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I wrote a post that briefly explains the protocol for transferring overlays and stuff

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so out of curiosity because i feel like the answer here is "still eye-bleedingly expensive", o tag, but

is there any place out there making mechanical keyboard, uh, boards? like the base you customize with keys you like etc etc?, for split keyboards? fully split down the middle, in two pieces, not just ergonomically slanted but two actual pieces of the keyboard that can be a few feet apart or more if you get a longer cable?

because not going to lie, even as i find it immensely useful and an incredibly necessary thing for me to even use a computer... i kinda want an upgrade for the split keyboard i have. with a longer cord. but it's already as long as the kinesis freestyle 2 gets lol. i am mildly dreaming of a split keyboard where the two parts are attached by like. a stupidly long cord, but done up in curlicues like wired telephones connecting base to handset so it's relatively out of the way but then can stretch across the room if you're walking and talking and also it is 1993.

i would also, not gonna lie, enjoy using prettier keys sometimes. and i feel like i am ALMOST to a point where, technically, and through the grace of my dad's really excellent "used to write articles for electronics magazines reviewing ICs" workshop up there, and health-wise, but let's be real it's mostly coasting off my dad's shit, i think i could have the ability to put together Babby's First Customized Mechanical Keyboard?? fisher-price level beginner mind you where you're basically plugging stuff into stuff into other stuff with only a little soldering or whatever. but i'm like. JUST ABOUT THERE.

i have no fucking clue if such a thing is even goddamn made, mind you. but if someone who knows about mechanical keyboards could maybe give me a heads up if this thing even exists or is doable, i would dearly love that. thank you for your wisdom, keyboard clackers

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Created a shortcut overlay for @inkscape Very satisfying to see the icons on the keycaps 🥹


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Habe es tatsächlich geschafft meine geliebte Ducky zu schrotten und muss nun gerade auf einer low-profile Tastatur arbeiten. Fühlt sich einfach nur komisch an, obwohl ich vor ein paar Jahren noch täglich so gearbeitet habe. Immerhin ist der Ersatz unterwegs. #mechanicalkeyboards

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@danielzenzes @sebastianbasner @0x17

Das neue Arbeitsgerät ist da 🤩


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There is an inconsistency on Turkish ISO layout between Windows and MAC, on Grave and NONUS_BACKSLASH keys. For QMK, I had to overwrite and flip them with existence checking of my MAC layer, where I flip GUI and ALT keys.

This both happens on QMK and @ZMK on multiple boards. On ZMK, closest thing I found to achieve this is conditional layers, where I re-define almost every key.

I hate this approach, but couldn't find a better way😔

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I hacked my mechanical keyboard and added a Trackpad. It works nicely!

Cirque Trackpad works nicely with Splinky, an open-sourced MCU with RP2040 in heart, which I built myself. The board is also open-sourced called Woodpecker. Modified by @ozkan due to my request.

The case is a generic 60% walnut one.

Both hardware, including shields and Firmware ( QMK and @zmk ) source could be found at:

#mechanicalkeyboard #trackpad #cirque #qmk #zmk #walnut #woodpecker #3dprinting

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QK60 HHKB with clone epbt 404 with cyrillic sublegend on Ktt Kang White switches

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Designing my next minimalist currently. Currently I have:

  • One less column and one more thumb key per half compared to the current keyboard, for 5 columns and 4 thumb keys

  • Low profile thumb keys

  • Per key RGB (don't have to populate or use, but could be nice)

  • No case, going for flat desk mounting

  • Horizontal scroll wheel

  • Joycon thumbstick next to thumb cluster

Anything else that I should consider adding?

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Now I can download overlays for program specific shortcuts!

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Cleaned up the ole' Minivan. I love this keyboard! ⌨️

#keyboard #MechanicalKeyboard #Lightcycle 🩵🩶 #DSA


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Oh man ey, dieses Shiba Inu-Artisan ist echt zucker:

Aber ist mir das 54 EUR wert? 🥺

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I use a split mechanical keyboard and miss the conveniences of layers and homerow mods on my laptop. Kanata has been an excellent option for me.

I wrote an article on using Kanata to remap any keyboard¹, with a focus on not just how but why we're running each command and what the pieces of configuration mean/do. My hope is to simplify the first steps for someone without a programming/IT background to get started. Feedback welcome!


#MechanicalKeyboard #SystemCrafting

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La tastiera meccanica che 8BitDo ha fatto per il NES e per il Famicom era ottima, ed io adoro il Commodore 64... MA... non so spiegarne il perchè, ma questo nuovo design con i colori classici del "biscottone" non riesce a conquistarmi.

#commodore #c64 #commodore64 #MechanicalKeyboard

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If anyone is looking for a by

It is a 60%

I am selling it for $40

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Drop dropped the ball on this one…. I ordered some fun keycaps and got this instead…

It doesn’t even fit my pc 😪

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Weeknotes (CW12): slow, low week.

There's a lot of "caring" in my personal and professional life: elderly/disabled mother, disabled partner, programme participants. Not to mention I'm at that age where questioning my place and value in the grand scheme of things is par for the course. So: largely unproductive this week; what I needed was rest, what I gave myself was procrastination and escapism. A void of executive function.

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In other #ergomech #mechanicalkeyboard news, looks like I cleared a random bluetooth disconnection issue that's been plaguing my Fifi keyboard in recent weeks. Thought it was a firmware issue at one point, but I ended up swapping the microcontrollers over to good effect; the left side wasn't sitting properly in its hot-swap sockets but seems to work fine when installed on the right. /shrug

Considering learning Colemak-DH. But I really probably don't need to.

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Assembled the Framework 16 and overall pretty happy with it. Some surprises:

  1. High refresh rate display feels gooood
  2. Toolless installation of keyboard
  3. Access to SSD and RAM slightly more work since under the keyboard, but the mainboard is there too, so overall net gain there
  4. Keyboard is average; I miss my Razer
  5. GPU is underwhelming
  6. Ethernet card is CHONKY and juts out

Going to try to get the Framework 13 ordered some time soon to compare. If the iGPU does well enough, then at less the cost (and at a smaller form factor), I might just stick with that instead.

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Can confirm that the NuPhy Air60 V2 sits comfortably on top of the existing keyboard. You can type without accidentally pressing any keys on the built-in laptop keyboard.


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I'm in love with my mechanical keyboard. It is getting serious and I might consider marrying it.

Now to look for some sweet keycaps (I might consider customize and 3D print a few of those)

Tlakkity tlakkity tlak tlak tlak

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I've been using the #Logitech #G915TKL #mechanicalKeyboard for about two years now.

I really like the low-profile design, the base is really solid, no connection issues, everything works as expected.

The only real problem with this thing is the keycaps. I just broke one by accidentally popping it off. They have these flimsy plastic clips that keep them in the place, and I just knew one would break sooner or later.

Also the black coating has started to wear off on common keys.

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this thingy is cool!

borrowing from a friend right now to compare it with my moonlander, but I like how small it is.

I think I prefer it, but will know for sure in a couple weeks

(it's a ZSA voyager)

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New keyboard, looking forward to building it after work. Feels very heavy compared to my plastic Keychron K8 Pro.

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