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DolphinSeeker, to random
DolphinSeeker, to random

[Barlow et al.] Three decades of nearshore surveys reveal long-term patterns in gray whale habitat use, distribution, and abundance in the Northern California Current 🐋

DolphinSeeker, to random

Plastic is everywhere and in everything. The amount of plastic entering our oceans every year is going to triple by 2040 because not enough is done to cut plastic waste and pollution. Will you sign the petition to cut plastic 20% by 2030? 📝 #Petition #OceanPollution #OceanPlastics #PlasticPollution

DolphinSeeker, to YuruCamp

Happy new series of Laid Back Camp to all those who celebrate 🏕️

DolphinSeeker, to random

So, who's signing up for the next series? 🐺

DolphinSeeker, to random

Bird flu is causing thousands of seal deaths. Scientists aren't sure how to slow it down 🦭 #Seals #MarineMammals #MarineLife #Pinnipeds #BirdFlu #H1N1 #SeaLions

DolphinSeeker, to penguins

Scientists confirm first cases of bird flu on mainland Antarctica Fears for penguin colonies after the discovery of the highly contagious H5N1 virus in two dead skuas 🐧 #Penguins #SeaBirds #BirdFlu #Antarctica #H5N1

DolphinSeeker, to random

Coast Guard launches 'traffic control for whales' in Washington State's Puget Sound 🐋

DolphinSeeker, to random
DolphinSeeker, to food

Consider making 2024 the year you embrace Veganuary! Switching to a plant-based diet not only boosts your health but also contributes to a greener planet. By going vegan, you're supporting animal rights and creating positive change. Join the global movement for a compassionate lifestyle – sign up for Veganuary today! :vegan: #Veganuary #GoVegan #Veganism #AnimalWelfare #ClimateAction

DolphinSeeker, to random

What's a hiker to do when it's as blowy as fuck out there? 💨 🍃 #StormGerrit #Windy

DolphinSeeker, to random

Duvet set & cuddly toys 🧸 - mine.
Bedroom - my best mate's.
Giant piles of cardboard boxes filling nearly every inch of the rest of the room - his sister's who's in the process of buying her own home and is storing her stuff at his.

🦌🎄 #DuvetKnowItsChristmas

DolphinSeeker, to random

Well, guys, see you again in September 2024! .... And some of you in May for Eurovision 2024 😆 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing

DolphinSeeker, to climate

I think it's safe to say the Cop is pretty pointless at this point, beyond Fossi Fuel CEO hob-nobbing.

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels 🔥 #Cop28 #FossilFuels #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #COP28Dubai #DontLookUp

DolphinSeeker, to DoctorWho

Happy accident clothes-wise this morning :tardis: #DoctorWho #DoctorWhoDay #DoctorWho60th

DolphinSeeker, to random

A new type of ringed seal described in West Greenland 🦭 #Seals #MarineMammals #MarineLife #Pinnipeds

DolphinSeeker, to cymru
DolphinSeeker, to climate
DolphinSeeker, to Halloween

Two Steps from Hell vs Snap! :ablobcatgooglymlemjumping:


Damn, Shirley's killed and skinned Big Bird! :blobcatscared: #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly


Ooo, I think Layton and Nikita are going to be fun to watch. Can't wait! 🕺🕺 #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly


@hobbitswife Nikita showed last year that he's adaptable and can think outside the box when it comes to routines, and was well-partnered with Ellie, so it should be an interesting and dynamic partnership this year.

DolphinSeeker, to PetBirds

Lords to debate mandating swift bricks in new homes in England Hollow bricks are ‘easy win’ to help several endangered species, say experts and Zac Goldsmith who is tabling amendment 🐣 #Birds #Nature #Wildlife
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stux, to random avatar

The past month has been an expensive month for me personally, paid for my gf's drivers licence and festival and currently my personal funds are quite low

Server bills will be paid ofc but I'm worried it will drain my last personal funds😟

Before I start selling some of my personal stuff I wanted to ask the Fedi first.. :catblush: ❤️

Can you help me?🤗


@stux A little something sent your way. Keep up the good work!

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