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(spoiler warning) Risen 2021 - An Analogy?

I just finished watching the depressing ending of Risen 2021 and the instant the end credits started I was hit with a realization - wasn’t this what happened during the Great Oxygen Catastrophe? Anaerobic life existed on this planet for ~1.5 billion years before cyanobacteria came along. It wasn’t alien life that did it but...

Shouldn't hulk be able to defeat thanos without any additional power (eg:infinity stones,weapons) because hulk can get stronger as his anger grow and it's almost limitless and thanos's power isn't ?

My understanding is thanos didn’t use any power of infinity stones in the infinity war fight and hulk wasn’t previously injured very badly . He almost seemed to easy to be knocked down why ? Shouldn’t he have grown stronger because he is angry because everyone is dying and he is getying beat up ?

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