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Dragon, LGBTQIA advocate, defender and member.

Wargamer, Roleplayer, board gamer, reader of books and seeker of knowledge.

Sense of Humour active, you are warned.
Loves Independence, hates Alba and its white wing

¡No Pasarán!

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RickiTarr, to random
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I used to babysit a lot, and I was kind of famous for getting kids to try foods they normally wouldn't. I was never pushy about it, just included them in the shopping/harvesting/cooking process, and asked them to try a little bite of everything, and to remember that your tastebuds change as you age, so keep on trying stuff.

This backfired on me occasionally though. Once as an adventure, we went to a Japanese restaurant, and I ordered the kiddos some Katsu (who doesn't love something fried with dippy sauce), and got myself a plate of sushi rolls and sashimi. Well, since I always asked them to try one bite of something new, they looked at me expectantly, so I let them try a bit of each. Turns out they were all in for sushi, and those little nerds ate most of my plate, and then they always wanted to go. Kids, I don't have sushi money every day!

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@kelvin0mql @RickiTarr my first experience with sushi was 1985'ish. Employer funded office lunch at a very posh place back of covent garden. I was 18/19.

Group of slightly rowdy blokes knowing what they wanted (despite not having a clue).

Me I politely the asked japanese server what he recommended as I had no clue. Rest of the table got what they asked for, I kept getting taster plates of all kinds of things, and a topped up saki jug.

Fave was the saki marinated salmon....

therightarticle, to random
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‘Rishi Sunak Claimed Inflation is Back to Normal and Brighter Days are Ahead – he’s Completely Wrong About Both’


@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@therightarticle what he means is, Inflation is now back close to the levels from when he was chancellor, but before the fellow tories screwed it up and he voted in support of them.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@Wen @therightarticle sunak wants to claim the down as PM that he caused as chancellor.

purplepadma, to random
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I’ve finally been hit by the UK-wide medication shortages exacerbated by Brexit. My pharmacist can’t get my antipsychotic. The GP surgery blithely suggests that I just switch to another drug until he can. That is… really not how psychotropic meds work. I’ve got the community mental health team receptionist running round trying to get a prescription for this drug from my psychiatrist to be filled at the hospital pharmacy - IF they have it. Stress!

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@purplepadma heh, just what a mental health patient needs, blithe GPs and stress!.

Back to your book for some relief.

purplepadma, to random
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I couldn’t hold out! I broached my Stephen King book and I don’t want to do anything except read more!

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@purplepadma bad girl, go to your sofa and read immediately.

RickiTarr, to random
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Y'all, I like all the Treks, I can't deal with your fighting, please think of the children.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@RickiTarr @autolycos I preferred the Boston Legal holodeck series.

SubtleBlade, to random
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@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@SubtleBlade good inflation figures, terrible news from po enquiry, avoids palestine as a country recognition calls etc.

See also losing flagship anti protest bill in high court and further rwanda disasters.

And his own party is circling with daggers.

It was jump or be pushed, so ye jumped to shit on all the backstabbers who won't retain seats.

AnthonyFStevens, to random
@AnthonyFStevens@mastodon.online avatar



4th July - Lest we forget

Austerity, Brexit, Covid Lockdown Parties, PPE Scandal, Raw Sewage in UK Waterways & Coastal Areas, Economic Crash, Record Inflation, Record Interest Rates, Cost of Living Crisis, Pensions Decimated, Mortgage Rises, NHS in Crisis, Schools Crumbling, Housing Crisis, Scandals, Cover ups.

Enough is Enough! It's time for change.

Vote 🌹 ❎️ 🗳

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@AnthonyFStevens no.

If the only candidate that can unseat a tory is labour, vote labour, otherwise anyone but.

If you can avoid the following 3, do so.


@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@AnthonyFStevens it is going to happen. He will just be calling himself Starmer.

He is just the most likely to replace Sunak, without showing any policy differences.

Privatised nhs, his policy, evil to immigrants, his policy, draconian strike laws, his policy, austerity, his policy, hostile disabled environment his policy, anti trans, his policy, and devolved govs, his policy. Welcomes racists and abuse denier.

The only plus point starmer has is that he is not an official conservative member.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@AnthonyFStevens no I am saying that his policies on health, the environment, cost of living, are exactly the same as the outgoing ones.

Yes tories out, no to tory continuation policies.

In the same week as one of his shadow cabinet says he is a small c conservative.....

Starmer is at best a marginal improvement, not a step forwards.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@AnthonyFStevens his stated policies are just continuation of current ones. No change,no improvement just more of the same.

So no, I cannot back him unless the tories are the only alternative. And even then, it is with gritted teeth.

But I want none tory policies from day 1.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@AnthonyFStevens you are just a balloon of hot air. You don't want change, you just want the same cruelty but from a LINO leader.

You are pinning your hopes on a tory peerage holding, unprincipled, sleazy, backstabber.

And somehow people stating this truth are now the enemy.

You are just another tory.

tompearce49, to random
@tompearce49@mastodon.scot avatar

So it's to be 4th July. Let the countdown to the long-awaited and earnestly desired annihilation of the Tory Party commence.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@tompearce49 excellent GE announced the same day that the Daily Mail says that all Britains should have 3 days fresh water and food due to the sheer incompetence of the current gov in dealing with anything vaguely unexpected.

theplaguedoc, to random

Just listened to John Cage's 4'33".


No notes.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@theplaguedoc as a celebrated composer at the time on hearing it said, I look forwards to his longer works.

alanferrier, to random
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Fixed that for you, New Statesman.

Fun fact: England is the only country in the world to have fully privatised its water and sewerage systems.

Via the Financial Times: "Scotland—which has its own state-owned water company—massively outperformed its neighbours with water standards similar to much of Scandinavia."

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier Directors are liable for losses by the company.

And those poor helpless pension funds that have been extracting inflated dividends for years, without caring how they were obtained get a reality check on how capitalism actually works.

There can be no Nationalising the debts of companies that privatised their profits.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier so reward pension funds for chasing profit without care for the people whose money they are playing with. The fund should be held liable

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@Wen @JimmyB @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier

no, a deliberate plan, the investors bet that the gov would bail them out if the company failed, so their was no risk only reward.

Privatised profits, nationalised losses.

The tory/capitalist way.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier how?

those innocent 'pensions' were invested with open eyes by the pension holders. you never hear them scream when their pension goes up from a fund doing well, but oh boy the screams from it going down.

Pension funds are a ponzi scheme.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier yes they are, they said to a bloke in a suit, here is my money, you increase it and cream off some for yourself.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier And we are back to privatising pensions, so that the state pension can be kept lower, and more money can run through the city.

Most people do not know what their pensions invest in, because they devolved investing it as easier. But pension funds must bear the risks as well as the rewards.

Sorry that is a harsh truth.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier like the famed Daily Mirror pension scheme that Robert Maxwell liked so much.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier

which is what successive UK govs have been elected to follow.

Me I am a socialist, I object to invested pensions on principle, I believe the state pension should be a fully living amount, that you can top up by choice and by your own risk with a private one.

This pension issue is not new and is a chasm that govs have been ignoring for years, look at the post office pension hole info.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier except that the bail out protects the richest, and the poorest would still get screwed.

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@JimmyB @Wen @MadeyeTheCarnaptious @alanferrier protecting the investors from the losses of their investment is a bail out.

as for dads. Mine was a farm herdsman who had to retire due to ill health at 60, the only reason he could was that by luck, his last job had been with the GLC and he got the superannuation pension. Otherwise he would have got the barest minimum and nothing from 30 years of other employers.

You want screwed...

NormanDunbar, to random
@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

Good morning fellow Mastos and hello to Tuesday. We are back home in Yorkshire after a long day driving yesterday. Looks like it might rain which comes as a surprise after the great weather we had up north.

I hope you all have a perfect day today. Remember to have fun, no matter what you are up to. Stay safe.

Today's random photo is from last week in Buckpool. It makes me wonder what happened to the cyclists!

@Thebratdragon@mastodon.scot avatar

@NormanDunbar @RosePuckey as a dragon, I have a self damp proofing cave, very useful.

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