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@offby1 hey @Lorenanicole wants a ribbon

Lorenanicole, avatar

@offby1 @chrisjrn clearly I have none. Like nah I’m not obsessed with #StarTrek (just ignore the Trekkie earrings I’m wearing …)

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The last episode of reminded me of Tenant-era .

picklejr, to StarTrek avatar

anybody know of some novels or series with themes including the good side of humanity? I really like for that, where the human heart is challenged yet prevails.

Not necessarily looking for Sci-Fi but not excluding it either. Maybe something historical or steampunky would be cool. 😅

@books @books @bookstodon

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'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Sonequa Martin-Green on the Show's Fifth Season & On Being the Franchise's First Black Female Captain and Lead

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It's the weekend, baby

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Tonight is and night!
It's the night where me and my buddy get together and cook dinner (either eastern European Mama's cooking or Midwest Mama's cooking) and then watch 2 episodes of .
Today, Riker's gonna go undercover as an alien in episode 1 and Q is gonna show up for episode 2

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Binge watching Star Trek Lower Decks season 4.

It’s so good.

Millhouse, to StarTrek avatar

What... WHAT..? have I never noticed the Nebula in the pre-credits before?

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Raise a glass to the new Tortas and Turntables collection, available now at!

#greatesttrek #startrek #tortasandturntables


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Nacelles and impulse engines painted a lighter grey and masks removed. Will leave for another few days before I mask off those areas. #StarTrek #StarTrekModels #USSEnterprise #NeoConstitutionClass #Federation #Starship #1400Scale #ScaleModels #ModelBuilder #MKMModelwerx


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While I wait for the decals to set on the Delta Flyer, back to the #Enterprise G I go. Masked off the dark grey areas on the nacelles and impulse engines so I can paint a lighter grey. #StarTrek #StarTrekModels #USSEnterprise #NeoConstitutionClass #Federation #Starship #1400Scale #ScaleModels #ModelBuilder #MKMModelwerx

Warp nacelles masked

mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

Got the gloss coat on just before going to bed. Today I’ll be applying the decals then hopefully the final clear coat later this afternoon. #StarTrek #StarTrekModels #DeltaFlyer #Voyager #Federation #Shuttle #72Scale #ScaleModels #ModelBuilder #MKMModelwerx

snickerbockers, to StarTrek avatar

the breen primarch from discovery's new season sounds way too similar to Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Although somehow he's an even shallower and more one-dimensional villain than anything the power rangers have ever faced.

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Nice to see Disco cracking the top 10 of original streaming shows. I like to think the powers that be pay attention to that.

#StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery

mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

Blending done, detail painting done and more masks removed. Next is cleanup and a gloss coat. #StarTrek #StarTrekModels #DeltaFlyer #Voyager #Federation #Shuttle #72Scale #ScaleModels #ModelBuilder #MKMModelwerx


ianRobinson, to StarTrek avatar

Finished rewatching Season 3 of Star Trek Lower Decks. So good.

Season 4, which I’ve never seen, awaits.

br00t4c, to StarTrek avatar

Star Trek: Discovery Took the Best Episode of Its Season and Gave Us a Much Less Interesting Version of It

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The Streaming Syboktacular premieres tonight at 7PM ET!

Join in on the roast and review of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and watch the premiere with all of the other FoD's, and Ben and Adam who will be live in the chat!




mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek avatar

Second set of masks were put on then the third and final light grey was applied. Next up, removing those masks.

gedeonm, to StarTrek avatar

There’s coffee in that nebula! #StarTrek #Janewayisms

gedeonm, avatar

There are a LOT of fan made SFX remastered #StarTrek clips on YouTube. This remastered opening credits of Star Trek Voyager is at the top of the list. It’s extremely well done and actually feels like it could be the real deal if Voyager was remastered.

They even fixed the “impossibly small” planet problem as Voyager flies over the icy rings. If you love #StarTrek take a moment and give this video a watch. It deserves so many more views than it has. 🖖

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