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More curiosity than time.
Enthusiastic about humans, food, #photography, #scuba, dogs, #FOSS, nature, #woodworking and self-hosting.

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shom, to random
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The eclipse is tomorrow and I was collecting some resources¹ to email to friends about eclipse path, weather, safety/photography, etc. well it ended up being a nice list. Have a great and safe eclipse!


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It was a surreal experience. Seeing the solar wind streaming off the sun is indescribable and no photo will do it justice. I've seen photos before and have been moved but nothing compared to the real deal.

It was fully worth the planning and the cloud gap chasing! Here's a low resolution jpeg straight off the camera. I'm glad I focused on the experience more than the photography.

whynothugo, to random
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Use case for a nested compositor: render an arbitrary client into a -like .

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@whynothugo and play ascii doom in it!

LateNightLinux, to Podcast
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We are joined by @drewdevault to discuss his programming language called Hare, which aims for 100 years of forwards compatibility.


#podcast #linux #opensource #development

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@LateNightLinux lots of good questions from the hosts and interesting ideas for a very clear mission statement from @drewdevault, I really appreciated the conversation.

The bit that was most interesting to me was Drew's answer to how he's involved with so many projects; he's good at getting people involved to help him and pass along maintainership. Collaborating with a 1000 contributors over the span of projects makes sense to me coming from the consulting/contacting, but still impressive.

popey, to ADHD
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@popey happy birthday and thanks for sharing!
You got "weight off my shoulder and help I needed all along" for your birthday and that's an awesome gift. I'll ask for that for mine!

shom, to random
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@kern I came across ringfairy and was able to serve a webring off of Caddy pretty quickly. Great project and I appreciate the fully static and minimal approach you've taken. We're implementing it for the community¹ so it's only in a test mode now. But I am excited so I wanted to share and thank you for a great project!


skinnylatte, to random
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This spot is called Royal Feast. Right by Millbrae BART.

They do ‘tanjia’ cuisine, Tan Family Cuisine (unrelated to me, I think) which is a culinary movement that took all the best elements of Chinese food around China then merged it into a thing that Beijing nobles enjoyed. The guy who runs it is exceptional, one of the most famous chefs from Beijing. You have to call to prebook the Peking duck. Better than anything else here. Even better than the best Beijing spots!


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@skinnylatte nice! I'll plan a meal there are soon at I get out at SFO next time. So conveniently located!

chrishuck, to cycling
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@chrishuck nice paniers!

shom, to mechanicalkeyboards
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I use a split mechanical keyboard and miss the conveniences of layers and homerow mods on my laptop. Kanata has been an excellent option for me.

I wrote an article on using Kanata to remap any keyboard¹, with a focus on not just how but why we're running each command and what the pieces of configuration mean/do. My hope is to simplify the first steps for someone without a programming/IT background to get started. Feedback welcome!


#MechanicalKeyboard #SystemCrafting

shom, to random
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It was wise of @drewdevault to host redict (redis fork) on @Codeberg to maintain workflow parity with github and avoid any perceived conflicts of interest¹.

I wondered why LGPL and not of AGPL², which is also explained nicely: "but we want to make it as easy as possible for users to comply with the Redict license and we do not see any reason to discourage cloud providers from making use of Redict."

Hope other marquee projects follow suite.

² https://redict.io/posts/2024-03-22-redict-is-an-independent-fork/#why-lgpl

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@immibis sorry, which part is FOSS class treason, I didn't follow.

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@immibis ah okay, yeah I agree on principle for sure but not on existing projects that are already in use by the cloud providers. If redict was licensed as AGPL (which is what I would have thought) then none of the existing cloud companies would likely use redict. So none of the contributions they make would never make it out as FOSS.

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@immibis But in this case, with LGPL they can/might switch to redict and could continue contributing. I'm using can/might/could to illustrate that it's a possible not guaranteed but AGPL would be a guaranteed no.

So in this specific case @drewdevault's choice gives a better shot for contributions from cloud providers to land on @Codeberg than AGPL hosted on sourcehut.


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@immibis @Codeberg to add to that: drop-in replacement isn't just technical, it's also license. This makes redict a true drop-in replacement.

skinnylatte, (edited ) to BelieveInFilm
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One of my fave photos I took on my last trip to Singapore in October.

I’m picky about dark soy sauce and don’t love the TW / HK / ID ones I get in the U.S. It has to be Malaysian.

So I went to (the dry part of) Bukit Merah View wet market.

Wet markets don’t mean ‘wildlife’, they mean the opposite of dry (like clothes, electronics, spices).

(Yashica Mat 124G, Portra 400, dev in Bellini kit, scanned on Fuji Frontier)

#BelieveInFilm #Singapore #TootSea

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@skinnylatte this is one of my favorite photos of yours. I like the new crop, really focuses (ha!) on the interesting bits!

mattferrell, to tes
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Do you want thermal energy storage for your home?

Check out our video on it, here: https://youtu.be/KVqHYNE2QwE

Or check out the page on our website, here: https://undecidedmf.com/how-a-sand-battery-could-revolutionize-home-energy-storage/

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@mattferrell it would be interesting to see if any integrated solutions come out with geo-thermal heat pumps using the in ground installation. Great overview as always!

65dBnoise, to random
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NASA SpaceFlight #NSF had a very interesting live interview with Travis Brown, PhD, #Ingenuity's current Chief Engineer. Travis said that in spite of an original though/assumption that Ingenuity's rotors had hit the ground during landing of #Flight72, they now tend to believe that it was rather a very hard landing that damaged the rotors, since there is no evidence anywhere on the regolith of a blade hit.

Earlier fact list here:

#Mars2020 #MarsHelicopterCrash #Solarocks

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@65dBnoise Ingenuity is really giving war movie vibes, fallen comrade staying behind to work the radio and cover the retreat until their last dying breath. Just when I thought I couldn't anthropomorphize robots on another planet any more than I do! 😭

flipsideza, to random
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Does anyone perhaps know of a site for reviewing shops or companies. The website has such a limited number of accredited resorts. Yes I want to dive with a safe company, hence the need for a website?!

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@flipsideza the ScubaBoard forums have a lot of information about dive operators and people's experiences. Not necessarily organized like a review site but a lot of info:

bagder, to random
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"The only reason curl is popular, is because it is free and it might have been first. Using curl is a temporary cost cutting measure. curl is a tool for the poor. "

Aart de Vries apparently knows.


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@bagder I'm so sorry that you are subjected to this level of venom regularly.
In an attempt to be a less silent majority, I would like more of us to speak up and appreciate the hard work that goes into maintenance. Thanks for a wonderful tool that a BILLION people use, that's remarkable!

shom, to scifi
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I was excited and nervous for Netflix's 3 Body Problem. I loved the book (still need to read the series). I have watched the first couple episodes and it has been pretty good. The setting and characters were made more western centric instead of Chinese, which is a bit disappointing but I understand that a lot of people don't want to read subtitles. They nailed the opening scene though! What does #Bookstodon think?

#SciFi #3BodyProblem #Netflix

mxtthxw, (edited ) to mechanicalkeyboards
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  • shom,
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    @mxtthxw can you post a photo/link to the keyboard you have? I can't seem to find the right one.
    Here's a quick reference though:
    Blue: clacky noise, tactile feel before key bottoms out
    Red: no clack, not tactile
    Brown: no clack, tactile

    I have a Keychron K6 and it's a good keyboard. I don't use it much because I use a split ortho linear keyboard (Corne with Choc purpz, if you want more madness).

    @shom@fosstodon.org avatar

    @mxtthxw the internet alleges that your keyboard (A1016 wireless version) is not mechanical¹. So guess would be that the brown switch might be a good option for you since it'll give you a tactile feel without the noise. I agree the K10 brown might be a good fit. But I'm not a real expert, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can chime in.

    ¹ https://www.cultofmac.com/824751/getting-by-with-apples-not-quite-mechanical-keyboard-setups/

    @shom@fosstodon.org avatar

    @mxtthxw for sure, it's a good option. I wanted to give you a heads up so you didn't expect it to feel the same as what you have now. You might even getting the hot swappable version of the keyboard, if you think you might experiment with different switch types down the line. It's a rabbit hole though as others have warned. Enjoy!

    Colarusso, to random
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    As a financial supporter of Mastodon¹ this pains me, but the new rule @Gargron announced yesterday is a bad rule.² It's too vague, & vague rules invite abuse. Forget figuring out how one is supposed to cite a meme's source, what is meant by "the use of AI must be disclosed?" Predictive text on your phone is a language model (small not large). It's AI, grammar check too. Ugh!

    ¹ https://joinmastodon.org/sponsors#supported_by ctrl+f colarusso
    ² https://mastodon.social/@Gargron/112118260677357857 (screen shot of rule embedded)

    @shom@fosstodon.org avatar

    @Colarusso you make some great points about ambiguous rules are ripe for abuse because they can be wielded preferentially. Your background as a lawyer also gives this more credibility.
    With your perspective and background, what would you suggest for better language for this rule? Unless you're saying all LLM content is okay, and I didn't catch that. I would love to suggest something like that to my instance at least, whether or not larger instances pick it up.

    @shom@fosstodon.org avatar

    @Colarusso got the point about "Accounts may not solely post AI-generated content." should be a standalone rule, that makes a lot of sense, thanks.

    Do you (personally) see any other problems that need addressing relative to LLM and generative AI? Or is the rest of the rule has more 'potential overreach of power' potential than actual 'harm mitigation' potential?


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