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TIL that Gwyneth Paltrow is not just a harmless grifter (

I never went as far as to defend Gwyneth Paltrow, but after her Hot Ones appearance I created a post (which I will link in the comments) where I suggested that she’s done no more harm than male grifters and that the dislike of her as a person was primarily due to misogyny. That’s before I learned about her promotion of these...

TIL There's a mostly herbivorous spider in Mexico and central America (

Bagheera kiplingi inhabits Mimosaceae trees, Vachellia in particular, where it consumes specialized protein- and fat-rich nubs called Beltian bodies. The nubs form at the leaf tips of the acacia as part of a symbiotic relationship with certain species of ants. The spiders actively avoid the ants that attempt to guard the Beltian...

TIL about the concept of Weaponized Incompetence, a psychological concept wherein you strategically fail to perform something you don't actually want to do (

This is illustrated by getting elected on a platform of erasing student loan debt and then pretending that you can’t do anything about it, or claiming to be against genocide and drawing out or never performing the process of pulling financial and political support for an ally who’s committing genocide.

TIL There was a 1964 tsunami in Alaska, that reached 170 feet above sea level (

Alaska’s continental shelf and North American plate rose over 9 meters during the earthquake. This sudden displacement of the ocean floor, along with earthquake-induced landslides, generated massive local tsunamis that resulted in 70 percent of the fatalities in southern Alaska. The tsunamis created by the earthquake reached...

TIL the smallest body in the solar system with rings is a small icy rock 160 mi (257.5 km) across. It may have a 3.73 mi (6 km) across moon. (

Chariklo is about 160 miles (257.5 kilometers) across and is one of the Centaurs, a group of icy bodies between Jupiter and the ice giants Uranus and Neptune. Chariklo is the largest of these small bodies, making it similar to a large boulder the size of a small boulder as far as superlatives go. Chariklo also boasts two rings,...

TIL most ancient texts were read out loud and it was strange if someone read to themself (

Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, manuscripts in Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew, the illuminated Christian Gospels, the Talmud, the Koran—with these forms and collections of writing came the expectation that a person would read them out loud and would, in a manner of speaking, conjure their reality. In his book A...

TIL- Monopoly was stolen from a game called The Landord's Game (

Robert Baron had Parker Brothers design its own version, Fortune, before negotiation to purchase her patents in case the discussion fell apart or she sold to another potential buyer, Dave Knapp, publisher of Finance.[mwmfg 4] Magie held the patent until 1935, when she sold it to Parker Brothers for $500,[10] equivalent to...

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