrs (one go, one back) of trains weight a lot, and a book feels like a perfect solution. But stupidly in Germany lockers at venues are AFTER the control... 😒

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With today's #ThursdayFiveList and its theme #TheKnowledge, @neurothing just gave me another excuse to share something from the amazing Emma 🙈

ERR "Arms I know so well"

GGGOLDDD "And I know now"

Sir Chloe "Know better"

Sharon Van Etten "You know me well"

Epica "Kingdom of Heaven Pt.5 - A new age dawns"

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Good morning dear music lovers!

Today is again my favourite hashtag, today It's (by @loewe )!!

Yesterday night, in a kind of last minute impulse, I got a ticket for next Monday and, guess what? It will be all women fronting on stage! So here is my menu for today.

Let's go! 👇 (1/4)

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Now, to atone myself from the previous, a song I must have shared already 3 o 4 times but... well deserved, it is masterpiece.

Dark Tranquillity "Lethe"

#goosebumps #TuneTuesday @Kitty @HailsandAles


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You know what day it is, but I do not know what to share so... I am just gonna drop a bit more of this artists cause of yes.

Chelsea Wolfe "Everything Turns Blue"

cc/ @loewe

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#ThursdayFiveList @neurothing
#TheBelovedTune @alicemcalicepants

According to Last.fm it is my most listened to song ever. There must be something about never getting sick of it... 😅

Placebo "The Bitter End"

(Some of) the others...

Arch Enemy "My Apocalypse"

Eluveitie "Primordial Breath"

Iron Maiden "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

Dark Tranquillity "Lethe"

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Tomorrow I will be back to routine. 😔

Routine includes live music and tons of headbanging. 😈

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Here's another lullaby for @sproing's #lullabies and @Kitty's #TuneTuesday

Mothica "Lullaby"

lautmaler, to PostHardcore
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In a week and a day from now, if the employees of the Deutsche Bahn decide so (aka: no strikes, heh), I will be seeing live again to the amazing Serena Cherry with her equally amazing band, Svalbard.

Svalbard "Eternal Spirit"

by @loewe

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One of my favourite songs ever for this #TuneTuesday (by @Kitty) and its #GhostStorySongs (by @HauntedOwlbear)

Nightwish "Ghost Love Score"

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Spotify discovery weekly always have something interesting for me to share on #BlackMetalMonday (by @HailsandAles) 🤓

White Ward "Phoenix"


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It's (by @loewe) and when I am not thinking of all my problems around, I am just thinking in what a torrent of energy Mimi Barks was yesterday night!

Mimi Barks "FSU"

She makes... trap? rap? I dunno, but I have seen her name in metal festivals and I think she totally deserves it.

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Happy Birthday to #TunesTuesday!! (by @Kitty) and such a nice theme from @Nicolaa to celebrate it #IBoughtItFirst

The year 0 of my own music history, was known to the rest of the world as 1998. Back in that day, some weirdos were creating what to me was amazing music. Actually, still is. I collected the change of my school's lunch for months until I had enough for the album. I was 13.

But there is no fire without a spark. Here is the spark:

Garbage "When I grow up"

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Yesterday, partly due to mood partly due to a chaotic day, I did not see the time to support any band in #BandcampFriday. But then now I was wide awake at 7:20 and I took the chance to grab a pair of albums.

If you, like me, are sleepless or are simply an early bird, you still have around 1h of BandcampFriday! Go!

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#TheReturn of #ThursdayFiveList by @neurothing it's about to return :P

Lyschko "Zurück (zu dir)"

Emma Ruth Rundle "Return"

Daugther "Swim Back"

Lita Ford "Back to the cave"

Predatory Void "Endless Return to the Kingdom of Sleep"

lautmaler, to HipHop
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After rather long consideration, I finally decided to go to the concert next Tuesday. The supporting act is a woman who makes very suggesting music. It is some sort of but it is dark, obsessive, it feels dangerous. In short, I love it.

Here an example:

Mimi Barks "Klingen & Stitches"

by @loewe

lautmaler, to folkmetal
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The first song that came to mind is not one with lyrics that mean a lot to me, but a song that means a lot to me: It was this one the first song I ever sang along with the crowd in German language (aka: felt integrated)

In Extremo "Feuertaufe"

by @Kitty
by @pgs

lautmaler, to photography
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Beloved mastodon #photographer and #photography aficionado, I need some help:

I am trying to leave Lightroom Classic for a cheaper (or open source) alternative. But there is a feature from LR that I haven't seen in the options I tried already: the library filter.

What is important to me is that I can see and filter quickly by "camera" and "lens".

Any hint?

(extra details in next toot 👇)

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@mbr and @MFDOOMALLCAPS are saying, not without a reason, that there is not enough of Emma Ruth Rundle around. Therefore, I want to bring to your attention that this amazing creative mind, hides also behind other names. Here for example:

The Nocturnes "Aokigahara"

Bonus track to #MusicWomenWednesday by @loewe

#postrock #shoegaze

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It's (by @loewe) and today I am bringing you a few maybes. I mean, artists I am doubting to get a ticket to see live. ;)

Yonaka "Seize the Power"

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The lyrics of Cherry Glazerr made me remember of another band I saw some years ago. I remember how there was a quite tall boy right in front of the stage in that small location (180ppl max) which, along with the attitude of this band, ended up making the band push all boys to the back and demand all the girls to the front. The concert wouldn't have continued if we wouldn't have obeyed. 😄

Dream Wife "Somebody"


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I am gonna end my contributions to today's (by @loewe) by sharing her again because of yes.

Chelsea Wolfe "16 Psyche"

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