Dad of 3, 1 of which #ActuallyAutistic; #ForeignLanguage teacher and author; #language nerd; #BloodBowl nerd; #MiniaturePainting nerd; #humanities nerd; I know everything better but really should know better.

Did you know teachers in the Netherlands get x-ray lenses, aural augmentation implants and eyes in the back of their heads?

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erikcats, to animals

Okay fuck this for a game of soldiers.

Have been bed-ridden* since Tuesday afternoon incapacitated by fucking flu, and last night at 00:30 I woke up to an arrhythmia. Beta blockers worked a treat the way they usually do and I've now had enough of being ill.

Got mildly dressed, went downstairs, and am now tapping into that sweet sweet endorphins release.

  • Why is it bed-ridden? Was I covered in beds? sort your shit out

@pidgeon_pete BUT SIR I get that for flea ridden dogs, who are generally scabby and be infested with whole clans riding them, but wouldn't I have to be doing the bed-riding?

I DEMAND CONSISTENCY (and knowing I'm demanding this of what is basically a greedy child's pocket equivalent of a language, I know this is futile)


@roofuskit yes and as it turns out, I AM the bed-rider!

NinjaDebugger, to random avatar

ha ha ha fuck

Shipping on my battletech mercenaries pledge is $112. In the US.


@NinjaDebugger what fuck

Are they delivering it to you in person?

tlacamazatl, to languagelearning avatar

@tlacamazatl @languagelovers ... did AI write this?

erikcats, to ageofsigmar

I have a highly specific question that I would like to ask to the

Which bands can very easily double for ?

In the school we are looking to diversify the range of games available to students. For both of the above games the max warband size is capped at around 15.

But do the rules reflect that? Do we have any grognards here who can help with this?

If you see this, please share widely!

Warcry art

erikcats, to bloodbowl

#hobbystreak day 864

Dug out a baobab tree for a #BloodBowl project that stalled over 2 years back, and I gave it its first layer of colour.

Also did an image search for it. It's going to be wild.

Worked on the base markings of my #Mordheim warband. Tomorrow to get rid of the final spots of white.

#MiniPainting ##MiniaturePainting #PaintingMinis #PaintingMiniatures #Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #Warmongers #DieAntwoord

Collage of steels from die Antwoord's Fatty Boom Boom and their graffiti art
15cm high baobab tree sans foliage. Add 3 for that. It's ridiculous.

DrunkOnTea, to Warhammer avatar

@DrunkOnTea further crossing of the streams!

Linux, to linux avatar

:linux: Linux hit 4% on the global usage for desktop! 📈

It appears that +1% has been added on Linux marketshare worldwide in ~8 months.

What do YOU think? :thinkergunsunglasses:


@Linux I'm still very much daunted by it all


@Linux that Linux requires some level of understanding of how computers and coding work to get things running the way I am comfortable with tbh. And the fear that, if it doesn't work, I might have to invest incredible amounts of time recovering or restoring.

DrunkOnTea, to Warhammer avatar

Really enjoyed painting up this angry chef by Midlam Miniatures today. He will make a great addition to my villagers for use in various games.


@DrunkOnTea he's gonna donk someone with that spoon

erikcats, to bloodbowl

New #BloodBowl just dropped hahahaha 40k nerds pay attention, this is how you introduce new models😆😆😆😆

#warmongers #Warhammer #warhammercommunity #OnTheBall

erikcats, to random

#Hobbystreak day 844 part 2, #RumourEngine

#Fedipaint theme: cold?

Add snow!

DrunkOnTea, to Warhammer avatar

@DrunkOnTea keep em coming!

erikcats, to random

That's a new one

Instead of paint water I drank oyamaru clay water

#Warmongers #paintwater #DontDrinkPaintWater #MiniatureGaming

Oyamaru clay moulds


@DrunkOnTea joyless and bland. Kinda like tea without tea, which it basically was, TBF 😂

martinemussies, to languagelovers avatar

...another question for the #Dutch #scholars here 😅

Does anyone know anything about the etymology of "takkeherrie"...?

Might be something for a blog, @fonolog and @GastonDorren ?

#durftevragen #nederlands



@martinemussies @languagelovers bit late to the party, but my go-to for questions about Dutch etymology is

Found this one there

DrunkOnTea, to Warhammer avatar

Today I painted up an Imperial Guardsman in the style of the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers. Two great satirical universes becoming one. "Service Guarantees Citizenship"


@DrunkOnTea I like that crossing of the streams - don't know if you intended it to be, but my Humanities mind sees this as an act of criticism on both😆

thatdamnelf, to 3DPrinting avatar

The Forges Move Forward

While the Warmaster Titan's torso starts on the printer, it is time that I begin posing the legs. I had to get creative with how I tightened it down to keep the Gorilla Glue's expansion from moving it out of the pose I wanted. This guy is BIG as seen by the the Bloodmaster by its foot.



@thatdamnelf @warhammer40k loving all posts on this

this project is roaring drunk decision levels oversized and I'm here for it, even if it's sci-fi😂

roofuskit, to minipainting avatar

"I just need to paint what I have started and I'll have a field-able army," I said. "No need to start new models," I said.

"Oh, these units would make my army so much better for the tournament though..."

I have about two weeks. lol


@roofuskit oh wow that's massive and ambitious! But my guess is, it's gonna be awesome too

18+ DrunkOnTea, to random avatar

Sorry I've been absent for a while, I've been feeling really rough, which resulted in a trip to the hospital. I'm starting to feel like I'm on the mend now.


@DrunkOnTea hey buddy, I'm really sorry to hear that, apart from the feeling on the mend bit! Take it easy, nobody expects you to work against yourself or post content all day every day or paint models (except maybe only some harsh soulless fucks you're free to ignore)

erikcats, to miniaturepainting

Just as a reminder for all #MiniaturePainting peeps, this 2 toot🧵, 1/2, feel free to share!

The ten commandments of Miniature Painting are:

  1. do not self-deprecate

  2. be proud of what you've made

  3. giving others a small compliment, even a thumbs up emoji, goes a long way

  4. if you can't find it in you to follow commandment 3, STFU

  5. do not offer advice or suggestions for improvement unprompted

#10CommandmentsOfMiniaturePainting #Warhammer #wargaming #PaintingMinis #MiniPainting


I started this #10CommandmentsOfMiniaturePainting thing with a Discord server reply when some people were talking about their painting habits. It's a lot more entertaining but not necessarily more legible. The latter is why I cut off a lot of the fat in the above.

DrH, to art avatar

Chameleon earrings.

Inspired by a SM video of a chameleon, I decided to turn the little colour-changing lizard into earrings.

But how to represent their colour-changing in painted form?
A rainbow.
Thus making them both colourful and inclusive.

Crafted from a piece of plasticard and painted by hand.

#Jewellery #Earrings #Art #Chameleon

Two views of a pair of chameleon earrings. Showing them curled around their tails and a rainbow down their backs. And one earring propped up with the stem and back visible.


@DrH that's so smol and subtle!

DrH, to Warhammer40K avatar

Pox Walkers.

2 squads of 'em. One lot as they came and only painted, the other squad (at the bottom) have been modified to make them unique.

Arm and weapon swaps, plus some additional putty work is what distances them from the vanilla mini's.

Had "fun" researching dead/diseased flesh in preparation for painting these.


@DrH everyone needs a friend tentacle

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