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Real ones remember vlemmy.net. One of the first instances post-Reddit migration to go away suddenly

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Anyone know how current this is? Is there some sort of community that can help troubleshoot if needed?

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That’s what I’m hoping for, got burned in some Blender courses a few years ago when I didn’t do some due diligence lol. Thanks!

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Same issue on latest version of LibreWolf

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Eventually Linus himself will come and personally re-write your cfg file for you

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You probably shouldn’t be accessing a linux distro’s website from mobile

I don’t think it’s good to hand-wave a website’s poor user experience and instead blame the user’s device. The fact of the matter is that Debian’s website is not as responsive as it could (imo, should) be and results in a bad user experience. With mobile traffic being responsible for over 55% of the internet’s traffic, it can be generally assumed a user’s first experience learning about a distro will be on a mobile device. If that first impression is bad, that can spell bad news for that distro’s adoption/onboarding.

kryllic, (edited )
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In a nutshell, a backdoor was intentionally planted by a malicious actor in xz Utils, an open-source data compression utility widely used in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. This discovery was made by Andres Freund, a developer and engineer working on Microsoft’s PostgreSQL offerings. He was troubleshooting performance problems on a Debian system. Specifically, SSH logins were consuming excessive CPU cycles and generating errors with Valgrind, a memory debugging tool. Through sheer luck and Freund’s careful eye, he eventually discovered that these issues were the result of updates made to xz Utils. Upon closer inspection, he found that updates to xz Utils were the result of a maliciously inserted backdoor. The backdoor, present in xz Utils versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1, manipulated the sshd executable, allowing anyone with a predetermined encryption key to upload and execute arbitrary code on affected devices.

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No prob! I think Ars Technica had the best writeup imo: arstechnica.com/…/what-we-know-about-the-xz-utils…

TIL the dev of Iron Lung, an acclaimed indie horror game, faced significant backlash over increasing the price from $6 to $8 (www.ign.com)

Then, responding to those who have said he’s “only doing this for the money", Szymanski tweeted: “Yes, no fucking shit. I make games for a living. If I didn't want to earn money from them I wouldn't charge money for them.”...

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"I like the business model of ‘I want money so I make something that I think is worth money, and you pay me that money and you get the thing, and we’re all happy’,” Szymanski continued. “That’s it. There’s nothing complicated or hidden here.

Lmao I love it, gonna get this game now

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Never heard of this, but it looks like a FOSS version of stellarium? Way cool, and the site gives nostalgic Web 1.0 vibes

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And to be fair, that whole narwhal bacon thing was a weird fad of internet culture as a whole, not just on Reddit (think pre-2014 internet imo)

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Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this so I can officially ditch edge

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It’s a Microsoft thing, there’s a banner in the store page that says the patch is still being reviewed by Microsoft or something.

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The unsealed court order wasn’t just fishing for a list of vague identifiers that could be winnowed down to a list of suspects and a follow-up warrant demanding actual identifying information on these ~30,000 YouTube users. No, it appears the feds led with the big ask, demanding names, addresses, phone numbers, and user activity for every viewer of these videos between January 1-8, 2023. AND(!!) it asked Google to provide IP addresses for all viewers who were not logged into (or did not possess) Google accounts.

That’s fucked

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Introducing: No Man’s Sky: ORBITAL.

Dock your fully customised starship in the sleek new space stations of update 4.6, ORBITAL! Space stations have been completely overhauled internally and externally; new starships can be constructed from salvaged parts; frigate fleets can reach out for guidance with interstellar expeditions; standing and guilds have been improved, trading and system economies have been deepened - and much more!

Full patch notes here: www.nomanssky.com/orbital-update

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Full patch notes:


  • Space stations have been completely overhauled and refreshed.
  • Station exteriors now come in a huge array of procedurally generated shapes and colours, as well as at an increased scale.
  • Space station interiors are now procedurally generated.
  • Space station interiors now have a huge amount of lighting and visual variation.
  • Station interior designs now reflect the race of the local system authorities.
  • The various key space station merchants and interactions have all been visually refreshed.
  • Players can now use the Quick Menu to switch their docked ship while aboard the space station, providing the ship in question has functioning launch thrusters.


  • Introduced a number of optimisations and visual improvements to screen space reflection rendering.
  • Reflection rendering has been revised to reduce noise and make the effect more stable.
  • The lighting model for reflections has been improved to achieve a more realistic, physically based look.


  • While away on expeditions, frigates may now call home via the starship communicator or the fleet command terminal on your freighter.
  • The fleet commander may seek your advice in dealing with a tricky situation, or may even request direct assistance.
  • Your decisions at these moments, or your efforts in coming to the aid of your fleet, have a direct impact on the outcome and rewards for your fleet missions.
  • Fixed a number of text issues when using the captain’s terminal on a frigate.
  • The player’s torch is no longer auto-activated when boarding a frigate.
  • The frigate teleporter can no longer be triggered while the frigate is away on a mission.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause asteroid flickering when warping to a system that contains a frigate fleet.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented outlaw frigates that are not away on a mission from being warped in to defend the player when under attack by hostile starships.
  • Nearby fleets will now always deploy fighters to assist the player in combat, even if they are on a mission.
  • When landing on an outlaw frigate, the captain will now greet you with an appropriate message.


  • A new interaction, the Starship Fabricator, has been added to the space station.
  • The fabricator allows you to build your own custom fighter, hauler or explorer starship.
  • When salvaging a ship, the process can now be targeted at specific visuals, e.g. reclaiming the wings or thruster array specifically. These harvested components can then be combined to create a brand-new ship.
  • Purchase starship reactors from space station technology merchants to determine the stats and class of your new starship.
  • The fabricator also allows you to choose unique colour and paint styles for your new ship.
  • Starships salvaged from the wild or purchased from another pilot benefit from universal authentication, granting them a bonus to future trade-in values.


  • The splash screen and mode select screens have been visually overhauled.
  • The options screens have been tweaked for visual clarity.
  • The in-game patch notes have had a visual upgrade.
  • Purchase and decline buttons in various UI pages have been re-styled.
  • The compare and purchase screens have been tweaked for clarity.
  • When using “Transfer More” to add items to a slot, the popup will now only show valid items.
  • When a mission location is marked, the icon will now briefly start in the centre of the screen before moving to its usual position, making it easier to track off-screen locations.
  • Fixed an issue that added an additional delay to the creation of markers for mission events.


  • Space station technology merchants now have a wider range of upgrades, with more high quality modules available.
  • Space station technology merchants now offer a price discount based on your standing with their faction.
  • The starship Economy Scanner can now be activated from the ship’s inventory as well as from the quick menu.
  • The Economy Scanner can now detect nearby trade surges, in addition to detecting planetary outposts.
  • Trade surges are time-limited events in nearby systems that offer an increased profit margin on key goods. Find a source of the required trade items to take advantage of these surges.
  • A system’s economy description on the galaxy map now uses a consistent label to describe the goods they buy and sell.
  • The guild envoys for the Merchants, Mercenaries and Explorers Guilds now offer a wide selection of items to their members.
  • Find guild envoys aboard space stations.
  • Each envoy offers a range of free supplies and heavily discounted items, with eligibility based on your current standing with their guild. The exact items vary from system to system but are tailored to each specific guild.
  • Envoys will also accept donations to guild supplies, in exchange for increasing your standing with their guild.
  • Vanquished pirate starships now yield Pirate Transponders, which can be donated to the Mercenaries Guild for a boost to standing.
  • The clarity and presentation of the buttons to view journey milestones and faction standing within the catalogue have been improved.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the catalogue system standing button to lead to the wrong page.
  • A number of new alien words have been added, ready to learn and translate.
  • The trade terminal found on space stations now has a clearer name and subtitle.


  • A large number of new base parts have been added, based on the decoration style of the space station.
  • Research these parts with salvaged data at the construction research terminal on the Space Anomaly.
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