Corporations should only be allowed to exist as long as they’re doing more good for society than the damage they do. Businesses should either be a net positive or run by people who are individually and jointly liable.

xigoi, avatar

How exactly would you define such a law? “Doing good” is extremely subjective.

CookieJarObserver, avatar

Ok, wich company does more harm than good? Only i can think of are a certain banana company and a certain company from Switzerland…


as long as they are doing more good for society than the damage they do

Isn’t that what profit is?


100% no.


Most company lawyers are only here to fight other company lawyers. Huge expensives company that do not profit anything to society.

Most of the trading and investment world makes money for barely anything useful for society.

Lobbying in a net negative for society financially and politically.

Basically most corporate jobs are useless, they do not produce anything valuable for society despite bringing profit for their employee and owners.

UnhappyCamper avatar

I don't think regular people would disagree with you.

rikudou, avatar

Sadly, yes. Probably not here but on the global scale… Because a lot of people see themselves as a future billionaire and they don’t want to ruin for their future self.


I don’t have anything that important to say but I will say that Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is one of the worst movies I’ve seen this decade and somehow it has an RT rating of over 90% for both critics and audiences.

Imagine a murder mystery that takes over half the movie’s runtime for the murder to happen, a script that sounds AI generated, a plot centered around a plot point that makes literally no sense, and probably the stupidest ending I’ve ever seen in a movie. Yet every time someone talks about that movie online goes on about how fun it was, I swear everyone has to be a bot because I can’t believe that many people liked this hack of a movie.

rikudou, (edited ) avatar

Is this the first one? I’ve seen it and I can’t agree more with you! It was so utterly boring and the characters were cringe when they tried to be witty.


It’s the 2nd knives out movies actually. The first one was alright.


If I did, would I tell you?


Generally, social justice is at best, a distraction from real issues, albeit with very good intentions.

(We talk about human dignity, representation in film etc but not say, the fact most of our stuff is made by children who occasionally burn to death making it. If I were one of the billionaires running things, I would be overjoyed that people were so distracted about what a comedian said versus how our entire economic model is structured.)


The cynical among us believe this pivot was deliberate.


I’ve wondered about that a lot. I think it’s more a natural consequence of social media algorithms. Surely you are more likely to reteeet/like/post something that doesn’t imply you yourself are, with your daily choices, supporting an abhorrent structure.


Eyinah would like to have a word with you.


The lack of justice is exactly how the elite class gets the lower groups to fight each other. The thought of a unified working class would keep up every banker at night if it weren’t for apathetic privileged class claiming that social justice isn’t that important.


The thing is you can't provide "justice" to all. A society will always have conflicting beliefs and some things just aren't worth fight for. Like when people were trying to make Latinx a thing. And like someone else posted not all immigrants are going to agree with a minority movement just because they are a minority.


The thought of a unified working class would keep up every banker at night if it weren’t for apathetic privileged class claiming that social justice isn’t that important.

I think it depends on your definition of social justice. A real social justice, in my mind, would be concerned about the kids who die mining the cobalt for our phones rather than whether we should be saying latinx.

No banker or elite is scared because we now say policeperson instead of policeman.


Damn right.


A real social justice, in my mind, would be concerned about the kids who die mining the cobalt for our phones rather than whether we should be saying latinx.

With that criteria, nobody should do anything about anything until world hunger is eliminated.

People can do more than one thing at the time.


Except people don’t do more than one thing. And the frustrating part is that the very issues that depend on nothing more than simple cultural views/coolness are the ones we are ignoring.

Imagine wearing slave made clothes was as uncool as wearing a shirt with the N word or something. Companies would respond like lightning and the problem would be well underway to being solved.

Instead, we whine about the Oscars or get angry about a part of Dave Chappelle’s special. And I get it, it is MUCH easier to complain about things that necessitate zero change or effort on our part (besides complaining on twitter or agreeing with our friends about how evil whatever is.) It just annoys the hell out of me.


Except people don’t do more than one thing.

Except they do. Greedy people and responsible people exist, as well as all kinds of idiots in between.

The numbers are disheartening, yes. But no universal collectives exist.


This is the whole point of it though, you’re saying that other people should put up with being treated badly because you don’t care about them - that’s selfish but beyond that it’s very short sighted, you think you’re going to get everyone to fight to make a better society when you can’t even do the smallest thing to make people feel included?

It’s literally no effort to say police officer rather than police man, spokesperson is again no effort at all to say compared to spokesman - it’s more accurate and more inclusive, refusing makes no sense. The only reason you’d refuse is if you don’t want to acknowledge the reality that women also do those jobs, would you want to fight alongside someone who resents your existence? Who thinks you shouldn’t have the same rights and dignity as them? That’s shown even the smallest thing is too much for you to care about and that your brave new world you’re fighting for will exclude and denigrate you? Why should you?

We fight for everyone or we fight for no one


I think you misunderstand the point I’m making.It’s not that saying police officer in of itself is a bad thing, it’s that the majority of social justice is about smaller issues like that rather than actual serious things. Those smaller, albeit well intentioned issues wouldn’t be harmful in of themselves but they drown out or take the place of more serious, meaningful issues. And more irritatingly, make people feel lile they are “fighting” for real change when we’re arguing about semantics instead of the children who are maimed to support our cushy lifestyles.

Another way to think about it, it is sort of like a slave owner chiding someone for using the N word in the 1700s; that’s very enlightened but surely the slaves are the more pressing issue!


You really think we’re going to tackle large systematic problems when we can’t even agree not to use language that excludes half the population? The tiniest attempt at improving society is met by endless pushback, but sure let’s play your game - give me an ordered list of the first five things we should work on


You really think we’re going to tackle large systematic problems

I think we should at least try for real issues, like children burning to death, vs nagging people about slightly better language.

I don’t have an ordered list but like I said earlier, the women and children who die making our stuff is exactly the type of issue for which modern social justice is ideally placed. It would take nothing more than making slave made clothes uncool and then people’s buying habits change and then companies would follow for thay whole “profit” thing.

Make wearing slave made stuff as uncool as saying f****t and the rest follows.

Otherwise, you’re just patting each other on the back on twitter about being morally superior while not changing or doing anything.

Policing language is the junk food of social justice, it feels like real food and is fine in some quantities but the real harm is that it takes the place of real, nutritious/meaningful food/social change.


Otherwise, you’re just patting each other on the back on twitter about being morally superior while not changing or doing anything.

Isn’t this exactly what you are doing? You are debating that there are more important things so it isn’t important to think of the ‘little stuff’. So, instead of using inclusive language, which would be ‘changing or doing anything’, you are arguing there is a more morally superior thing to focus on.


instead of using inclusive language,

I mean, who says I don’t?

But really, my social justice isn’t usually online. Right now, this is me trying to contribute to Lemmy while I poop, with honest opinions.

And I do believe there is something absolutely more worthwhile that we should be focusing on instead of the latest silly social justice trend (latinx anyone?) And that is the children who are maimed and burn to death making our stuff. I live my life as best I can to avoid that and support ethical businesses, I encourage my friends to do the same and I think if half the energy that people spend on twitter being outraged about relatively meaningless shit (I am hard pressed to believe that Chappelle’s jokes are somehow worse than a 6 year old burning to death) that things would be a lot better.

I don’t feel morally superior so much as saddened that all those good intentions and energy are channeled to relatively meaningless battles instead of making real, tangible change that is entirely within our capability.


Star Wars sucks.


Personally, i just find it boring. I don’t have any strong opinions on it but god, the fans can be really annoying sometimes.


Some of it does. Maybe even a lot of it. Andor is a pretty good miniseries though, I like that it’s more mature and has a bleaker undertone like Rogue One.

sadbehr, avatar

If I come across you in a dark alley and we’re all alone then you better be ready cos I’ll accept your opinion and offer some other suggestions of movies that we might like, such as all 3 Lord of the Rings (extended editions of course).

Fixbeat, (edited )

I’ll bring my blue rays and we can watch…in the dark alley (where you totally won’t murder me for my terrible opinions)

sadbehr, avatar

So…you single?

Squirrel, avatar

I absolutely loved Star Wars as a kid. Every movie since then has been a major disappointment. I’ve only watched the first of the OT as an adult so far (with my kids), and I was not as into it as expected. Luke was one whiney kid.


Finely and actual unpopular opinion.


I disagree, which I now realise was the point of this post


I myself only like the TV shows, mainly Clone Wars.


I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid. But Disney’s management of this IP has totally ruined it for me. I still haven’t seen The Rise of Skywalker after the trash that was The Last Jedi. They also seem to be focusing on pumping out as much content as possible, which has diluted any feelings of longing I had to see more.

They also need to branch out a bit more. The best of new star wars imo (Rogue one, Mando, and Andor) are so awesome because they focus any other aspect of the immense galaxy instead of focusing on the same 1 family from sand planet.

HuddaBudda avatar

It was a different perspective on an imperfect galaxy and one that felt like it was lived in.

Not just Aliens visit earth!

But a new perspective like.... what if just because we have faster then light travel, racism didn't go away, and it had laser swords and near super human abilities powers!


Yeah I loved it as a kid but as an adult I realise that there’s only one decent Star Wars film… The Empire Strikes back.


I loved the original trilogy & the prequels i thought were decent too. The newer films have been terrible tho


No Star Wars media compares to the idea of Star Wars.

Except maybe for Andor. I liked Andor. Make stuff that gets away from those fucking Jedis and the whole Skywalker family. They’re the worst bit about the whole franchise.

frozen, avatar

As much as I disagree, I upvoted you just for being brave enough to say that.


Star wars movies are boring af. I tried to watch several movies multiple times and I couldnt. I got bored to tears.

Lumun, avatar

I downvoted because this is a popular opinion. MCU is the same thing. Most people probably don’t have a strong opinion on Star Wars either way, but for the people who do there are plenty who think it sucks.


I agree with this take.

I like Star Wars fine. If they make something, I’ll probably watch it. But I don’t consider myself a fan. I don’t keep track of the lore and would be hard pressed to tell you the plot of anything I hadn’t seen recently. Which is a long way of saying I’m in the don’t have a strong opinion camp.


I think so much about it is awesome (visuals, design of ships and sets, music, etc.) but maybe due to lack of repeated exposure to the movies as a child I don’t feel much about them. The modern movies were especially meh, since they all feel like they are trying to recapture the feeling of people who saw the originals in the cinema in the late 70s and 80s, but without doing anything new. I did quite enjoy the Fallen Order game and will probably play the follow up at some point too though.


New Star Wars sucks for sure. The originals are much better.


I feel the originals were great when they came out, but haven’t aged well. Of course, I was a kid and the special effects were cutting edge at the time.


They’ve aged fine if you don’t expect the effects to be 2023 effects. If you accept that they were top of the line 1978 effects, it won’t bother you at all. What always made me laugh is my mother telling me how they were all dumbfounded, not by laser blasts and cool ship exteriors, but rather the introductory text moving off into infinity. I think she’d have been something like 21 at the time.


On the last day of my college internship a senior VP at my little company invited me into his office presumably to get to know me prior to extending a full-time offer. To break the ice he asked me what my favorite Star Wars movie was. I smiled and replied that I could never get through any of them.

As I was uttering these words I began to notice the giant Star Wars poster directly behind the gentleman. It then dawned on me that his office was chalk full of Star Wars memorabilia.

The man did not ask me any further questions. He shook my hand, thanked me for my great work, and I never stepped foot into those offices ever again.


Right now? That leftists have had their run with hiding among the ranks of and influencing liberals but with the Israeli conflict, that's over. Leftists are still sticking with the oppressor/oppressed dynamic and support Palestine in the conflict despite the terrorism of Hamas. Liberals will never support terrorists. This is the biggest in-your-face divide between them in a long time.

SlowNPC avatar

Eggs are gross.

Jimbo, avatar

I don’t agree, I’ll wolf down an egg any day, but I respect your opinion

CookieJarObserver, avatar

No they are Eggs


So you don’t like:

Baked goods, Battered foods, Breaded foods, French toast, Ice cream, Marshmallows, Mayonnaise, Meatballs, Nougat, Pancakes or Essentially All Pasta?

PM_ME_VINTAGE_30S, avatar

I mean I love spicy food but you wouldn’t see me chugging the chili powder.


Dont run interference for the anti-egg people. Pro egg has been beaten down and persecuted for years- egg is egg. don’t parrot their propaganda.


There’s a pretty distinct difference between eating eggs, and egg being an ingredient


thats anti-egg propaganda. egg is egg! egg is egg! we will not be ‘tossed’ any longer. I just had two soft boiled eggs yesterday with a crossoint and it was the highlight of my day.

add eggs to boiling water, cover remove from heat, 6 minutes, not to firm, not too runny, the perfect eggy


Absolutely this. I don’t mind eggs as an ingredient but straight up eating them is foul.

On the topic, can we please get some savoury brunch options which aren’t completely built around poached or scrambled eggs? Sure you can remove them, but it takes away such a massive percentage of the dish. Even vegan dishes just substitute the egg for a tofu scramble 🤢


I second this opinion.



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  • Blaze, avatar holding such a prevalent place in the Lemmy/Kbin part of the Fediverse makes it a major single point of failure.

    They should still be the newcomers instance, but communities and users should migrate to other instances to increase the resilience of the Fediverse.


    I created my first account there, which still exists. But on day 3 I created one at another instance, which I have used almost exclusively since.

    I wonder how many of their users are actually active.


    Same here, I created my first account there while simultaneously creating this one on With all the issues there were with I've decided to use this one for a while instead to see how I like Kbin. It's been pretty nice so far, the only thing that sucks is that I haven't found a good Kbin app for Android yet.

    Blaze, avatar

    Isn’t Artemis in beta?


    It is and I have it installed but it's not fully doing what I want it to do yet. For example, as far as I'm aware I can't log in with my account in the app.

    Blaze, avatar

    Interesting, I thought it was implemented

    Blaze, avatar

    22k active monthly users


    Doesn’t say much as many of these could have just tried for a few minutes and then discarded the account. Or they could be super active. The statistic doesn’t say.

    MxM111 avatar

    It is not what is called “single point of failure “. Usually if “single point of failure “ fails, the whole thing fails. I am on kbin and experience zero failures.

    Blaze, avatar

    If they were to actually go down (the current failures do not affect the backend), all of the communities they host wouldn’t be usable anymore, taking down a large portion of the Lemmy/Kbin communities.

    MxM111 avatar

    Only those that are on There are tons of communities/magazines elsewhere. When goes down, I learn about it from posts. Otherwise, I would not notice.


    The uptime on is terrible. currently shows 95% uptime, but it has been “down” from a UX perspective more than half the time I attempted to use it. The uptime reporting is simply not picking up when something is off as much as it should. And they recently added an proxy for when it goes down… what the heck? I understand that it is run by volunteers and all, but what a buzzkill.

    rufus, (edited )

    They are been attacked with a DDoS attack for quite some time now. I’m afraid there isn’t much they can do.



    now who...


    now who what?

    CookieJarObserver, avatar

    I see so many things hosted everywhere, also is very big as well.


    The post mentioned unpopular opinions.

    Blaze, avatar

    I was unpopular 3 months ago

    scrubbles, avatar

    in a weird way it’s good that it’s failing, I’ve seen an uptick in signups as people search for other instances


    Which main tourist attraction is found in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable game parks?
    Tour Operator: Dav Safaris Website: Email:
    Tel: +256701412430 | +256757795781
    Which main tourist attraction is found in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable game parks?
    Which main tourist attraction is found in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable game parks? The main tourist attraction found in Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Game Parks is the mountain gorilla. The remaining global population of mountain gorillas is limited to about 1060 individuals, with Uganda hosting more than half of these magnificent primates across approximately 14 habituated gorilla families. The remaining gorillas in the wild are not habituated, rendering them unsafe for tourist visits due to potential threats.

    Continue reading


    I hate shrimp, fuck those things they suck and aren’t worth whatever premium BS the going market price is


    The people in this thread calling for AI overlords to take over for our governments and leaders dont understand that AI is trained to mimic human speech and behavior, not improve on it.

    rikudou, avatar

    I don’t think anyone is talking about the current generations of AI.


    Old Skuamorphism (correct me if I spelled it wrong) on iPhones were so nice


    Genocide is an option.


    Society and people are really shit. I hate the idea of having to interact with someone/anyone during the day. I really need to build a cabin in the woods.


    Humans are the only animals that have to cook their meat to consume it. We’re also the only animal that consumes another animals lactate.

    The oil industry is the greatest evil humanity has ever created. Conversely the bicycle is probably the greatest.

    If it’s not open source it’s pretty likely it’s taking advantage of you.

    The only people that don’t want you to learn history are the ones that stand to gain from you not knowing it.

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