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Well folks - it's Friday. If Kirk Douglas were here today - he's want you to be #ShitPosting too.


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Mi stavo facendo i fatti miei, quando a un certo punto ho notato che sono le 3 di notte… eccetto che non erano le 2:59 di notte un attimo prima, era appena l’1:50 o giù di lì! Quindi mi ricordo che è successa la #magagna: l’ #oraLegale! O #oraSolare in questo caso? Aiuto non mi ricordo mai!!! ☠️

Nel frattempo mi ricordo che è finalmente il 31 marzo, quindi è ora di fare del sano #shitposting. Oggi sarà il 31 marzo e le transfem già si stanno preparando per il cambio di stagione. Ricordate che l’amica che vi ricordate esiste ma non vedete mai in giro soprattutto quella con i poteri del teletrasporto questa sera si leverà di dosso il mantello dell’invisibilità annuale, uscendo dall’armadio infestato in cui ha deciso di non voler più vivere. Il 90% delle mie sorelle stasera deciderà di fare coming out o con quella persona particolare appena conosciuta o con i propri amici d’infanzia (ovviamente supportivi), questo lo fanno dai 15/16 anni. Nel mentre noi segregate in casa che ci leviamo il mantello in fibra ottica giusto per tradizione ma poi il giorno dopo si torna subito come prima, perché altrimenti non regge la scusa “noo è per il meme, pesce d’aprile, still cis tho”. Ricordate che se non avete sfruttato i vostri 20 anni nell’armadio per imparare quantomeno a vestirvi con gusto avrete sempre dei rimpianti, una psiche danneggiata, non sarete mai normali. Chi pensa che non sia finita è una povera illusa. Scusate, dovevo farlo, questa ce l’avevo da parte da troppo tempo, anche se non già scritta (domani mattina la rileggerò un’altra volta dopo il risveglio e mi vorrò sotterrare per il #cringe, scommettiamo 🤗?…)

https://octospacc.altervista.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/screenshot_2024-03-31-03-11-10-579_com593342414882485278-718x1440.jpgTemevo di non trovare questo #memem sul #TransgenderDayOfVisibility, comunque, ci ho messo 3-4 minuti ma alla fine con pazze query di ricerca Google (gli altri motori non trovano mai i #meme descritti…) è uscito fuori. Notare il #trolling effettuato dai #poteriforti degli #orologi in alto a sinistra. 👽https://octospacc.altervista.org/2024/03/31/trolling-di-fine-marzo/

#cringe #magagna #meme #memem #oraLegale #oraSolare #orologi #poteriforti #shitposting #TransgenderDayOfVisibility #trolling

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Since I’ve never crossed paths with someone of the exact same cultural background as mine, debating narratives in public is like playing video games.

It’s sorta like playing real-life convos in game mode.

#empathy #shitposting #culture

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Never trust a fart when taking antibiotics #shitposting

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#Shitposting don't forget to tip your server !

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Your Reddit posts may train AI models following new $60 million agreement

If you've posted on Reddit, you're likely feeding the future of AI.


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Based on the famous XKCD "Ten Thousand" (https://xkcd.com/1053/) I am now proposing the inverse idea - every day there are also an unlucky 10,000 - those people who find out about something absolutely fucking cursed that day and their brains are made immeasurably worse by having the knowledge they now possess.

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2024 has been a year of new experiences:
Tonsillitis ✅
Constipation ✅

Image from Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard

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I hope the premiere is today

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pov: you made a popular post on fedi
(somehow this post mysteriously vanished so i made it again)


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In the last months of the 2,022nd year Earth Common Era, #Dgar was led to the Mastodon herd by a werewolf from Melbourne, where they climbed up onto the thick matted wool of a beast affectionately known as AusSocial.
Dgar gripped onto the coat and screamed “Hello World!” No one except the werewolf heard.
Dgar began exploring, moving over the beast. So many interesting personalities, such diversity, and although no one seemed to notice them, Dgar noticed the inhabitants. They were being… nice to each other. Courteous and understanding of differing views and perspectives. Dgar was a bit weirded out, but continued to explore.


Suddenly the view opened up and Dgar saw the herd for the first time. Beasts just like AusSocial, but all different in their own ways, stretching to the horizons, as far as the eye could see. And there weren’t just Mastodons either. There were all kinds of beasts, all carving out their own little niche. Someone behind whispered “That’s the Fediverse.” Dgar felt the presence of millions of people, working together, competing, evolving, developing… and despairing.

Dgar wandered from feed to feed, community to community, and slowly began to realise that almost everyone was talking about the same things.

Billionaires ruined some place that wasn’t anywhere near as good as where they are right now.
The depressing state of politics and the media that supports it.
Despair over misinformation and the people who believe it.
Gun control.
Climate change.
Natural disasters.
War. Murder. Disease.

There’s no jokes.
There’s no shitposting.
There’s no laughter.
There’s lots of love and understanding, but when you look for something funny, there’s a few people asking “Where are all the jokes and shitposters?”

Dgar resolved to fill this niche, and began tooting every joke they could find. For several months, they tooted a joke or meme every twenty minutes while they were awake, and as often as possible while they were asleep. They would traverse great distances, well beyond the herd, to sift through what at times seemed like piles of refuse to find puns and funnies.
After some time, Dgar became known for the funny toots, and many people followed them.

Today, like most days, Dgar climbed up to take in the view of the herd, and a giant smile broke upon his face. There were jokes. There were memes. There were terrible puns. The toots emanating from the very top of AusSocial were light hearted and humorous takes.
It was beautiful.

And so Dgar finds themselves re-considering their place in the community. Does the Fediverse need Dgar to lift their spirit with stolen jokes, old puns, and scavenged memes?
But maybe not so much.

Perhaps the 2,024th year Earth Common Era will be the year Dgar begins concentrating on what Dgar loves.
Making music.

Thank you all for your support. Big love to each and every one of you. ♥️




Oh there's #shitposting

I'm responsible for quite a bit of it on mastodonapp.uk 🤣

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Quello che sta iniziando a succedere proprio in questi giorni è che qualche perzoncina in più sta notando come funziona bene ad oggi la mia trovata del (o meglio, come funziona bene ad oggi il che non ho scritto io, lmao), e sta installando il plugin sui propri … ❤️‍🔥

Il che è , è un’ottima spinta in più verso il del anche per chi non è e vuole una roba già pronta… però oi, state tutti solo attivando sui vostri blog , ancora nessuno che riprende esattamente la mia e inizia a fare anche e dal proprio … Prenderò la cosa come una conferma del mio primato, allora. 🙉


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Oha, dieses #fediverse ist doch einfach nur kaputt 😢

Der dritte Account der uns einfach gesperrt wurde, ohne Vorankündigung. So macht das hier alles keinen Sinn mehr. Instanzen blocken sich und User werden einfach gekickt, ohne dass man darüber spricht was das Problem ist.

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@markuswerle @haschrebellen and I fail to see any value in your #ReplyGuy-Style #Shitposting beyond yourself outing as a fan of #ConsequenceFreeSpeech, which I think is injerently bad as a concept...

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Tag yourself. I think I'm mostly oscillating between True Baby, Cat, and non malicious Rat Bastard because biting people.

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‘Young earthism’, Speaker doesn’t just tout a pro-FF stance, he claims that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Johnson lies, he’s anti-science, but knows it took millions of years for crude oil to be formed. On Christian Nationalism, Carville believes that this movement, Mike supports, is more dangerous than al-Qaida. “What Johnson represents is a level of breathtaking hypocrisy, his anti-homosexuality & young earthism are hypocrisy on steroids.” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/dec/16/james-carville-mike-johnson-christian-nationalism

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@KimPerales #Christofacists actually are well aware they claim #bullshit they don't belief in!

That's why one can't approach these rationally except #containment, #quaratine and forcing them into #ConditionlessSurrender.

Don't even try to "#debate" them and their #reactionary #shitposting|s, but consequently outcast and boycott them from everything to the maximum extent legally possible!

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Missing lens operator <<<>@= :

(<<<>@=) :: (Semigroup r, MonadState s m) => Over' (Indexed i) ((,) r) s r -> (i -> r) -> m r

Adjust the target of indexing by <>ing a value to the end and return the previous value(s).

#haskell #shitposting #waiting4build2complete

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Love his music but yeah, this sums up the arc of my relationship with

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Almost everyone who says "Mastodon didn't work for me" on Bluesky seems to have posted only "me me me" stuff for months (if that) on Mastodon, followed about 10-20 people, never replied to anyone and then gave up because "nobody there, it didn't fly".

It seems there is a big misunderstanding how this free and healthy social media works. We are not here for the easy wins, likes, shares and dopamine spikes. We are here because we accept the fact we are not part of the commercial hype machine. We choose natural engagement over spoiling algorithms, we choose conversation and meaning in our social media. At least that is how I see it.


Corporate 'Social' Media
Is a competition space for gaining followers, ego-boosting, & self promotion. It is how they are built & designed. A few massively circulated posts, from handful of accounts & a vast sea of ignored posts.

Is a cooperative space for finding friends, learning stuff, supporting each other &having fun. With attention spread between users far more evenly. It is not a social overlords vs serf audience model.

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