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Watching From now on, showtime! to balance out the heaviness of . I would watch anything with this actor. He's that good! So far, liking it 😁

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I'm hearing that the documentary on the scandal is eye opening. I plan to watch it on the weekend.

s1m0n4, avatar

@UkMudeok me too! If I can watch it from here, I haven't checked if there's any geoblocking in place

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@s1m0n4 @UkMudeok I watched this morning (the BBC has put it on YouTube). Yikes! I had recently watched the Military Prosecutor Doberman and this same type situation was one it’s plot-lines. Not one you want to see actually happening in real life. It made me sad to hear at the end that the same stuff is still happening (allegedly) in the Gangnam clubs today- but then again what is to be expected when they acquitted to police officer involved of all charges.

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Remaining on brand for me, I found a person to talk #kdrama with at my sister-in-law's baby shower. 🤭

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release about life of hospital residents postponed again.

Korea’s massive Doctor strike rumoured to be cause.

“Resident Playbook” again fails to Secure Release Date This Year!

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J'aurais bien aimé avoir un mec quand même.

Et j'entends, je vois, je lis les copines avec le leur, et jamais de la vie je supporte le quart du dixième (le quarantième donc) de ce qu'ils leur font subir ni des compromissions qu'ils les obligent à accepter.

Est-ce que je suis plus heureuse qu'elles? Certainement pas.
Mais au moins j'ai pas toute cette fatigue mentale là et cette tristesse du truc insoluble pour l'éternité. Je pourrais pas gérer ça, j'ai d'autres charges mentales, et d'autres tristesses d'insolubilité pour l'éternité, je suis à ras-bord je peux pas. Je peux plus. Y a une date de péremption pour ces conneries, clairement.

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@uichelorraine oh punaise on peut faire tout ça, encore, en 2024 ? Je croyais que c'était que dans les films du siècle dernier ou les #kdrama

Soit il y a un micro-climat autour de chez toi, soit c'est autour de chez moi, mais clairement j'ai la chance de voir fonctionner des couples de manière plutôt équilibrée (ok je suis un mec donc forcément mon regard est biaisé, mais pas à ce point).

En fait je dois être dans une bulle, sinon pourquoi en parlerait-on encore. Peut-être faudrait-il que tu commences par chercher à changer de bulle et après trouver quelqu'un. C'est un peu égoïste comme piste, mais c'est pas facile de commencer par changer le monde.

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Finished watching Cafe Minamdang yesterday, and loved it. Are there other out there with a similar vibe?

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Today at PyCon US lunch, for the first time I met other people IRL (two people) who also watched the kdrama The Glory on Netflix and that made me so happy 😊
#PyConUS #kdrama

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MDL has the trailer for HIJACKING and it looks like Yeo Jin-goo is the villain/antagonist in it!

#kdrama #kdramas

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#Cdrama and #Kdrama Fans!

I need more recs for happy, found family, make-you-smile-and-warm-your-heart type of dramas. I don't mind murder and chaos as long as my people have a happy ending. Recent likes have been #BlossomsInAdversity, #StoryOfKunningPalace, I also liked #JoyOfLife & #MeetYourself.

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Another unique(?) trope in land is this:

When a character is about to reveal something important, like their true identity, they will be interrupted with either:

  1. An emergency.
  2. They're summoned by someone higher.


You eventually get used to it, and expect it is going to happen.

@kdrama @kdrama

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@youronlyone @kdrama @kdrama.
or a truck may come out of nowhere and kills them.

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Since I went on vacation, I feel like my watching has been crazy, but it's getting back to normal.

Here's what up with my shows:

** Just recently finished **

  • Longing Heart (My First Love)
  • Good Job
  • Queen of Divorce

** On Hold **

  • The Impossible Heir
  • Jealousy Incarnate (Dare to Dream)

** Watch Parties **
Korean Odyssey
Captivating the King

** Watching **
Lovely Runner (currently airing)
My Dearest
The Producers

What are you watching?

JillsJoy, avatar

** Just recently finished **

  • Best Choice Ever
  • Boston 1947

** On Hold ** 🫣

  • 6 cdramas
  • 6 kdramas + 1 variety show
  • 2 Taiwanese dramas
  • 1 Thai drama

** Watch Parties **

  • The Tale of Nokdu
  • Nirvana In Fire
  • Enigma (rewatch)

** Watching **

  • Missing Crown Prince (currently airing)
  • War Of Faith
  • The Untamed (rewatch)

#kDrama #cdrama #ThaiDrama #TaiwaneseDrama

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Very few horror movies scare me.

This scared the shit out of me ☠️

AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to television avatar

‘Too much like Gone With The Wind!’ Baeksang drama awards Criticized For Giving Daesang To “My Dearest” Despite Plagiarism Allegations

AnnaAnthro, to Korean avatar

Can I just say how happy I was that Kim Seon Ho was spotted on the red carpet of the Baeksang Award show?!

Here’s hoping that this means the Korean public mood has moved to forgive and he might return to #kdrama

JillsJoy, to Korean avatar
JillsJoy, to Korean avatar
AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to television avatar

My Baeksang prizes for best performance of most hate-able evil character in

  1. Park Yeon-jin’s newscaster in The Glory

  2. Oc Taecyeon’s hockey player in Vincenzo

  3. Jang Dae-hee’s resto owner in Itaewon Class

My personally most-hated-nasty villains:

  1. Kim Joo-young’s tutor role in Sky Castle

  2. Kim Hyung-Mook’s father role in After Spring, the Grass is Greener

None are mysteries, war or gang stories. Just run-of-the-mill everyday evil!

AnnaAnthro, to television avatar

I laughed out loud at seeing that the top edit on wikipedia was the actor best known for playing villains so nasty that an elderly ajuma once hit him on the head with her purse at a restaurant.

Watch The Glory or Queen of Tears on Netflix to see him plot & scheme!

From: @wikipediatopedits

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Today, I received a notification from #Netflix that another #Kdrama, “The Atypical Family”, will start this Saturday.

After the ending of “Queen of Tears”, I’m still watching “The Lies Within”. But I may also start this new drama. It’s a romance/fantasy (which I don’t mind ... I loved “Hotel Del Luna”), so I may like it.

What do you think about this new drama?

KoreanPassion, avatar

@AnnaAnthro Yesterday, I watched the first episode of “The Atypical Family”, and, effectively, it was just so-so. Not really bad but also not very intriguing.

At this point, I may consider starting another #Kdrama like “Our Blues” (because there are Han Ji-min and Shin Min-a 😊 ).

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Today, in the Netherlands, caretakers all over the country dropped work for 2 minutes at 14:00 .
As respect for a colleague who was killed by a patient last month.

Violence against people working in medical jobs, by patients or people connected with them has increased a lot in the last years .

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So are there any kpop fans or kdrama fans out there on fedi?

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