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Hi! I’m British, I like music (grime, garage, hip-hop, R&B, and more!). I like art, culture, history, politics, & doomscrolling memes.

Also a touch of programming :)

also on /u/Madbrad200@sh.itjust.works

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Madbrad200, (edited )
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That’s not a copy of the main piracy community, that’s another piracy community that’s hosted on lemmy.world

The community people are talking about is !piracy, which is no longer accessible via lemmy.world

It appears !piracy is also blocked.

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Nah lemmy.ml is still federated. You can see it listed here lemmy.world/instances

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hexbear (a leftist instance) was defederated recently. lemmygrad.ml is “under discussion”.

lemmy.ml has too many general users thesedays imo, it would be very major to block it.

Jackett's manual search is so, so good (lemmy.dbzer0.com)

To be clear, this is just a joke, and I don’t look down on direct downloading. It absolutely has its place, and sometimes I do it myself if it’s just faster to download a file directly. Torrenting is just so much more convenient, though, especially when using Jackett’s manual search.

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It does come preinstalled with them, that’s the whole point of Jackett. You just need to enable them in the dashboard.

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Very good! Nice to see the /c/ link issue fixed too.

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not surprised honestly. The trailer screamed “generic whacky!!! fun!!! comedy animation” and they just slapped a familiar IP ontop, didn’t match the vibe of the comic at all.

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Not needed imo, I’d just spend the money on the app and pocket the rest.

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I posted twice (2 times), you’ll survive.

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Yeah it’s dope, think it’s his only dhall song too

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Personally, I use YouTube Revanced (Music) and XManager for Spotify. Classic experience, but without ads or tracking :)

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